Rocked my posh purchase at Maroon 5 last night!

Not for Sale

Rocked my posh purchase at Maroon 5 last night!

Thanks to @shellyk !!! Check out her closet! Rocked this top as a dress front row at Maroon 5 last night...❤❤❤
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Shipping: $4.99 Priority
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Sep 23 08:22AM
macon86So jealous! He's so fine❤
Sep 23 05:52PM
catmac@macon86 haha. Yes he is!
Sep 23 06:11PM
macon86@catmac hey love! Do you have any ideas for something phillies ?? I'm trying to figure out what I can bling lol
Sep 24 08:40AM
catmac@macon86 sure, email me at ❤ check us out on fb too.... We have TONS of stuff we can do 😊
Sep 24 08:52AM
macon86@catmac sure will looking for something for my husband for Christmas! In red and white!
Sep 24 08:54AM
catmac@macon86 awesome! We can pretty much do anything you want.... If you look on, that is the apparel we use most.... Can get anything on there.
Sep 24 08:56AM
shellykthat top seriously looks amazing on you! get it girl!
Sep 25 05:15PM
catmac@shellyk awwwww! Thank you! I love it!!!
Sep 25 06:00PM
alexoxoLOVE that dress would you ever trade or sell?
Oct 21 10:10PM
catmac@alexoxo I just got it a few weeks ago, but if I ever do I will tag you. It's soooo pretty ❤
Oct 21 10:15PM
alexoxoThanks bby! I appreciate it (: super cute. What brand ?
Oct 21 10:17PM
catmac@alexoxo it's "kimchi & blue" from urban outfitters
Oct 21 10:18PM
designersfindThanks for visiting my closet you are so pretty
Oct 28 09:09AM
catmac@designersfind thank you! ❤
Oct 28 09:45AM
beautyworldThis is so cute! I have some questions about it - what's your email address?
Dec 08 10:37AM
catmac@beautyworld this one isn't for sale.... Just sharing 😊
Dec 08 10:39AM
alexoxoStill not selling this babe? Lol
Jan 12 07:22PM
catmac@alexoxo sorry, no.... Love this piece ❤️
Jan 12 07:23PM
alexoxoNo worries babe, I do too obviously ha 😊
Jan 12 07:26PM
catmac@alexoxo thanks! 😘
Jan 12 07:27PM
jdcuba@catmac it looks amazing on you... Far better than on the hanger. If I saw it on the hanger I wouldn't want it. Now that I see it on you I do! Lol things just look better on!
Apr 16 09:18AM
hthr1234Love this dress! You did rock it
May 12 12:08PM
catmac@hthr1234 awwww thanks!
May 12 12:28PM
bentlee11Love the dress!!!!
May 12 06:19PM
catmac@bentlee11 thanks!!!
May 12 06:23PM
keyoflife😍OMG Both of you look great! I'm so want to go🎉
May 21 10:42PM
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