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⚡️Lucky Brand Off White Leather Crossbody

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⚡️Lucky Brand Off White Leather Crossbody

The perfect little boho chic, leather crossbody bag. Off white in color so you don't have to worry as much about it looking dirty. This beauty fits all of your essentials while being hands and hassle free.
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hannahbellomoPerfect for concerts oo I love it 😍 priced a little high for me though so maybe next time 😔
Dec 28 08:35PM
randilyn@hannahbellomo aww, shoot! but you're right, great for concerts and events.
Dec 28 08:50PM
hannahbellomoIt really is! I might come back after my birthday in almost a week. I might have enough to get this beauty 😊
Dec 28 08:53PM
hannahbellomoThank you for sharing 🙊💕
Dec 28 08:55PM
randilyn@hannahbellomo no problem! keep sharing and maybe you can buy the bag with Posh sales. ☺ & happy early birthday!
Dec 28 09:12PM
hannahbellomoThank you thank you 💗
Dec 28 10:24PM
hannahbellomoCan I see this modeled?
Jan 02 10:49PM
randilyn@hannahbellomo hihi! I won't be able to do so til tomorrow but I'll tag you once I do. xo
Jan 03 08:23AM
hannahbellomoAlright thanks! (:
Jan 03 08:24AM
hannahbellomoIK it's a long shot but would you trade?
Jan 03 08:16PM
hannahbellomoAre you still going to model? I'm very interested (:
Jan 04 06:15PM
randilyn@hannahbellomo yes, ma'am! I've just had a very spontaneous and busy last few days. ☺ I'll be home finally tomorrow and tag you.
Jan 04 08:13PM
hannahbellomoAlright thank you (:
Jan 04 08:46PM
hannahbellomoIs it a greenish tint? I can't really tell with all the pictures lol
Jan 04 08:49PM
randilyn@hannahbellomo haha sorry, I know. I have terrible lighting in my house at night. the bag is actually off white/beige.
Jan 04 08:53PM
hannahbellomoIt's alright! I didn't mind the minty color lol can you also take a picture where it would be true to color?
Jan 04 08:58PM
randilyn@hannahbellomo there you are!! sorry for the wait. 😊
Jan 05 03:26PM
hannahbellomoIt's no problem! (: would you trade? Or no?
Jan 05 03:28PM
randilyn@hannahbellomo no ma'am. sorry, I don't trade. 😔
Jan 05 03:30PM
hannahbellomoThat's no problem I'll come back when I can I guess (:
Jan 05 03:34PM
virgostyleAdorable bag! Is your price firm ?
Jun 12 06:08PM
randilyn@virgostyle hi there! this was actually reduced from $68 recently but I can reduce by another $5 for you. 😍
Jun 12 07:01PM
sunhipstaAre you selling your jean jacket???
Aug 24 04:09PM
randilyn@sunhipsta hi there! I actually was planning on listing it. it's Gap and a size M. I'm an XS but have just always worn it for a baggy look.
Aug 24 04:39PM
sunhipstaWould you take $25?
Aug 24 05:13PM
randilyn@sunhipsta ah sorry, I was going to list for $50 as I paid $120 for it.
Aug 24 05:55PM
phoebescloset11Love this & your closet!
Nov 30 10:07AM
sarapedersenWould you be willing to do a partial trade? 😊
Mar 28 04:47PM
randilyn@sarapedersen I'm sorry, I don't trade! ☺️
Mar 28 06:51PM
sarapedersenWould you take $30? Will buy right now (:
Mar 29 07:22PM
randilyn@sarapedersen sorry, my price is firm.
Mar 29 07:29PM
sarapedersenAw ok. Well if you're ever willing to lower the price to maybe $45 let me know! I really love this
Mar 29 07:32PM
randilyn@sarapedersen I'm sorry, it's just the 20% that makes it difficult. I'm already losing money as it stands 😔
Mar 29 08:24PM
sarapedersenIf you post it on merc@ri it won't take out any percentage! Sometimes that's easier for pricey items (: you'll get the full amount! Just a suggestion!
Mar 29 08:26PM
randilyn@sarapedersen hi there! After much thought, I can do $50 for you on this beauty. 😍😘
Apr 03 02:52PM
mariah_ashliehi! does this have inner pockets? :) oh and is the strap adjustable at all?
Apr 14 07:53PM
randilyn@mariah_ashlie hihi! this does not have inner pockets and the strap is not adjustable; however, you can knot/loop it at the top to make it shorter if you'd like. still looks cute and within the boho style! xo
Apr 14 08:02PM
randilyn@baileyberryhill thank you for your offer, but my price is firm. 😊
Apr 16 06:50PM
bavis02would you take 40?
Apr 24 10:50AM
randilyn@bavis02 sorry for the delay, $50 is my lowest as its already been heavily ️reduced.
Apr 26 06:26PM
nina_daviestrade? ill bundle
Apr 28 07:19AM
kruseekI'm obsessed with this bag!
May 29 04:06PM
kruseekWhat is the wooden piece on the one side?
May 29 04:35PM
randilyn@kruseek thanks for your offer/purchase! It's a great bag. 😍 the little wooden piece is just a little "decoration" of sorts.
May 29 04:49PM
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