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Coach Leather Fannie Pack!

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Coach Leather Fannie Pack!

Authentic genuine leather Coach Fanny Pack!!!! No hands!!!!! Great for traveling!
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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ann4410Am interested in your waste bag would take $45 for it And how long it is
Jan 03 10:31AM
ika05Hi @ann4410. $45 is way to low. I can do $65 the lowest. The length is adjustable.
Jan 03 12:09PM
prabbahHi how big is it?
Jan 06 11:38AM
ika05@prabbah it's a medium size. The person modeling is very petit.
Jan 06 08:16PM
prabbahOk I'm deciding between a few options. Ill let you know. Thanks
Jan 06 08:34PM
vdurandsariDo you trade?
Jan 20 04:30PM
ika05@vdurandsari no sorry
Jan 20 05:00PM
vdurandsariWould you take 40
Jan 20 05:04PM
ika05@vdurandsari no sorry. I can only come down maybe 5 bucks if you're that interested. Let me know.
Jan 20 05:08PM
vdurandsariAm interested but can't go that high
Jan 20 05:11PM
ika05@vdurandsari I see I offered one other person $65. So if $65 works I can do that today. If not, let me know if there are other items in my closet that you're interested in.
Jan 20 05:13PM
vdurandsariThank you. But can't do more than 45/50. Let me know if you can come down more.
Jan 20 05:16PM
ika05@vdurandsari so sorry
Jan 23 07:14PM
vdurandsariAre you able to go lower at this time
Feb 18 04:09PM
ika05@vdurandsari 65
Feb 18 05:23PM
vdurandsariWhat are dimensions? If you can do 50 can get tonight.
Feb 19 07:05PM
msticeHi, I'm very interested as well and would love dimensions. Do you have a style number as well? I can offer $65 if that works for you.
Feb 19 10:21PM
ika05@mstice hi I can measure tomorrow evening for you when it's in front of me. I'll let you know. Thx!
Feb 20 08:04PM
vdurandsariDoes it have number inside. Will you take 50
Feb 21 07:11PM
vdurandsariCan do 60 today!
Feb 22 09:06AM
ika05@@vdurandsari 65 today. Just lmk when you're ready
Feb 22 09:45AM
ika05@mstice @vdurandsari ladies I've been so busy. I am going to change the price to $65 for one day only. That's the lowest I really can go. By Wed it will go back up to $75. The model in the pic is about 5'2 and wears a size 2. I am 5'10 and wear a size 12. The strap is adjustable and works for all. Until Wed I will alter the price only because of the high interest. But if it's not purchased I'll have to go back up. I may not be back on here until Wed. That's how busy I am with work! Hope I can make one of you happy! Thanks!!! ;)
Feb 24 07:06PM
msticeThanks, but it's a little bigger than I thought - very nice though, and I'm sure it will sell quickly!
Feb 25 12:01AM
vdurandsariI can't go over 60
Feb 25 03:29PM
tinkerbelle123@ika05 trade?
Apr 06 06:17PM
ika05@tinkerbelle123 sorry no trades
Apr 07 04:07AM
nuviaindcWhat are the measurements of this bag?
May 20 01:09PM
edizacan you please give me measurements?
May 24 01:27PM
May 28 07:32PM
ika05@moonvallarta yes definitely!
May 28 07:49PM
Jun 13 05:52AM
215posher@ika05 Hi, would you like to trade?
Jun 14 02:08PM
ika05@215posher sorry I don't do trades :(
Jun 18 05:09AM
lkmilksHi there ;) Black is so hard to photograph! Could you take a side shot of the bag's profile when you have a chance?
Jun 18 06:30AM
215posher@ika05 Okay thanks anyway. It's gorgeous!!!!
Jun 18 07:18AM
mrsakelcherI purchased this a couple days ago. Can you tell me when it will be shipped?
Jun 28 07:10PM
ika05@mrsakelcher 2 days ago. Maybe bc of the wknd it takes a day or two longer. But it definitely went out! ;)
Jun 28 07:11PM
mrsakelcherOh awesome! Thanks. I'll let you know when I receive it
Jun 28 07:12PM
ika05@mrsakelcher I tracked your package. It's in bethpage today. Do you live in bethpage? Ha!
Jul 01 02:29PM
mrsakelcher@ika05 nope. Bethpage is in NY I'm all the way down in little ol Louisiana... Hopefully it will be here before my vacation
Jul 01 05:01PM
ika05@mrsakelcher just tracked it. It's expected to get delivered today!!! Yay!
Jul 02 07:34AM

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