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Perfect for fall!
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Nov 03 01:21AM
frankiesbazaar@malamigpusa In my profile it's posted that I do not trade :/. But you have a very cute closet!
Nov 03 06:44AM
rochelaudreyWhat's the last price? I love!
Nov 13 08:29PM
frankiesbazaar@rochelaudrey I'm sorry, notifications get lost easily for me >.< if you'd like to negotiate you may email me : Taniaisfrankie@gmail.com :) but there's also $1 on this!
Nov 18 07:43PM
kristinewpSimple yet fashionable, this was an EASY choice for tonight's party! Congratulations on a host pick! ☺️💞🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Dec 01 08:13PM
beanbergerFirm on price?
Dec 05 05:55PM
frankiesbazaar@beanberger hmm, do you have a reasonable offer? :)
Dec 05 06:10PM
beanbergerWhat is the brand and is it real suede?
Dec 05 06:12PM
frankiesbazaar@beanberger it only reads "Plein Futur" and it doesn't smell like leather to me, so it's vegan friendly but incredibly well made and comfortable. Due to my experiences with vintage I can even say this was made in the USA.
Dec 05 07:02PM
beanbergerWould you take $25?
Dec 05 08:06PM
crystaladell❤❤would u take 30?? Please
Feb 13 07:41PM
frankiesbazaar@crystaladell oops! Yes I can lol😅
Feb 14 09:55PM
crystaladellOk cool 😀thanks
Feb 15 05:56AM
frankiesbazaar@crystaladell you're good to go!
Feb 15 06:19AM
crystaladellThanks lady 😘
Feb 15 06:38AM
frankiesbazaar@crystaladell no problem! I'll ship it off Monday morning since the post office will be closed by the time I get off from work. Thank you! :)
Feb 15 08:18AM