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host pick x2 anthropologie striped bandeau

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host pick x2 anthropologie striped bandeau

Adorable and never worn. 100% cotton, feels like linen. Purchased from an anthropologie store. • ❣ NO TRADES ❣ • ✩ PRICE IS FIRM ✩ • ❃ BUNDLE DISCOUNTS ❃
Seller Discount: 20% off 2+ Bundle
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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Sep 07 10:16AM
ceagreen@samallard interested in your likes love?
Oct 20 01:54PM
Jan 03 07:54PM
Apr 08 05:23PM
Apr 13 07:39PM
ceagreen@4angils sure is!
Apr 13 07:53PM
4angilsOk will show her in AM if still avail. Think she will really like it. No padding right?
Apr 13 08:04PM
4angilsWould you take $12?
May 07 02:34PM
ceagreen@4angils hey I am so sorry that I never replied to your last comment. Every once in a while my feed gets crazy and I miss a comment :( are you ready to purchase?
May 07 03:16PM
4angilsYes what price. Let her peek at your clothes real fast
May 07 04:30PM
ceagreen@4angils sounds good. If you are ready to purchase I can offer a discount. I also discount bundles :)
May 07 04:32PM
nanayang@ceagreen partial trade ? Or lowest price ?:) very interested !
Aug 07 09:02AM
ceagreen@nanayang I don't trade love, and unfortunately this is the lowest I am willing to to based on the posh cut. I've literally never worn it and it wasn't inexpensive
Aug 07 10:33AM
ceagreen@nanayang I can however ship today if your interested, and throw in a freebie :)
Aug 07 10:34AM
nanayang@ceagreen unfortunately shipping is so Expensive here :( I'll Keep it in my likes for now !
Aug 07 11:36AM
ceagreen@nanayang yeah I hear ya, it can be a double edged sword sometimes 😕 it's expensive to purchase because of high shipping, but difficult for a seller to reduce because of the commission they take. That's why poshmark began for higher end items as an alternative to consignment. You end up with a lot more money than if you were to sell to a shop, and retain control of your prices. The structure isn't ideal for lower priced items unfortunately.
Aug 07 12:33PM
staabdixoxohey, any idea what cup size this fits? not sure I can pull off an xs since i'm a little on the busty side...thanx
Nov 07 12:18PM
ceagreen@staabdixoxo I'm a D-DD and it fits because of the stretchy back! It's super accommodating to a range of bust sizes because of that nifty lil feature ;)
Nov 07 01:04PM
staabdixoxoyay! i'm definitely interested. do u take p a y p a l?
Nov 08 02:12PM
ceagreen@staabdixoxo id prefer not to but would be willing to do 15 shipped
Nov 08 03:27PM
dbressler569Hi there! Love this! Not sure if itll fit though. Im a 34b and a size small. Do you think an xs is too small since its cotton im guessing theres not much give
Nov 11 10:21PM
ceagreen@dbressler569 the back is stretchy so it'll definitely fit :)
Nov 12 07:45AM
cindyba@ceagreen Just also wanted to ask about the sizing of it geared more towards an xs or a s in your opinion?
Feb 01 03:49PM
cindybaoh...and true color please xx
Feb 01 03:50PM
ceagreen@cindyba actual photos are displayed in photo 2 and 3. I would say it could swing either... The stretchy back makes it super versatile size wise... I'm petite and a D and it fits me very well, and my friend who joined me at anthropologie that day is a B and it also fits her great.
Feb 01 05:55PM

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