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Authentic Tory Burch Light Brown Reva Ballet Flats

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Authentic Tory Burch Light Brown Reva Ballet Flats

Bought these on PM a while ago just haven't worn them as much as I though. Love them still! They're Authentic but came with no box! They do have wear to them seen in the photos and reflected in price! Still have great life in them!!!!🚫NO TRADES🚫 price is firm
Seller Discount: 15% off 3+ Bundle
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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xoangix3I would totally want this but your feet is too small for me :(
Sep 26 05:23PM
terrafyingLol @xoangix3 I'm sorry :)
Sep 26 07:44PM
catherine_leee@terrafying would you go lower on pp?
Oct 01 09:24PM
terrafying@catherine_leee sorry I don't do pp just pm :)
Oct 08 05:06PM
lpeacock9Would u take 75?
Oct 17 05:11AM
terrafying@lpeacock9 I can do $85, meet in the middle? :)
Oct 17 10:01AM
lpeacock9That's okay they look used and I could purchase a new pair for 20 dollars more. Thank u for the offer tho
Oct 17 02:34PM
brittkierWhat's the lowest you'll go? I have Paypal if that makes a difference..
Nov 10 03:55AM
terrafying@brittkier I don't do PayPal Hun but the lowest I'm willing to go is $85
Nov 10 08:36AM
cm956Are you still firm on $85? would you consider $50
Nov 19 07:04PM
terrafying@cm956 sorry $85 is the lowest
Nov 19 08:26PM
Nov 20 01:21PM
ainiealiAre these still available?
Dec 11 12:45PM
terrafying@ainieali yes they are:)
Dec 11 01:40PM
terrafying@lindsayshima let me know if you're interested :)
Feb 11 06:33PM
Mar 24 01:48PM
terrafying@kailic135 sorry I wouldn't feel comfortable going that low.
Mar 24 01:49PM
katyspotifyHow about 68 or 72?
Mar 24 02:51PM
terrafying@kailic135 $80 is lowest I feel comfortable on these, could you swing $8 and we can meet in the middle?:)
Mar 24 03:02PM
katyspotifyCould you swing 5 and do 75 cause of the shipping it'd be really appreciated!! I also have I check if 5.5 works for me. What is your normal foot size? Could you measure the length in inches? Thanks a bunch!
Mar 24 03:41PM
terrafying@kailic135 I do anywhere between 5-6 depending on the shoe. The measurements across the sole is 9.5 inches front to back! Also if you look up the Reva flat sizing that might help!
Mar 24 03:46PM
jwalls73These still available for $75?
Apr 12 08:55AM
terrafying@jwalls73 $80 was the lowest on these, but yes they're still available
Apr 12 08:58AM
jwalls73Thank you. I only have $75 in my posh account. That would include shipping in the $75.
Apr 12 09:01AM
terrafying@jwalls73 sorry $80 is my lowest! Let me know if you change your mind!!! :)
Apr 12 09:07AM
keylafrancos@terrafying you want 50 for paypal ??
Apr 13 06:57PM
terrafying@keylafrancos I do not accept paypal sorry.
Apr 13 06:58PM
keylafrancos@terrafying ohhh for here you whant I buy now yeess
Apr 13 06:59PM
terrafying@keylafrancos if you want to buy now for $80 they're available and I can ship tomorrow morning!
Apr 13 07:00PM
keylafrancos@terrafying I very Interesitin you want 65 please ??
Apr 13 07:02PM
terrafying@keylafrancos I'm sorry like I told everyone else $80 is firm.
Apr 13 07:02PM
keylafrancos@terrafying ohhh ok thenks Hun
Apr 13 07:05PM
Apr 24 03:03AM
terrafying@kimmychewy just reduced to $80 so that's the lowest I'm comfortable!
Apr 24 03:10AM
terrafying@lpeacock9 lowered to $75 :)
Jun 16 03:57PM
terrafying@kailic135 lowered to $75
Jun 16 03:58PM
terrafying@jwalls73 lowered to $75! :)
Jun 16 03:58PM
terrafying@kimmychewy lowered to $75 :)
Jun 16 03:59PM
terrafying@keylafrancos lowered to $75!
Jun 16 04:00PM
katyspotifyI actually just got a pair of tbs, thanks though!
Jun 16 04:06PM
kimmychewyDo you do holds?
Jun 18 02:28PM
terrafying@kimmychewy depends, how long do you need them held for?
Jun 18 02:54PM
winterpulleyI can do 50 now
Jul 16 04:19PM
terrafying@winterpulley $50 is too low just lowered to $75
Jul 16 04:24PM
terrafying@winterpulley can you come up some ?
Jul 16 04:24PM
winterpulleySorry I can't but thank you for replying
Jul 16 04:33PM
pierceu@terrafying do you think these would fit a 6? I do wear 5 or 5.5 in some shoes. Thanks!
Jul 17 04:37AM
terrafying@pierceu if you wear a 5.5 sometimes I think so! I have a little extra room with them as a 5.5. :)
Jul 17 07:45AM
pierceu@terrafying could you do $65?
Jul 17 04:47PM
terrafying@pierceu I can do $70 for you!
Jul 17 05:13PM
pierceu@terrafying $70-ok!
Jul 17 05:15PM
terrafying@pierceu all ready for you!
Jul 17 05:18PM

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