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    iyshAdorable!! Leather?
    Oct 10 10:06PM
    hs_boutique@iysh they are a micro suede
    Oct 12 03:38PM
    addy10R willing to bring the prize down????
    Oct 27 07:11PM
    hs_boutique@addy10 depends how much off it is
    Oct 27 08:05PM
    Oct 28 03:52PM
    hs_boutique@addy10 no lower than $45
    Oct 29 12:47PM
    a_david_68Are those your legs!!! Wholly crap girl!! You rock
    Oct 30 01:58PM
    addy10R you willing to go down the prize please!!!!!!!👍👍
    Oct 30 07:18PM
    hs_boutique@addy10 I cannot go lower than $45...they are very expensive wholesale wise
    Oct 31 01:50AM
    addy10How much would it be if I buy the boots and booties ??? How much of a discount would you give me????😊😊😊😊
    Oct 31 08:30AM
    hs_boutique@addy10 $90 for both
    Oct 31 08:37PM
    timahgLove the boots
    Nov 14 05:20AM
    hs_boutique@timahg thank you
    Nov 14 01:24PM
    delacruzthamara@hs_boutique Hi Hun, do you have it in size 6? And what's the lowest price?
    Dec 14 07:43PM
    hs_boutique@delacruzthamara yes I do have a 6..& the lowest I can do is $50 because I have to pay extra for shipping (weight of the box)
    Dec 14 10:14PM
    delacruzthamara@hs_boutique Oh ok, I will hold off for now 😞
    Dec 14 10:20PM
    hs_boutique@delacruzthamara ok great!
    Dec 14 10:33PM
    delacruzthamara@hs_boutique Hi Hun, if I have 3 likes. Would you go any lower if I get them?
    Dec 15 05:13PM
    hs_boutique@delacruzthamara I'm not sure what you mean by "3 likes"..pls explain....And the price will be what I quoted you yesterday.
    Dec 15 06:47PM
    sapaez92STILL AVAILABLE?
    Dec 27 08:59AM
    hs_boutique@sapaez92 yes they are
    Dec 27 07:49PM
    jocelinerios97@rodrikar003 these would look so cute on you
    Mar 01 04:48PM
    rodrikar003How tall is the heel
    Mar 01 05:03PM
    hs_boutique@rodrikar003 4-5inches
    Mar 02 12:33PM
    nejones81Could you do these pair n royal blue wedges for $80? Size 10?
    Aug 08 02:54PM
    Aug 17 01:21PM
    Sep 15 06:31AM

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