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Tory Burch Lisa Voile Top

Tory Burch Tops - Tory Burch Lisa Voile TopTory Burch Tops - Tory Burch Lisa Voile Top 2

Tory Burch Lisa Voile TopNWT

*Reduced* Whisperweight cotton voile top, with warm gold buttons at the keyhole neck and cuffs. Authentic, excellent condition, tags attached. Love this top, however doesn't fit me.
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britbrittrentWant 😍
Oct 01 04:09AM
kristi401@britbrittrent so pretty, isn't it??? Wish it fit me better !!
Oct 01 11:54AM
britediamondThx for sharing💖
Oct 02 12:15AM
jlebouitz@kristi401 shared :)
Oct 04 12:51PM
Oct 05 01:57PM
obrien112Thanks for sharing!!!🌷
Oct 05 11:14PM
ashbobash13Do you trade?
Oct 09 05:09AM
kristi401@ashbobash13 hey, I didn't see anything I need at the moment in your closet. I am willing to negotiate though if you want to make an offer :)
Oct 09 11:05AM
franferrara55Would u possibly trade?
Oct 31 09:42PM
kristi401@franferrara55 Hi! You have a great closet, but I didn't see anything I need at the moment. Thanks for checking out my closet :)
Oct 31 09:50PM
franferrara55Awe thts okay! Thanku and thanku for looking! Hopefully its still here when i can buy it
Nov 01 10:00AM
thartsoeAny lower??
Nov 06 03:30PM
kristi401@thartsoe Offer?
Nov 06 03:42PM
thartsoeLol Any lower..please. I love it I usually wear a six but I'm hoping this will fit by spring :)
Nov 06 03:49PM
kristi401@thartsoe I just lowered it a few days ago, but I could lower it to $90 to cover shipping
Nov 06 04:07PM
thartsoeWhat about the size? Is it big or small for a 4?
Nov 06 04:49PM
kristi401@thartsoe It is definitely not a small 4- I would say it fits on the bigger size of a 4 and the smaller size of a 6
Nov 06 05:02PM
lowcountrygalWhat are the dimensions on this? Across the chest? Arm pit to wrist? Shoulder to bottom. Thx!
Dec 01 04:31PM
kristi401@lowcountrygal Hi! So I measured the top laying flat- armpit to armpit about 18", shoulder to hem 25", armpit to wrist 17.5"
Dec 01 05:03PM
lowcountrygalThank u for doing that. I think it will fit. If you still have it in a few days I will purchase. Thank u again.
Dec 01 05:10PM
kristi401@lowcountrygal No problem :)
Dec 01 05:16PM
Dec 03 07:33PM
hlayton39@kristi401 Is this lose and flowy or fitting?
Dec 05 01:45AM
kristi401@hlayton39 I would say it's in between . It fits like the photo of the model- not too tight but also not too loose and flowy
Dec 05 10:16AM
zette621Love! 👌❤️
Dec 29 05:30PM
kristi401@zette621 Me too! It's just a little too small for me :(
Dec 29 05:36PM
zette621I'll have to check back when I get $$$ 😃hopefully it's still available! I'm in love! ❤️ you don't see anything you'd be willing to trade?
Dec 29 05:47PM
kristi401@zette621 I am not trading at the moment- I majorly need to downsize! Cute closet though :)
Dec 29 05:50PM
zette621@kristi401 thx 😊will ck back
Dec 29 05:53PM
rjwnealIs this new! Will you take &50?
Jan 06 06:27PM
kristi401@rjwneal it is NWT. Sorry, $50 is too low.
Jan 06 06:32PM
rjwnealWill you take $70?
Jan 06 06:33PM
kristi401@rjwneal I changed the price for you :)
Jan 06 06:37PM
rjwnealOk thanks
Jan 06 06:45PM
kristi401@rjwneal I will drop it in the mail tomorrow :)
Jan 06 06:50PM
Jan 06 06:53PM