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Sweater and Peacoat Bundle

Sweaters - Sweater and Peacoat Bundle

Sweater and Peacoat BundleNWT

tan coat and studded sweater.
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bonnabee1@lian I'm just looking for now but I'm a size large in most clothing, would this fit me?
Oct 09 11:52AM
lian@bonnabee1 yes I'd say so :)
Oct 09 12:02PM
bonnabee1@lian Woohoo! Lol. I can't buy it now but once I have my credit card all paid off I will be back if its still here I'll probably buy. Thank you(:
Oct 09 12:04PM
lana88fanLuv your handbag in this photo! Please tag me if you decide to sell
Nov 20 04:17PM
yammy0722Love this shirt an the dress I liked do you do bundle???
Dec 09 09:26AM
lian@yammy0722 yes I bundle :) what dress were you interested in?
Dec 09 09:33AM
nataliebabyxxoDo you trade??
Dec 11 01:30PM
lian@nataliebabyxxo I don't, sorry
Dec 11 01:35PM
sammy720would you trade? I have MK, VS, juicy, toms, Jordan's, and more. I don't have any listings because I'm using an old iPod with no camera. please lmk and I could email or text you my items(:
Dec 12 03:06PM
lian@sammy720 sorry I don't trade :)
Dec 12 03:10PM
sajtyeWhat size do you normally wear?
Dec 15 05:03PM
lian@sajtye I normally wear a small but I like my sweaters a little oversized
Dec 15 05:06PM
sajtyeThanks! can you measure the front and the back for me from top to bottom? I'm short so it may be a dress on me LOL. and the lowest you'd go?
Dec 15 05:14PM
lian@sajtye lol! the front is 21" and the back is 30". and this is the lowest right now :)
Dec 15 05:19PM
sajtyeThanks! I want this, but need to wait, hopefully it's still here. I spent too much on PM this weekend.
Dec 15 06:00PM
hollykeirnsLove your closet 😍😍😍😍😍
Dec 19 09:28PM
lian@hollykeirns thanks! let me know if you're interested in something :)
Dec 20 07:33AM
misseekim@lian cuuuute!! 😍 close up of the spikes?
Dec 24 07:33PM
zangela98Im a 36d is the top very fitted ?
Jan 05 05:23PM
lian@zangela98 not really. I'm a 32d for reference :)
Jan 05 05:43PM
swouI love your sandals! What are they??
Jan 08 05:58PM
lian@swou thanks! they're from the prabal gurung for target line :)
Jan 08 06:04PM
reginneferreiraInterested :) @lian
Jan 16 07:58PM
lian@reginneferreira I can do $90 for all three :)
Jan 16 08:14PM
airbear846Is this sweater still available?
Jan 29 08:13AM
lian@airbear846 yes it is :)
Jan 29 08:23AM
beautylover2014Do u accept paypal or how does this work? Is the bag for sale too?
Jan 30 08:36PM
beautylover2014Oh sorry just realized the size. I need a large.
Jan 30 08:36PM
lian@beautylover2014 poshmark accepts most credit/debit cards but does not accept PayPal. you pay for the item, the seller ships the item and then once you have received the item the funds are released to the seller. it's a super secure process. let me know if you have any other questions :) and sorry the bag is not for sale :(
Jan 30 08:40PM
lian@arahni here you go :)
Feb 01 08:49PM
lian@arahnri here you go :)
Feb 01 08:50PM
arahnriHas this been shipped?
Feb 07 09:56AM
lian@arahnri yes :)
Feb 07 03:06PM
arahnriI still have not received this package, that you said was shipped five days ago.
Feb 12 05:47PM
lian@arahnri I did drop it off when I said I did. The tracking shows that it will be delivered on Thursday. I'm sorry that you've experienced a delay, however I have no control over USPS shipping times. Thanks, Lian
Feb 12 07:25PM