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Bundle // Coach Large Buckle Wallet+MAC Paint Pot

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Bundle // Coach Large Buckle Wallet+MAC Paint Pot

100% authentic. Purchased in 2011/2012. Off white color with grey detailing. In used good condition. Most signs of wear are on the sides like shown in the 3rd picture. Small pen mark on one of the card slots(pic 2). Small pen mark on backside zipper(pic 4). Price reflects condition.
Seller Discount: 15% off 2+ Bundle
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
Buyer Protection & Refund Policy
katiea22@secret_luxuries thanks for the share!
Nov 21 06:44AM
pammy39againIf get it now for $20. Deal?
Nov 22 07:51PM
secret_luxuries@pammy39again can't go that low, sorry
Nov 22 07:52PM
charmed24Would u take 25?
Dec 04 12:45AM
secret_luxuries@charmed24 sure let me know when you're ready to change the price
Dec 04 04:25AM
Dec 06 07:49PM
secret_luxuries@sarenteria hi! I am no longer accepting the $25 offer. However, because this is $35, there is only $1 shipping now until Tuesday :)
Dec 06 07:50PM
Dec 06 07:51PM
sarenteriaIf you want 25$ when all my likes I have 35$$$
Dec 06 07:53PM
stephbjans@secret_luxuries hi! Is this still available?
Jan 12 03:38PM
secret_luxuries@stephbjans yes
Jan 12 03:40PM
stephbjansOmg awesome! Would you take $20 for it?
Jan 12 03:41PM
secret_luxuries@stephbjans no sorry this was just lowered
Jan 12 03:44PM
stephbjansOk! I will let you know :) I really like it!!
Jan 12 03:45PM
hollyjorgeIf I want this and a couple other things from you could we work something out? Like 20 for this?
Jan 14 10:37AM
secret_luxuries@hollyjorge depends what the final amount is. I discount 15% on bundles
Jan 14 11:27AM
Jan 21 08:40PM
Jan 24 06:24PM
secret_luxuries@jayda01 price is firm on this.
Jan 24 06:25PM
jayda01Ok thanks
Jan 24 06:29PM
Feb 21 11:21AM
secret_luxuries@arw1983 yes
Feb 21 11:21AM
arw1983Oh no I just noticed it has no id window? Sorry but not diggin that :(
Feb 21 11:24AM
Feb 26 02:32AM
rochelledeibele@secret_luxuries Still available?
Mar 01 10:37AM
secret_luxuries@rochelledeibele yes it is
Mar 01 10:38AM
rochelledeibele@secret_luxuries How much to bundle this and the MAC paint pot?
Mar 01 10:48AM
secret_luxuries@rochelledeibele $34 after 15% bundle discount. Let me know I'm packing up things to drop off at the post office now.
Mar 01 10:49AM
rochelledeibele@secret_luxuries I will take them
Mar 01 10:52AM
secret_luxuries@rochelledeibele thanks! I adjusted the price for you on this listing
Mar 01 10:53AM
rochelledeibele@secret_luxuries Great! Paid!
Mar 01 10:55AM
secret_luxuries@rochelledeibele packing it up now! Have a great weekend!
Mar 01 10:55AM
rochelledeibele@secret_luxuries Thank you! You too!
Mar 01 10:56AM
secret_luxuries@rochelledeibele dropped it off now, be careful opening it though, the paint pot is right where the opening is on the inside. I wouldn't want you to drop it when opening
Mar 01 11:40AM
rochelledeibele@secret_luxuries Thank you for letting me know!
Mar 01 12:10PM
rochelledeibele@secret_luxuries arrived today! Thank you so much!
Mar 06 01:40PM
secret_luxuries@rochelledeibele I'm so happy you got it! I kept looking at the tracking to all my packages and they seemed backed up for some reason. Have a great weekend!
Mar 06 01:44PM

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