David Yurman ring.

Authentic David Yurman ring with dust bag.
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
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chasemeridianHi! Might you be interested in a trade? I have an excellent following and reputation! But it can't be "one size." Do you know the actual size of the ring? 😊🌻✌️❀️
Sep 29 09:57AM
meboyet1204@chasemeridian let me check the papers I have doll. My guess would be around a size 5. Ill get back
Sep 29 10:04AM
Sep 29 10:50AM
meboyet1204@chasemeridian sorry girl I can not find an official size. My ring finger is a smidge under 5 n this fits perfect.
Oct 01 04:08AM
chasemeridianAwwww. Thanks! I'm about a 6 on my right hand. :-(
Oct 01 06:56AM
mandylucas@meboyet1204 do u trade?
Oct 01 05:35PM
meboyet1204@mandylucas trying not to right now doll. I'm sorry.
Oct 01 06:01PM
mandylucas@meboyet1204 do u remember how much this retailed for?
Oct 01 06:08PM
mandylucas@meboyet1204 I see the price tag just can't make it out lll😜
Oct 01 06:09PM
meboyet1204@mandylucas the receipt and price tag are shown I paid $350. It's a beautiful piece I am just hoping a large diamond will replace it πŸ˜‰soon
Oct 01 06:12PM
mandylucas@meboyet1204 thank you! Good luck😘
Oct 01 06:13PM
meboyet1204@mandylucas oh sorry I guess it is a lil hard to readπŸ’. And thanks Doll 😘
Oct 01 06:18PM
mandylucas@meboyet1204 it's okay no worries😘
Oct 01 06:22PM
ally_fosterTRADE ME PLEASE!!!!?!?
Oct 05 11:51AM
meboyet1204@ally_foster I'm trying really hard not to trade but ill look doll. πŸ˜‰
Oct 05 05:20PM
ally_foster@meboyet1204 did you see anything?! I willing to trade 300$ worth of stuff!!
Oct 05 08:07PM
meboyet1204@ally_foster I don't see anything right now sorry babe ;(
Oct 06 06:50AM
Nov 03 01:23PM
lilydominguezAre you interested in Pandora? I have a bracelet and some charms I'd love to trade for this :)
Nov 05 05:56AM
anisaetemadiTrade? I have jewelry listed in my closet you might be interested in!
Nov 14 07:20AM
meboyet1204@lilydominguez @anisaetemadi not trading at the moment sorry dolls πŸ˜”
Nov 23 09:55PM
meboyet1204@amberleana πŸ‘† sorry babe. πŸ˜”
Nov 23 09:57PM
destiny0912Trade ? πŸ˜πŸ’Ž
Jan 22 05:31PM
shiningbrighterhi would you trade for a mk hamilton?
Feb 13 12:29AM
mariamkazmi110 right now
Feb 25 06:28AM
samanthaaustinIll do 150
Feb 27 08:59PM
Mar 11 09:26PM
heathertiger990@meboyet1204 is this still available? I love this!
Mar 13 12:29PM
kaspencer@meboyet1204 Please look in my closet and let me know if you would like to trade. Please!!
Apr 11 09:34AM
bclazaris this still available???
May 14 03:34PM
meboyet1204@bclazar sorry for the response time. I do still have this 😊
May 29 04:57AM
meboyet1204@heathertiger990 πŸ‘†sorry just saw your comment.
May 29 05:00AM
cynthias2Would you do 150?
Jul 14 05:21PM
cynthias2Or 200?
Jul 15 06:50AM
meboyet1204@cynthias2 I would be willing to take $200
Jul 16 05:12AM
cynthias2I just recently bought another David yurman ring, another style. I want to wear both on a daily basis would that be weird? I want this!!
Jul 18 06:49PM
cynthias2Hey girl, so I really interested in this. Disregard the other post but is buy it right away if you're willing to do 180 for it
Jul 19 04:50PM
cynthias2Hey is this still abailable
Jul 27 02:19AM
meboyet1204@cynthias2 yes it's still available. $200 was already low $180 is just too low for me especially with the fees they take here ;(
Jul 27 03:14AM
Sep 30 01:01PM
krikeane@meboyet1204 hiya! Interested and my size!☺️. Is this your lowest? Ty for your time!
Oct 07 07:51PM
chocoholic91Would to consider a trade?
Oct 26 10:32AM
Dec 05 12:57PM
irinaapopovwould you go lower?
Dec 10 01:56AM
Jan 28 06:10PM
gethurleyI know you're sick of this lol, but would you trade a Tiffany toggle heart necklace?
Mar 14 09:46AM
nataliepham2412Hi what's the condition of this ring?
May 03 04:47PM
mommyof2boys24@meboyet1204 hi hun would you take $125?
Jul 06 09:52PM
mommyof2boys24@meboyet1204 $138 or trade for my $700 tiffany necklace in my closet?
Jul 07 06:28PM
alexlichtIs this still available?
Oct 01 07:01AM
rchlandrwsWill you take $130?
Oct 20 05:40AM

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