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Camo yoga pants

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Camo yoga pants

Size medium. Fabric is really soft and comfortable. They are just too long for me, I'm 5'2 but perfect at the waist.
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maddie199529do you still have it??:)
Aug 30 09:08PM
ashleyhalliseyCould you lower the price. If so they are sold!
Sep 01 03:18PM
dluciouskitten@maddie199529 @ashleyhallisey I still have the pants.. And yes I could go down to 10
Sep 01 03:24PM
ashleyhalliseyOkay! I will let you know in about 30 mins!
Sep 01 03:29PM
Sep 01 03:35PM
ashleyhalliseyWill you change the price.
Sep 01 03:39PM
dluciouskittenYeah I will but when this reserve flag @ashleyhallisey
Sep 01 04:08PM
dluciouskittenIs gone..
Sep 01 04:08PM
ashleyhallisey What?
Sep 01 04:15PM
dluciouskittenIt's ready! 😃@ashleyhallisey
Sep 01 04:38PM
dluciouskitten@ashleyhallisey hey are u still purchasing them?
Sep 02 01:49PM
aurituke8I'll get these right now for 10 if you're not holding
Sep 02 07:20PM
dluciouskitten@aurituke8 no I'm not holding them for anyone.. They are ready for purchasing 😃
Sep 02 11:48PM
dluciouskitten@aurituke8 thank you for your purchase I will mail out tomorrow! Thank you again😃
Sep 03 09:15AM
aurituke8Thank you! :)
Sep 03 09:37AM
aurituke8Ohmygod! I love them!! Thank you so much :)
Sep 06 05:32PM
dluciouskittenThat's good I'm glad your happy girl ! They were just too long. Now they have a home😃
Sep 06 05:44PM
blococoWhere did you get these????? I'm trying to find a pair
Jan 21 12:29PM
dluciouskittenI got the as a gift it was hard to find them anywhere. Cause I just wanted a smaller size.
Jan 21 06:07PM

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