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Leather boots

Leather knee boots size 5 nude size 7 black size 7 red this is all I have at the moment in stock.
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alexridCan you get these in other sizes?
Sep 12 09:28AM
tiffany_place@alexrid yes up to a 10
Sep 12 10:52AM
rasheedah_215These are beautiful 😍
Oct 01 05:09AM
tiffany_place@rasheedah_215 thanks
Oct 09 08:45PM
Oct 14 01:53AM
pearlposh1100? I'll buy now
Oct 15 10:19PM
tiffany_place@alexrid 200
Oct 16 11:25AM
tiffany_place@pearlposh1 200
Oct 16 11:25AM
tamika1026Love these
Oct 18 05:12AM
Oct 23 12:10PM
cbeard@tiffany_place are they tts. I'm between a 9 and 9.5
Oct 28 12:13PM
tiffany_place@cbeard they are made my Mrs Coco you can order from the website www.milano-days . Com
Oct 28 08:23PM
pearlposh1Would you trade for shoes in my closet?
Nov 01 09:23AM
larryellCould you get a 8 in black?
Nov 07 12:17PM
tiffany_place@larryell yes order from me at www.milano-days.com
Nov 12 11:45AM
kathyriaalithese still available? @tiffany_place what colorS? only size 9 right?
Nov 18 12:23PM
kathyriaali@tiffany_place still available?
Nov 19 12:16PM
mefethatsme@tiffany_place what height is the heel 4",5"?
Nov 22 08:00AM
tiffany_place@kathyriaali @mefethatsme web have them at www.milano-days.com all colors all sizes
Nov 22 05:53PM
tiffany_placeWe have them
Nov 22 05:53PM
mefethatsme👀 How tall
Nov 23 12:23AM
kathyriaali@tiffany_place What are they called because they don't have them
Nov 23 01:44PM
kwuani@tiffany_place what's the circumference
Dec 29 07:21PM
erikameI can adjust the small one to $20 if you buy now
Jan 20 03:13PM
erikameWell actually it's a medium size but I meant the "smaller" box
Jan 20 03:14PM
erikameAre you still interested in the boxes you asked me to list. I accept your offer on the medium and can adjust price... Just let me know please
Jan 20 04:02PM
kwuani@tiffany_place what's the circumference
Jan 25 06:27AM