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Gold California necklace with rhinestone

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    Gold California necklace with rhinestoneNWT

    Gold chain with lobster clasp. Little pearl bead is removable.
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    jackiieeee@mrserica777 Here is one
    Oct 01 10:13PM
    mrserica777This is cute ... Did you have it in the other style too?
    Oct 01 10:15PM
    mac42089By chance do you trade?
    Oct 05 04:43AM
    jackiieeee@mac42089 I don't, I'm sorry.
    Oct 05 06:01AM
    mac42089Is the pendant big?
    Oct 05 02:58PM
    jackiieeee@mac42089 It's about an inch and a half long.
    Oct 05 08:20PM
    charlottefitz@jackiieeee I love your closet and could get lost in here. Can you please tell me how long the length of the chain is on the necklace , please?
    Oct 05 11:08PM
    jackiieeee@charlottefitz Aww thank you!! That means the world to me :) The chain is 18".
    Oct 06 06:04AM
    missautumnmaeWhat brand is this? Thanks!
    Oct 08 10:50AM
    jackiieeee@missautumnmae I think the tag said "Fashion Leader"
    Oct 08 11:04AM
    missautumnmaeI love it, I'm just not sure what the diamond is supposed to represent.
    Oct 08 12:08PM
    taylor_rodgersMay i purchase?
    Oct 08 02:15PM
    taylor_rodgers@missautumnmae It represents the capitol. "Sacramento"...
    Oct 08 02:16PM
    missautumnmaeOk. If only it was on the Bay Area😃. I'm gonna think about it, I really love everything about it except that😫
    Oct 08 02:31PM
    missautumnmae@taylor_rodgers ✌👍
    Oct 08 02:38PM
    jackiieeee@taylor_rodgers Yes it's available :)
    Oct 08 03:46PM
    taylor_rodgersIs this your lowest Hun?:)
    Oct 08 03:47PM
    missautumnmaeAny chance you can take a pic of the backside of the necklace? Thanks a mill.
    Oct 08 08:47PM
    taylor_rodgersOkay, if you have another cold shoulder sweater, I'll bundle it with this necklace and come back to get that sequined dress😍 if you don't mind, of course:)
    Oct 08 10:56PM
    taylor_rodgersI just got a rebate sort of thing from posh for sales tax they weren't supposed to charge me and I don't want to be a bother but i would love to but this:)
    Oct 09 05:17PM
    jackiieeee@taylor_rodgers This is available for purchase, unless you wanted to bundle. :) Which cold shoulder sweater did you want? The $35 one or the $30 one?
    Oct 09 05:38PM
    taylor_rodgersPerfect! I just commented on the sweater I was looking to purchase!:)
    Oct 09 05:39PM
    taylor_rodgersOh and yes! If I could bundle the two items, i would love to!
    Oct 09 05:40PM
    emmiebeth@jackiieeee does it come with the pearl on it like in the second pic?
    Oct 13 02:45AM
    jackiieeee@emmiebeth Yes but it's removable.
    Oct 13 03:15AM
    rosyposeyI love all the state necklaces you have! Do you happen to have a Michigan one or know where I could find one?? Your closet is awesome!
    Oct 17 11:24PM
    jackiieeee@rosyposey I haven't seen any Michigan ones! I will keep an eye out though :)
    Oct 17 11:35PM
    rosyposeyThanks :)
    Oct 17 11:36PM
    msdruitt1970Wish you had a New Jersey one
    Oct 29 06:13PM
    jackiieeee@msdruitt1970 Me too :(
    Oct 29 06:14PM
    Nov 03 09:50AM
    jackiieeee@ubcinstarz Yep 😊
    Nov 03 09:57AM
    ilovecharlieDoes the little pearl come with it? This is perfect, I'm from sac
    Nov 13 07:52AM
    crystal717@jackiieeee do you have this for Texas??
    Nov 13 07:57AM
    jackiieeee@ilovecharlie It does, but it can be removed.
    Nov 13 08:26AM
    sunshyne711@jackiieeee this is the one I like
    Nov 14 10:37AM
    kaylathompOh I like this one too!
    Nov 16 09:59AM
    jackiieeee@kaylathomp Hehe :) I don't trade, but I can bundle both of them for $25 :)
    Nov 16 10:16AM
    pscGold ?? What is it made of please
    Jan 22 02:40PM
    kelly_nicole949@jackiieeee Is it possible to get the California necklace with the rhinestone in a different spot?
    Mar 06 12:53PM
    jackiieeee@kelly_nicole949 I haven't seen any like that :( The only ones I have, have the rhinestone over the capital city.
    Mar 06 01:56PM

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