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⭐️sale ⭐️HP 08/07 NWOT

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    ⭐️sale ⭐️HP 08/07 NWOT

    Never worn. Fits more like S-M. ⭐️moving sale item! Price is firm, no bundle offer. Thank you!
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    dannylynnHi, is this top tucked in or cropped?
    Jun 24 05:03PM
    adayday@dannylynn hi sweetie! The shirt is tucked in, definitely not a cropped version
    Jun 24 11:18PM
    nikongirlrocks★POSHFEST★ or bUsT!i Congratulations on your host pick tonight!! ADORABLE! Love the photo, too!! ♥Lorie
    Aug 07 07:13PM
    beautyboosterCongratulations on your host pick!!!♥
    Aug 07 07:21PM
    jhuddlescongrats on your host pic! it's an adorable piece
    Aug 07 07:36PM
    xoxochristia🎶 The long an winding road that leads to your door will never disappear 🎶 I've seen that road before it always leads me here to POSHFEST!! 💖💞💕 CONGRATS on tonight's H/P!!👏🎉👏🎉👏🎉👏 It's well deserved!! ❤️🌹😊❤️🌹🎉❤️🌹🎉❤️🌹🎉
    Aug 07 07:48PM
    nayjay3Congratulations on your Host Pick!!!✨🌟🌟
    Aug 07 07:57PM
    lwschlprncss@adayday 👏🎉👏🎉CONGRATULATIONS on your "Poshfest or Bust" Host Pick!!👏🎉👏🎉
    Aug 07 08:00PM
    miami_wife🎉💖🎊🎈🎶Congrats on this amazing HP!!! Hope it sells soon!!! 🎈🎊💖🎉
    Aug 07 08:00PM
    ilovesunsetCongrats on your Host Pick :)
    Aug 07 08:01PM
    rubysbeautyCongrats on your host pick!
    Aug 07 08:13PM
    adaydayWoohoo!!! Thank you everyone! And thanks all for the likes & share!!!!
    Aug 07 08:40PM
    adaydayThank you @jojoloves for selecting this for tonight's HP!! <333
    Aug 07 10:39PM
    lana_88🎉👏Congratulations on your Poshtastic HP! 💕👏
    Aug 07 11:23PM
    ball_mom😭😭😭 Hate I missed this! 💋
    Aug 22 06:00PM
    adayday@ablake03 Hi April, thank you so much for purchasing this! My husband actually helped me to package this shirt & he forgot to wrap up the shirt with tissue paper (;( boys are not as care...), and I didn't know till we dropped all shipping boxes to the mailbox. There is nothing wrong with the package and everything is in perfect condition, but please be careful when you open the package and don't use knife to cut through the box. It's a normal small flat rate box you can easier tear open with hands. Sorry about the inconvenience about this /_\...
    Aug 24 12:34AM

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