CHANEL Jewelry - Chanel clip on earrings VINTAGE

Chanel clip on earrings VINTAGE

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Chanel clip on earrings VINTAGE

Vintage Chanel black and gold earrings, authentic Chanel. All wear is noted in pictures, pretty good condition for vintage piece. For better price or offer please forward to
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ladygoogleThis is so cute! I have some questions about it - what's your email address?
Nov 21 10:33AM
lisagoodwin94What's your lowest? I love these.
Jan 01 05:12PM
nella_ella_ehh@lisagoodwin94 I'm not sure how low I can go on PM bc of how much they take, but make me and offer and I can try to work with it. I love these earrings I have a few other similar ones. ( I collect vintage earrings )
Jan 02 11:59AM
alinaly@nella_ella_ehh are you still interested in those chanel black and grey flats? i can sell it to you for 200$ and free shipping, any size you want. Interested? i am not from US so the site doesn`t allow me to post anything, but if you are intersted ib many other cheap original brand things please let me know and i will give you my email so we can talk. ty
Jan 16 05:58PM
nella_ella_ehh@alinaly I only buy 100% authentic
Jan 16 08:28PM
alinaly@nella_ella_ehh they are 100% authentic, i only sell original brands at lower prices as seen in shops.
Jan 17 04:13AM
nella_ella_ehh@alinaly so how can I see what ur selling
Jan 17 02:20PM
alinaly@nella_ella_ehh i can send you photos with everything on email if you give me, if not chck out my store facebook.
Jan 17 03:09PM
alinaly@nella_ella_ehh my store on facebook is . Here i don`t have though the last clothing brought because i didn`t have much time to upload...but if you are still interested you can give me your email. In that way i can send you the last collection.
Jan 17 04:05PM
nella_ella_ehhU can email
Jan 17 04:33PM
nella_ella_ehh@lisagoodwin94 hi doll if ur still interested and want to shoot me max amount u would like to spend on this set you can email me.
Mar 14 10:02AM
lisagoodwin94These are so beautiful. However, funding is problem. But one day soon hopefully I will be back.
Mar 15 05:23AM
Apr 09 07:22AM
nella_ella_ehh@jane_43 thank you for the offer, I cannot meet that price sorry.
Apr 09 07:25AM
mariamkazmiTrade for my real gold diamond ring?
Apr 27 09:45PM
nella_ella_ehh@mariamkazmi thank you soo much for the offer, I'm only looking to sell at the moment I have collected a few similar pairs so I'm selling these. ( that ring is gorgeous by the way)
Apr 27 10:30PM
momar2500@nella_ella_ehh not sayin that you can't sell for what you want on here but DANG ! You bought these from @bjsteininger for $55 just to turn around and Sejm it for $300! That's just tacky!! At least be reasonable lol
May 14 04:36PM
bjsteininger@momar2500 oh wow!!! That was my first sale too...
May 14 05:42PM
nella_ella_ehh@momar2500 I can list them at any price I want actually, that's how everyone negotiates on here( they are super cute but not exactly the size I hoped their be ) . I found a pair here I really want. I am trying to sell them to get the funds for the other pair.
May 14 09:49PM
crysamber4Love these!!! What's your lowest offering price?
May 16 02:11AM
nella_ella_ehh@crysamber4 what would work for you and I can try to work with your budget
May 16 05:55AM
nella_ella_ehh@crysamber4 if u feel comfortable emailing it over posh let me know I can give it to u
May 16 05:33PM
crysamber4@nella_ella_ehh yes, what's your email address? Thanks!
Jul 16 10:25PM
nella_ella_ehh@crysamber4 it's
Jul 17 05:11AM
luisaloveWould you take $185?
Jul 18 01:05PM
Jul 18 01:05PM
nella_ella_ehh@luisalove I wrote u
Jul 18 01:57PM
zipper@nella_ella_ehh Any wiggle room on price wild you consider $200? Thank you
Jul 18 05:58PM
nella_ella_ehh@markmom hi you had commented on these earring on my other posh account, I can't remember the password so I no longer use it. I'm sorry about the delay I also. Had the price lowered on this listing it was $300 to $280. If you have any questions let me know.
Jul 22 05:39PM
nella_ella_ehh@angiemaymaxwell @draedozzle @kellyb72 @treegasm @michiishop @thehboutique @avocaado @stylzoo @moneymine @vikiedeng @xziana Hi ladies this is my main account and can't remember the password to the other one. I had also recently lowered the cost of the item, feel free to ask me any questions.
Jul 22 06:16PM
ileenz$75 on 🅿️🅿️.
Oct 17 12:40AM
jazminemonrealHi! Did you check out my POSHMARK? @jazminemonreal I have so many cute items lets bundle and trade 💖
Oct 19 09:52PM
nella_ella_ehh@jazminemonreal I don't trade, I'm sorry.
Oct 20 06:27AM
nella_ella_ehh@zipper is ur offer through Posh ?
Jan 22 07:11PM
zipper@nella_ella_ehh I already bought a pair! So sorry😔😘
Jan 22 09:08PM
nella_ella_ehh@zipper no problem doll, I noticed that at times I do not receive notifications from comments or questions so when I notice them on posts and don't see a reply back to other posters it makes me panic. I hate it when I'm looking to buy and I ask a question and seller does not even exist on posh anymore lol
Jan 22 09:17PM
zipper@nella_ella_ehh I've seen that to! Makes me think something is wrong! Thank You for checking with me the earrings are beautiful!
Jan 22 09:28PM
lindami@nella_ella_ehh trade?
Mar 01 08:23PM
nella_ella_ehh@lindami never.... Chanel is not a trade item!
Mar 01 08:32PM
greisy27Trade for Gucci shoes
Mar 18 01:09PM
nella_ella_ehh@greisy27 no trades sorry
Mar 18 04:11PM
bella10800@lizy1984 I like these
Apr 22 05:40PM
lizy1984@bella10800 they're pretty
Apr 22 07:13PM
pinky492The earrings on Ashley Simpson are different can you post measurements or post you wearing? Thanks!!
Jun 02 12:07AM
nella_ella_ehh@pinky492 yes they are different I used them as a style sample pic. Same size as one shown in picture that's why I used it. All other pics are from the item listed and no editing was used in pic to show wear and tear to accuracy.
Jun 02 08:13AM
pinky492Thank you!
Jun 02 08:35AM
nella_ella_ehh@pinky492 your welcome, I can post measurements this evening🌺
Jun 02 09:05AM
pinky492Thank you
Jun 02 11:24AM
gretchendzimPartial trade?
Jul 10 10:21PM
nella_ella_ehh@gretchendzim no sorry
Jul 11 05:23AM
wookie239Hi nella I'm writing to see what's the least you would take on these earrings I've never had a pair my birthday is on August 7 and I'd like to see if we could work something out my email is thank you honey
Aug 02 11:01AM
nella_ella_ehh@wookie239 I discounted from $300 recently and on posh I'm joy going any less.
Aug 02 12:33PM
nella_ella_ehhNot *^
Aug 02 12:33PM
wookie239Okay I'll try to get back with you sometime thank you sweetheart
Aug 02 05:53PM
sle11203@nella_ella_ehh I have a lady Dior bag
Aug 07 06:06PM
wura@nella_ella_ehh hi dear I have Alexander mcqueen dress for sale taught u might be interested
Dec 19 02:11PM
nella_ella_ehh@wura not sure why you would think that. Thanks anyways!
Dec 19 03:45PM
ericatallBeautiful ! Love these ❤️
May 02 04:58PM
carol228Love this nice closet pretty lady!
Jul 02 05:10PM
stylebyvalerieLove these
Oct 30 12:52PM
nella_ella_ehh@stylebyvalerie I can also do partial, if this is what I'd like to trade for.
Nov 02 01:15PM
alahoud0Would take 100?
Jan 16 04:03PM
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