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Aldo Black Patent Leather Rain Boots

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Aldo Black Patent Leather Rain Boots

Love these boots but I was given a new pair, so these are ready to go to a new home. Worn a few times with minor wear on the leather but still in great condition. ❌NO TRADES OR PAYPAL❌ PRICE IS FIRM EVEN IF BUNDLED
Seller Discount: 15% off 2+ Bundle
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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geochickga@joeali Pretty!
Oct 06 04:52PM
joeali@geochickga They are. I added em to my likes. Thank you!
Oct 06 04:54PM
dw_style@geochickga @joeali thanks ladies!!😃
Oct 06 05:00PM
persianpoison@dw_style I have these boots! They are so sassy for rain boots ❤️❤️❤️
Oct 08 04:24PM
shelleys50Are these true to size?
Oct 17 06:16PM
dw_style@shelleys50 I would say so yes
Oct 17 06:24PM
shelleys50Ok thank you, I'll keep them in my likes. I am looking to buy however!
Oct 17 06:39PM
dw_style@shelleys50 sure no problem, $1 shipping this weekend only!
Oct 17 06:47PM
shelleys50That's very true, but that's about all I can afford ATM! Lol
Oct 17 06:49PM
dw_style@shelleys50 I can lower the price a little bit if that helps lemme know, shipping tmrw already!
Oct 17 06:55PM
anniesmithappleThose JEANS! Are you selling those by any chance? 😍
Oct 22 04:43PM
dw_style@anniesmithapple I am actually just haven't listed them yet!
Oct 22 04:48PM
anniesmithapple@dw_style Yay! Will you tag me in the listing? 😀
Oct 22 04:50PM
nataliaboricichwould you consider a trade?
Nov 12 10:33PM
dw_style@nataliaboricich sorry no trading
Nov 12 10:34PM
nataliaboricichokay thanks for letting me know!
Nov 12 10:43PM
pretttygirrrl11Hey guys check out my closet pls:)
Nov 24 04:53PM
gitalitaWill these fit a thick calf. Are these from this year ?
Dec 04 08:14PM
dw_style@gitalita hi, I am not sure exactly when I purchased if they were end of last year or early this year sorry! But yes these should def fit with a wide calf, you can see in the second pic the boot kind of gets wider in the middle.
Dec 04 08:17PM
gitalitaOnly because I tried on a pair at Aldo's recently. They look like these and it was a tight fit. You have skinny legs I don't :( could you measure circumference on rim and calf when u get a chance please.
Dec 04 08:19PM
dw_style@gitalita sure! Okay measured and the rim is actually a tad bigger than the calf, rim is 15 3/4" and calf is 15"...hope that helps! Yeah these were not a recent purchase and I haven't seen these in store recently.
Dec 04 08:24PM
gitalitaThese may just fit.
Dec 04 08:32PM
gitalitaI get some funds in a few days. Can you go down a little? I'll buy for sure.
Dec 04 08:33PM
dw_style@gitalita I hope they do hun and I can do $50 just let me know when your ready!
Dec 04 09:01PM
gitalitaI sure will. I hope I get the $$ tomorrow.
Dec 04 09:02PM
dw_style@gitalita 😊😊
Dec 04 09:03PM
annicqueTrue to size
Dec 15 05:55PM
dw_style@annicque I would say so yes
Dec 15 06:01PM
myposhcloset_aI'm an 8 1/2 in most shoes and can sometimes fit 8. Would you say these have a bit of room?
Dec 31 01:37PM
dw_style@myposhcloset_a Hi! Yes I just tried them on to double check and I have room in these and I have a wide foot. I'm sure size 8.5 would fit these. Hope that helps!
Dec 31 05:37PM

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