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NEW Authentic UGG Exotic Zebra Sneakers

UGG Shoes - NEW Authentic UGG Exotic Zebra SneakersUGG Shoes - NEW Authentic UGG Exotic Zebra Sneakers 2UGG Shoes - NEW Authentic UGG Exotic Zebra Sneakers 3UGG Shoes - NEW Authentic UGG Exotic Zebra Sneakers 4

NEW Authentic UGG Exotic Zebra SneakersNWT

Size 9 and 10 both available! Let me know which size you need. Brand new in box and comes with authenticity guide card. UGG Laela Exotic Zebra Sneakers. Made with dyed genuine fur from lamb. Molded EVA insole. Gum rubber outsole.
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mmartinez_2011Do they run big..... I wear between a 9-10 depending in the shoes and the style
Oct 09 11:46PM
ladida@mmartinez_2011 I'm a true 9 and these just fit perfectly
Oct 10 07:49AM
Oct 15 11:33AM
ladida@lovelylexii46 I didn't see anything I need right now but thanks
Oct 15 02:23PM
lovelylexii46Looking for anything specific?
Oct 15 02:24PM
belangeraPlease I will trade anything in my closet even if it is has mor value!!! Please LMK???
Oct 23 01:51PM
mamalovelyAre you willn to trade?? @ladida
Oct 24 05:28PM
ladida@mamalovely thanks but I'm looking to sell these for now :)
Oct 24 05:37PM
mamalovelyOk thnks I'll check bk when I get money to see if there still available!! @ladida
Oct 24 05:46PM
ladida@mamalovely no prob :) thanks and happy poshing!
Oct 24 05:50PM
mamalovelySame to you as well @ladida
Oct 24 05:51PM
pbooth@ladida I put these on my likes for future reference. Do you have any UGG boots?
Nov 09 12:36PM
lmccann1017@ladida I like these, but do you also have a size 9 in the brown striped?
Nov 13 11:11PM
ladida@lmccann1017 no sorry, all of my cheetah print are sold except for size 5.5. This one (zebra print size 9) is available though. Thanks!
Nov 14 06:36AM
lmccann1017@ladida hi there. I've been watching these on eBay but would rather buy on posh. I can get one right now for $60.89. Would you like to sell yours for$60? I can buy tonight. I understand either way, thank you.
Nov 14 03:41PM
ladida@lmccann1017 thanks but I cannot match that price with posh taking 20% commish 😁 best I can do is $75 pp plus posh shipping. I'd say go with eBay if it has the best price. Ebay/PayPal will take care of you if somehow you are unhappy with your purchase 😉
Nov 14 04:08PM
lmccann1017@ladida thank you anyway, I hope you sell them, I will share them for you!
Nov 14 07:36PM
ladida@lmccann1017 thanks, I appreciate it
Nov 14 07:56PM
annicqueHow do these run
Nov 30 06:16PM
ladida@annicque they are true to size but are narrow. So maybe for wider feet, a size bigger would be better.
Nov 30 09:01PM
annicqueReally cute
Dec 02 04:27PM
Dec 09 03:18PM
karenelaineI may consider trading u for these... For my daughter, would u give me the length and width of the foot they would fit? Not sure if she's a 9 or 10 and she's away.
Dec 20 10:57AM
ladida@karenelaine will do when I get home in about 20 minutes :)
Dec 20 11:07AM
karenelaine@ladida no rush. Thanks And re the post I am tagging u for -fyi the boots are a size 9, I wear an 8 and could wear them if i cared to as they have a pointy toe (may even be more comfortable for smaller sizes)Just don't have use for them. Also they sell for about $300 but I only listed them for $150 (I think). I'd give to my daughter but her feet are Wide. They're *for a normal foot (not narrow!) and these won't work if narrow.
Dec 20 11:14AM
Dec 28 12:49AM
scheritaAre the size 10 still available?
Jan 04 04:04PM
ladida@scherita hello Scherita, yes they are still available :)
Jan 04 04:06PM
scheritaI just posted some UGG booties that I purchased from a fellow posher that the heel is too tall for me. Would you be willing to trade? I never wore them.
Jan 04 04:27PM
ladida@scherita they're beautiful! But like you said, the heels are a bit high.. Unfortunately I don't think I can rock those 😁 I'll share for you, I'm sure someone else would love them!
Jan 04 04:42PM
scheritaOk. Thanks for the share. I still may get yours
Jan 04 05:02PM
ladida@scherita thanks, just let me know :) I'll give you a better deal on pp, and a gift as a return customer ☺️
Jan 04 06:23PM
247jewelrystoreThese are hot.
Jan 05 02:21PM
queenbealeIm going to keep an eye on them
Jan 06 04:43AM
ladida@247jewelrystore yes they are ☺️ thank you so much for all the shares!!!
Jan 06 06:59AM
ladida@queenbeale great! Please let me know if you have any questions ☺️
Jan 06 07:00AM
missshawnTo big for me
Jan 10 05:11PM
tdrussell2012Awesome shows!!!!
Feb 08 03:13PM
ladida@tdrussell2012 thank you! :)
Feb 08 04:33PM
Feb 09 05:58AM