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HOST PICKZara jacket

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HOST PICKZara jacketNWT

New with tag.
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Sep 08 05:44AM
wowenypon@generalbueno 
Sep 08 09:16AM
skyerandiOn my gosh, this is so cute! You seriously shouldn't sell it! The price is unbeatable too! Ugh, wish I had money to buy right now! Love it! 😍
Sep 08 06:53PM
wowenypon@skyerandi Thank you!!! 
Sep 08 08:45PM
lust4lavishThis is so cute . Do you have this in a small?
Sep 08 11:15PM
Sep 09 02:18PM
wowenypon@lust4lavish No I don't :( sorry.
Sep 09 02:43PM
chloeloveis this an open jacket?
Sep 10 01:06PM
wowenypon@chloelove Yes
Sep 10 01:12PM
chloeloveOk thanks, love it! Please tag me if you ever go lower! Thanks!
Sep 10 01:14PM
wowenypon@chloelove Will do hun. Thanks!!!
Sep 10 01:15PM
wowenypon@chipmunksoledad For consideration for your theme tonight. Thank you so much!
Sep 13 04:23PM
chipmunksoledadI'm sorry that I'm just now seeing this comment. The newsfeed gets so cluttered and slow during a party. The party is over but I will at least share now!
Sep 14 06:04AM
wowenypon@chipmunksoledad Thank you!!! :)
Sep 14 11:47PM
Sep 15 05:29AM
Sep 15 05:32AM
lust4lavishCould you take a picture of the tags inside please ☺
Sep 15 05:32PM
vacatCongrats on HP 💃💃💃🎉🎉🐾
Sep 15 07:30PM
srh018@wowenypon Congrats on your Host Pick in the "Street Style" party!! 🎉🎉🎉
Sep 15 07:30PM
manymurraysCongrats on your Host Pick! 🎉👏👍☺
Sep 15 07:33PM
queenmumm👏🎉👏Congrats on HPs tonight!🎉👏🎉
Sep 15 08:02PM
classicpatty@wowenypon Congrats🎉🎈🎉🎈🎉
Sep 15 08:59PM
wowenypon@noy2312 THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! :) Aprreciate it!!!
Sep 15 09:23PM
wowenypon@vacat @srh018 @manymurrays @queenmumm @classicpatty Thank you so much!!! Appreciate it!!! 
Sep 15 09:30PM
Sep 15 09:51PM
lust4lavishDo you have any pictures of the inside tags love ?
Sep 18 11:54AM
wowenypon@lust4lavish - hi hun. I'm out of the country, but I'll ask my son take a picture of it and once I have it, I'll post for you. Thank you.
Sep 18 03:08PM
matinads616I like your modeling.
Sep 19 07:00PM
wowenypon@matinads616 Awww  Thank you!!!
Sep 19 07:01PM
silllllooxo9Love Zaras clothing! I have a dress for sale if you're interested hun! Wish it were a size smallb
Sep 19 07:15PM
matinads616I'd want to buy entire outfits from you if we were same size.
Sep 19 07:19PM
wowenypon@matinads616 - hi hun. I am selling the jacket (medium), the bag and the legging pants (Large) in plain colors (black, denim & cream). I'll tag you. Thx sweetie.
Sep 19 07:23PM
wowenypon@silllllooxo9 - hi dear, I only sell at the moment, but thx for the offer sweetie.
Sep 19 07:28PM
Oct 21 01:00PM
wowenypon@nljorda1 Thank you! :)
Oct 21 01:00PM
lust4lavishHave you gotten the chance to take the pictures of the inside tags yet?
Oct 29 12:25PM
wowenypon@lust4lavish - hi hun, check out last picture.
Oct 29 01:07PM
Nov 05 09:20PM
nessy1612what is the length and whats your last price?
Nov 05 09:21PM
wowenypon@nessy1612 Hi, from shoulder to hem is 32" and my lowest is $94. Thank you!!!
Nov 05 09:25PM
nessy1612okay thank you!!
Nov 06 07:15PM
wowenypon@jfcruz2814 More pictures for the MG bag. Thanks!
Nov 24 07:49PM
gforce7I love the camo pants. Are they for sale? If not, can you share brand? Thanks
Jan 24 05:14PM
wowenypon@gforce7 Not for sale love, I'm sorry. They're from Uniqlo and i got them last year. 
Jan 24 05:38PM
Feb 12 10:33PM
wowenypon@antsola Thanks :)
Feb 12 10:58PM
becksnycReminds me of all saints & helmut lang :) @wowenypon
Feb 18 06:05PM
wowenypon@becksnyc :)
Feb 18 06:54PM
andineAdore your style... Simply adore it!! 😍💖💖
Feb 27 07:08PM
wowenyponThanks @andine ☺️😘❤️
Feb 27 09:16PM
mannequeen🎊C O N G R A T S !🎊
Apr 02 08:54PM
catdroSilly question, what size will this fit .. Does it run small?
Apr 22 10:41AM
wowenypon@catdro - will fit M to L.
Apr 22 11:09AM
catdroOk thx:)
Apr 22 05:19PM
wowenypon@ashleyatmos 👆👆👆
May 25 11:39AM
vwillisI love so many things in your closet! What is the fabric content if this?
Jun 23 07:04PM
wowenypon@vwillis Thank you!! I will check and tag you when I go home. Thanks
Jun 23 07:07PM
wowenypon@vwillis I'm so sorry for the late reply. The materials are 100% Cotton and 100% Linen. Thanks
Jun 30 10:17PM
inkgirlHi love this piece, very cute
Jul 14 03:45PM
wowenypon@inkgirl Thank you! ☺️
Jul 14 04:11PM
mayrayvaleriaCould you take 60 please?🙏
Sep 07 12:16PM
wowenypon@mayrayvaleria Hi, this was originally $99, but I brought it down to $89. The lowest I can do is $84.
Sep 07 01:52PM
dyiara1I seen you post saying your lowest is $84 can u change the price I'll buy now
Sep 15 07:55AM
wowenypon@dyiara1 Here you go. 😉
Sep 15 08:35AM
wowenypon@dyiara1 Thank you! I will ship this to you today. Have a nice day!
Sep 15 08:55AM
dyiara1Thanks, Hun
Sep 15 08:55AM
dyiara1Ok, I look forward to receiving it.
Sep 15 08:56AM

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