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Host pick 🎉100% authentic Kate Spade gifted

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Host pick 🎉100% authentic Kate Spade giftedNWT

Kate spade sugar beach little nadine is Medium sized satchel Python embossed leather handle and adjustable chain-link and embossed leather strap Front flap with pyramid twist-lock closure Fully lined with a zip pocket and two slip pockets Body length 11 inches; height 8½ inches; width 5 inches Drop handle 4 inches; Strap drop 22 inches Material: Embossed leather Origin: Imported
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mft915@bouncinghigher hiya...thanks for stopping at my closet ..please let me know if your have questions and if your interested 😍💝🎁📦
Jul 21 09:32PM
bouncinghigherHi, thanks! Just liking for now! :)
Jul 21 09:46PM
mft915@elkie1115 thank u so much for all ur love and shares are you interested in the handbags?!?
Jul 22 08:38PM
elkie1115I have to think about your bags; they are all so beautiful @mft915
Jul 22 09:11PM
mft915@elkie1115 do you have questions or if you'd like to aka offers I'm willing o negotiate
Jul 23 10:38AM
elkie1115@mft915 Thx!
Jul 24 03:39AM
pamela77Ty for all the shares ! That was very nice of you !! 😊
Jul 30 05:57PM
mft915@pamela77 your welcome returning the favor would be so nice sharing posh love dear thank u....
Jul 30 06:34PM
sharonfrickel@mft915 love your closet! 😊
Aug 01 07:54AM
mft915@sharonfrickel thank you so much Hun
Aug 01 03:05PM
katz9jtI was just reading the comments under your purple Minkoff and that one chick who wouldn't leave you alone about trading kept me rading each post. She even put her phone number down so you would call her-lol- then 12 minutes later she says that she'd never post her phone number😮. I must admit that you kept your poise throughout...very impressive😉👍. I'll impulsively w/b rude comments when someone wants me to trade, use PP and not pay s/h! I know it's not a good business practice😏... & I'm trying not to be bitchy. Are you going to the PoshFest in LV? I live here and I still can't decide if I want to go. Is the price for one person, do u know?
Aug 02 01:31PM
mft915@katz9jt thanks for for the nice compliment Hun I'm very patient person somehow I maintaining this crazy world I'm here in my would love to go but then there's hotel and plane and and
Aug 02 01:33PM
jonalyssaAHHH I love this purse ! It's such a beauty!
Aug 03 08:40PM
tmwa1kerThanks for the share!
Aug 03 09:02PM
mft915@jonalyssa thanks Hun are u interested its a great bag
Aug 04 06:42PM
thebosswomanHello there! Thanks for sharing my closet!! 😘❤
Aug 04 09:30PM
mft915@thebosswoman your so welcome and Ty
Aug 04 10:17PM
tlmaglioAbsolutely gorgeous bag if I had the money right now I would def buy! 😍😍
Aug 07 06:27PM
mft915@tlmaglio hi there thanks for stopping by and the compliment if you'd like please ask me any questions and if you're ready offers are welcomed thanks again Marci 💋💋
Aug 07 09:34PM
phoebescloset11I LOVE YOUR CLOSET. This bag is stunning
Aug 09 07:08PM
mft915@phoebescloset11 awh thank you so much!!!!!
Aug 09 08:26PM
mft915@tlmaglio still interested offers welcomed
Aug 16 01:14PM
mft915@kookykatlyn thank you for stopping by let me know I'd you have any questions
Aug 17 01:44PM
mft915@emilyoq hi there thanks for stopping by my closet please feel free to ask any questions hope to hear from you xoxo 💗
Aug 17 09:33PM
emilyoq@mft915 Thank you 😊 sorry for blowing up your notifications. I just had to like everything! Haha! 👌💗
Aug 17 09:52PM
Aug 18 10:06AM
mft915@mermaidsongs ?
Aug 18 10:31PM
mermaidsongsI just mean it's so pretty haha
Aug 18 10:32PM
mft915@mermaidsongs awh thank you so much how's everything going this evening
Aug 18 10:34PM
mermaidsongsIt's okay, I had kind of a bummer of a weekend. How are you?
Aug 18 10:37PM
mft915@mermaidsongs awh why Hun what happened mine was ok nice weather
Aug 18 10:39PM
mermaidsongsYes the weather was gorgeous! Friday was just terrible. I was stuck in traffic for an hour and a half and a woman rear ended me. I was on my way to a John Mayer concert in Connecticut. When I got there my bag with my wallet was stolen when I accidentally left it in a bathroom stall for less than two minutes. My license, credit card, cash, etc are all gone. I'm hoping no one uses my ID to buy alcohol illegally. I told the police but they dismissed it, probably because of my age. I ended up having to sleep in a parking lot of a grocery store because my phone died so I couldn't reach my friends to find them (I'm from Massachusetts and don't know CT). I left at 6 am so I wouldn't look suspicious sleeping in my car. I've had terrible whiplash since the accident and can't move my head much. But all of that is situational and soon it will be in the past. I'm going to get a new license today and I cancelled my credit card. I'm trying to make baby steps to get back! So sorry for the long rant, it's just so nice to have someone ask how I am that I was caught off guard! And don't worry I'm fine!
Aug 18 10:50PM
mft915@mermaidsongs wow dear you sure have had a crazy weekend hopefully things will move forward my thoughts are with you Hun I lost my wallet it's such a pain alone but all the other incidents my gosh you need some r and r
Aug 18 11:01PM
mermaidsongsIt's okay! Ill bounce back. Are you doing good lately?
Aug 19 03:44AM
mermaidsongsBut thank you! I really appreciate it. Sorry I'm not looking for pity or anything I just wanted to vent, feel free to do the same!
Aug 19 03:46AM
mft915@mermaidsongs thank you Hun and I am glad I was able to help too sometimes we just need to blurt it out I sure do a lot of times in my situation I have to vent sometimes or I'd go crazy lol p.s why don't we email whAts yours
Aug 19 06:40PM
mft915@lilacrose hi would you be interested in this Kate spade
Aug 19 09:50PM
Aug 19 11:48PM
mft915@playcat3 would you like to make offer in this bag
Aug 20 06:08PM
mft915@pursenut hi love do you like this handbag bc since you've been a repeat customer I'd give you a deal on it it's a real beauty
Aug 22 01:05PM
pursenutThanks, but this one doesn't do anything for me! Looks too dressy! So I'll pass! But I do love most of her things. Have a great weekend!!
Aug 23 04:15AM
mft915@badz16 hi there thank you for stopping in my closets and for all the wonderful posh love please feel free to ask questions and make reasonable offers xoxo 💗💗💗💗
Aug 23 09:15PM
badz16will do.. ur clset is lovely
Aug 23 09:18PM
mft915@badz16 thank you so much
Aug 23 09:29PM
mft915@epctaurus hiya thanks for stopping by my closet let me know if you have questions on anything have a great night 💋💓💟
Aug 24 04:58PM
mft915@pilarellis hiya just happen to see earlier that you were looking for Kate spade purse in other than black thought you'd like this let me know and I also have others have a look and a great long weekend!!! 💗💗
Aug 31 08:31PM
mft915@vickie1 hi there please let me know if you have any questions about the bag and thanks for checking out my closet doll 💓💓
Sep 02 09:51PM
Sep 08 06:07PM
Oct 04 01:55AM
juliathomas13Do you ever trade?
Oct 16 11:25PM
janicegwCongratulations on your FABULOUS Host Pick at tonight's Bold & Beautiful Party! ❤️🌹🎁
Jan 13 08:20PM
cody7150Congratulations 👏👏👏🎉🎉💃💃😘😉👯😉😘💃💃🎉🎉👏👏👏 Your fabulous item was chosen by one of tonight's Bold & Beautiful party Co-hosts as a Host Pick!!!!
Jan 13 08:24PM
mands13Congratulations on your host pick! <3
Jan 13 08:45PM
splendeur🎉🎈💃 CONGRATS ON YOUR HP!!! 💃🎈🎉
Jan 13 11:24PM
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