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AUTHENTIC Tory Burch Large Elle Tote!

This beautiful canvas like large Elle Tote is the perfect summer piece! Large enough to carry EVERYTHING! Could be used as a beach bag as well! Totally versatile! Used ONCE!!
Seller Discount: 10% off 2+ Bundle
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
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styliskris@alisonmsmith thanx for the like and share💗💗
Jul 12 09:19PM
styliskris@splendeur om goodness.. Thanx so much for the like and shares💕💕💕💕
Jul 14 09:45AM
splendeurHappy to share though I want this for myself! Lol!!! 💓
Jul 14 09:46AM
styliskris@splendeur lol thanx! I bought it and I just think its too big for me.. Don't think I'll use it so I put it up in my closet to see if anyone is in love with it😊
Jul 14 09:48AM
splendeurHow big is it bc I've got a big one too but I love the colors on this one!!!
Jul 14 09:49AM
styliskris@splendeur it's 17in long 12in in height and 7in in width. You can fit EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING in this bag! It's like a suitcase LOL.. And that's why I bought it!!! Because of the colors!!!!!
Jul 14 09:53AM
styliskris@splendeur and I don't mind takin a little bit of a lose on it cuz I want the next size down so its ok. And like I said I used it once! Put a towel my iPad a speaker my wallet my keys a magazine a water and still could have put a lot more in it! I absolutely love it but really have no use for it
Jul 14 09:55AM
splendeurThat's the same size as mine and yes, you can fit the kitchen sink in there!
Jul 14 09:56AM
styliskris@splendeur omg so you know!!!!! I just didn't want you thinking it was small by any means LOL
Jul 14 09:56AM
styliskrisI do love it so secretly I'm kinda hoping it doesn't go LOL
Jul 14 09:57AM
splendeurBut mine doesn't have the snap buttons on the side.. How much we're you thinking.. I'm afraid I won't use it either. I only use mine when I'm traveling long flights 😜
Jul 14 09:59AM
styliskris@splendeur exactly! My lowest would be $230 so I could take $15 off😊
Jul 14 10:04AM
splendeurSo difficult to decide... I'm going to just have to stare at it in your closet for now 😣
Jul 14 10:07AM
styliskris@splendeur lmao!!! I will decide for you.. No.. You have one already😊😊 refrain LOL
Jul 14 10:11AM
splendeurI know.. But I could get this and sell the other... Heck, they would both sit in the closet anyway... Ahhhhhh!!! Lol
Jul 14 10:12AM
styliskris@splendeur omg now you sound like me!!! We can rationalize anything!! Hahaha!! Stop it.. walk away LOL. Just admire lol
Jul 14 10:15AM
styliskris@bohemiia thanx so much for the like😊
Jul 14 08:12PM
styliskris@edithed thanx for the like😊
Jul 17 07:56PM
silviaclineWhat's the material on this? Is it the same nylon as the black Ella bags?
Jul 17 09:15PM
styliskris@silviacline sorry to answer so late but I went to sleep lol.. And yes it it!
Jul 18 05:34AM
silviaclineI read that you're looking to downsize a bag. I have a jet set Michael kors that I could trade you for this? I don't have it listed, I would only get rid of it for another MK or Tory Burch
Jul 18 06:43AM
styliskris@silviacline aww thanx for thinking of me but I don't trade. I appreciate it though😊
Jul 18 06:54AM
splendeurStill want!!! Ahhhh! Lol!! Must sell sell sell!!! Lol! 😜
Jul 18 07:32AM
styliskris@splendeur haha you crack me up😘
Jul 18 09:04AM
styliskris@mreese1292 thanx so much for the like😊
Jul 18 11:17AM
styliskris@seasew total back to school piece for that college student! It can hold everything n I'm talking EVERYTHING! LOL
Jul 19 02:56PM
Jul 19 02:58PM
styliskris@seasew thanx so much doll!!💗💗
Jul 19 04:16PM
styliskris@serehnity yay thanx for the host pick love!!😊😊🎉🎉😊😊💗
Jul 19 07:53PM
styliskris@ecmcginnis thanx so much for the like💗
Jul 20 06:59AM
styliskris@eliana24 thanx so much for the like😊
Jul 20 08:22AM
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Jul 20 08:50AM
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Jul 22 05:40PM
styliskris@mrsjalbert thanx for the like😊
Jul 22 06:40PM
styliskris@snowboard1818 thanx so much for the like😊
Jul 24 09:31PM
styliskris@reneem626 thanx so much for the like💗
Jul 25 09:40AM
styliskris@swanhhdjj thanx for the like😊
Jul 28 03:48PM
styliskris@tevavold thanx so much for the like💗
Jul 28 09:13PM
styliskris@mindyr0se thanx so much for the like💗
Jul 29 09:27AM
swanhhdjjDo you bundle & discount? I like this, the wrap ring & the black bracelet with single on it.
Jul 29 10:37AM
styliskris@swanhhdjj I sure do love. I do 15% off bundles. Just like the items your interested so I know exactly what pieces n ill come up with a price for u n if it works for u ill put it together for u 😊
Jul 29 10:40AM
swanhhdjjI liked the items I am interested in. How much would it cost?
Jul 29 10:58AM
styliskris@swanhhdjj just the 2 jewelry pieces?
Jul 29 11:04AM
styliskris@swanhhdjj it would've $25 for the necklace n bracelet💗
Jul 29 11:06AM
swanhhdjjThe jewelry & the tori birch bag please
Jul 29 11:16AM
styliskris@swanhhdjj ok I wasn't sure about the bag.. Give me a sec..
Jul 29 11:32AM
styliskris@swanhhdjj I normally do 15% off jewelry bundles but I will do everything for $240. So basically your getting the necklace n bracelet for free😊
Jul 29 11:39AM
swanhhdjjI get paid tomorrow so I will think about it tonight.
Jul 29 11:45AM
styliskris@swanhhdjj no problem love😘
Jul 29 11:47AM
styliskris@swanhhdjj thanx for the like💗
Jul 31 07:12PM
styliskris@emilyjane822 thanx so much for the likes💗💗 interested in any thing just holla😊😊
Aug 04 11:02AM
styliskris@swilliams22422 thanx for the like n share💕
Aug 05 01:58PM
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Aug 06 06:24PM
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Aug 07 07:58PM
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Aug 07 08:30PM
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Aug 07 08:37PM
styliskris@slwrob1151 thanx so much for the like💗
Aug 08 08:30AM
styliskris@gio718 thanx for the like💗
Aug 08 11:31AM
styliskris@carrie551 thanx for the like💗
Aug 08 11:56AM
styliskris@kbarbie21 thanx for the like😊
Aug 08 05:55PM
styliskris@crazysexycooler thanx for the like!
Aug 09 07:09AM
styliskris@mcastleman thanx for the like💗
Aug 09 07:09AM
styliskris@angelamac7 thanx for the like n share💗
Aug 09 01:43PM
angelamac7@stylistblake I love this! My tory totes are my fav! I tried to tag you in a pair of NIB Gucci Pumps in my closet that are ladylike & luxe but it won't let me! Not sure why that happens to me a lot.
Aug 09 01:49PM
styliskris@angelamac7 awww thanx! I'll check out your closet😘
Aug 09 02:20PM
styliskris@wrightkelsey9 thanx for the like😊
Aug 09 04:23PM
ccargo❤the colors in this bag!
Aug 09 08:56PM
styliskris@ccargo that's why I bought it!! But it's too big for me. I don't see myself using it much lol
Aug 09 08:57PM
ccargoI see I'm not alone in the way I shop! Thank goodness for Poshmark! 😜
Aug 09 08:59PM
styliskris@ccargo haha not at all!!!
Aug 09 09:00PM
styliskris@shandog726 thanx for the like😊
Aug 09 09:03PM
styliskris@missyz thanx so much for the like💗
Aug 12 07:05AM
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Aug 14 06:47PM
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Aug 14 09:25PM
styliskris@essiemuffin thanx for the like😊
Aug 16 05:06PM
finchen@styliskris 💕
Aug 17 12:51PM
mauishopgirl💚💚 the colors !!!
Aug 17 08:07PM
shoogal82Shared💕 Thanks so much again. You were so generous in sharing my things 😘💕
Aug 17 09:09PM
styliskris@omtarry thanx so much for the like😊
Aug 18 11:35AM
Aug 18 04:12PM
Aug 19 01:28PM
styliskris@badz16 thanx love😘
Aug 19 01:33PM
styliskris@elisamonice84 thanx so much for the like💗
Aug 20 10:20AM
styliskris@gabi2636 thanx for the like😊
Aug 20 04:47PM
styliskris@jsloan2012 thanx for the like😊
Aug 20 07:44PM
inanciDo u trade???
Aug 21 01:42PM
styliskris@inanci thanx for the like and I'm sorry I don't trade
Aug 21 02:17PM
inanciAhh ok! Dying to have this but going on vacay. No $$$
Aug 21 02:18PM
styliskris@inanci aww I hear ya! Have a great vaca.. Not to be a bummer but this bag is perfect for a vaca LOL.. It's very large😊
Aug 21 03:03PM
inanciI know!!! Would u make an exception for trading? I have great trading history and I go on vacation this coming Monday. 😇
Aug 21 03:04PM
styliskris@inanci I completely understand but I don't fell comfortable trading and besides Posh doesn't really allow trading😢 I'm truly sorry
Aug 21 03:06PM
inanciAh ok. It's not that they don't allow it I think, it's more like they won't do anything if something goes wrong. What they don't allow is outside poshmark transactions. Posh will ban you from posh if u do any of that.
Aug 21 03:10PM
styliskris@inanci yes I knew about outside transactions.. Have a great vaca😊
Aug 21 04:30PM
styliskris@jlboutique thanx for the like😘
Aug 21 07:10PM
styliskris@danyesta thanx for the like😊
Aug 21 07:16PM
Aug 22 01:05AM
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Aug 22 10:20AM
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Aug 22 03:34PM
Aug 22 03:51PM
manymurraysHost Pick!🎉🎉🎉💃💃💃CONGRATS!!!👏👏👏💐💐💐
Aug 23 08:56PM
styliskrisOh yeah!!!!!!thanx @manymurrays for letting me know😘😘😘
Aug 23 09:05PM
badz16yay!! HOST PICK.. congrats
Aug 23 09:06PM
styliskris@badz16 thank you!!!!!!!😘😘😘
Aug 23 09:06PM
styliskris@camposcc thank you!!!!!!
Aug 23 09:08PM
badz16welcome..happy for you..HAPPY POSHMARKING!
Aug 23 09:13PM
sassyhill1224Whoot-whoot HP!!!!!
Aug 23 10:18PM
shoogal82It's so cute! Congrats on the Host Pick!
Aug 24 07:56AM
styliskris@shoogal82 thank you love!!😘
Aug 24 08:03AM
Aug 24 08:12AM
styliskris@kmully thanx for the like😊
Aug 24 08:33AM
styliskris@thewicked thanx for the liken share😊
Aug 24 09:03AM
Aug 24 07:32PM
badz16👠👠👣👣👍❤❤ Happy Poshmarking 🎉🎉
Aug 24 07:51PM
styliskris@eriiickaaa thanx for the like😊
Aug 26 07:03AM
Aug 26 04:49PM
Aug 26 06:33PM
styliskris@jumpsquat thanx for the like💕
Aug 26 08:43PM
jumpsquatSO cute!! But admiring for now :(
Aug 26 08:45PM
styliskris@jumpsquat thanx so much!!!😘😘
Aug 26 08:45PM
styliskris@greatday2save thanx so much for the like n share😘
Aug 26 09:25PM
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Aug 26 09:36PM
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Aug 29 08:01PM
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Aug 30 10:58AM
ginger71👣Beyond gorgeous!!!
Aug 30 10:58AM
styliskris@ginger71 thanx!!! I just really have no use for it and I don't want it just laying around collecting dust 😢
Aug 30 11:00AM
shoogal82Shared 🍭🍫🍬
Aug 30 08:12PM
Aug 31 04:10PM
Sep 01 12:12PM
Sep 01 07:25PM
shoogal82Shared 🍭🍫🍪🍰🍦
Sep 02 07:14AM
styliskris@lovablezippo thanx so much for the like😊
Sep 02 07:35AM
Sep 02 09:14AM
styliskris@brandeelsmith thanx so much for the like😊
Sep 02 12:15PM
brandeelsmithOf course! You have an amazing closet!
Sep 02 12:18PM
styliskris@brandeelsmith thanx so much! I take pride in my treasures😊
Sep 02 12:19PM
styliskris@misssadie thanx for the like😊
Sep 02 08:26PM
styliskris@alexaandlauren thanx for the like😊
Sep 03 07:44AM
Sep 03 10:26AM
Sep 03 10:44AM
Sep 03 01:09PM
jewishhippieHi there! Would you be interested in a trade for a bundle from my closet that could include a piece or two of custom jewelry? I've been looking all over for a bag like this! I'm a jewelry artist and I only use genuine stones and sterling silver/14k gold! I also make children's jewelry ;)
Sep 04 02:47AM
styliskris@al1027 thanx for the like😊
Sep 04 05:35AM
styliskris@jewishhippie thanx for the offer but I don't trade
Sep 04 05:36AM
Sep 04 06:04AM
Sep 04 06:25AM
Sep 04 10:14AM
Sep 05 09:14AM
styliskris@ohemmadeer thanx for the like😊
Sep 05 12:24PM
ohemmadeer@styliskris Oh, you're most welcome! It's a gorgeous bag 😍
Sep 05 12:29PM
styliskris@ohemmadeer 😘😘
Sep 05 12:57PM
styliskris@jojomurph thanx for the like😊
Sep 06 06:23AM
Sep 06 02:25PM
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Sep 10 06:06AM
Sep 10 07:06AM
mahzah@styliskris trade?
Sep 10 08:21PM
styliskris@mahzah sorry I don't trade but thanx
Sep 10 08:22PM
styliskris@cpettoello thanx for the like😊
Sep 11 10:13AM
Sep 11 10:43AM
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puddpudd0@styliskris 🍎
Sep 12 10:40AM
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Sep 13 10:01AM
splendeurHurrah!!! 🎉🎉🎉HP🎉🎉 whoop whoop💁💁
Sep 13 07:58PM
splendeurStill love!!!! Ahhhh!!!! Lol😜
Sep 13 07:59PM
styliskris@splendeur lol your too much! Thank you😘😘
Sep 13 08:01PM
Sep 14 07:01AM
Sep 14 07:35PM
Sep 15 07:52PM
Sep 16 08:05AM
chuchala99🎭 Shared today for you
Sep 16 11:07AM
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Sep 17 06:27AM
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mrskayShared to party
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Oct 04 12:21AM
badz16🐾🐾Haute Handbags Party🐾🐾
Oct 04 12:21PM
styliskris@badz16 thanx love for the shares😘😘
Oct 04 12:35PM
badz16Welcome kristee😍
Oct 04 12:37PM
styliskris@miss_brit2 thanx for the like😊
Oct 04 12:40PM
splendeurI think this is purposely at the top to tease me 😜😁💖
Oct 04 07:21PM
Oct 04 07:22PM
styliskris@splendeur hahahahaha!!!!!! Girl.. No! You don't need it lmao!!
Oct 04 07:23PM
splendeurThat's not what the voices in my head says when I see it while sharing your closet!!! 😜
Oct 04 07:24PM
styliskris@splendeur girl we all hear voices when were shopping lol.. It's seriously a sickness lol
Oct 04 07:26PM
splendeurThis is true.. But I think this bag is whispering to me.. Just me. Lol!!! 😝
Oct 04 07:28PM
styliskris@splendeur lol.. Your too much!!!! 😘😘
Oct 04 07:30PM
Oct 04 11:02PM
styliskris@toimellott thanx for the like😊
Oct 05 06:55AM
toimellott@styliskris just adding to my wish list. Super cute!
Oct 05 01:39PM
styliskris@toimellott thanx so much!
Oct 05 02:34PM
styliskris@tressibles thanx for the like😊
Oct 05 06:05PM
Oct 05 07:54PM
Oct 06 03:02AM
shoogal82🌳.............🌲.........🏡................🚗 SHARED
Oct 07 08:01PM
Oct 08 10:26AM
Oct 08 08:47PM
candice_rittershared October 9th 🙋
Oct 09 03:49PM
Oct 10 04:28AM
styliskris@kmgj11 thanx for the like😊
Oct 10 06:35PM
styliskris@lolabella6 thanx for the like😊
Oct 10 07:46PM
lolabella6No problem! It's a gorgeous bag!
Oct 10 07:48PM
styliskris@lolabella6 thanx so much!!
Oct 10 07:49PM
styliskris@kateface thanx for the like😊
Oct 10 07:49PM
Oct 10 10:05PM
styliskris@jeafon thanx for the like😊
Oct 11 06:02AM
styliskris@aepullin72 thanx for the like😊
Oct 11 05:10PM
finchen@styliskris : is it showing that I shared? I'm still so suspicious, lol!
Oct 11 07:31PM
styliskris@finchen yes ma'am it's showing!!😘😘💗💗
Oct 11 07:34PM
finchen@styliskris : I almost just choked on my'am?? Gosh, you make me feel old!! I'm 34, that means I'm still teenager, kind of!
Oct 11 07:36PM
styliskris@finchen hahahahaha I'm 33!!! Right there whicha lol.. I didn't mean for it to sound old lol
Oct 11 07:38PM
jamie5315So in ❤️love❤️ with this! I'm going to Mexico next month and it would be perfect for the airport!
Oct 13 09:05AM
styliskris@jamie5315 aww thanx! Yes it would make an excellent carry on! Totally agree! Wish I was going to Mexico lol
Oct 13 09:06AM
styliskris@andine thanx for the like😊
Oct 17 05:00AM
candice_ritterShared October 17th🎃
Oct 17 09:36AM
tinatedHeels click on asphalt; a cool breeze catches one's hair -- fall fashion abounds. This Weekend Wear Haiku is for you, one of my host picks!
Oct 18 08:40PM
janicegwCongratulations on your Host Pick tonight!❤️🌹
Oct 18 08:40PM
Oct 18 08:42PM
vacatCongrats on HP 👏👏👏💃💃🐾
Oct 18 08:49PM
Oct 18 09:15PM
splendeurAnother... This has to be the 20th item that I saved to share at the party on Monday but am happy that it got an early recognition!!! Congrats on your 🎉🎊🎈 HP 🎈🎊🎉 tonight!!! Shared 💕 and then some!!!!
Oct 18 09:25PM
abbylowery1229Congrats on your HP tonight!!! 🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏
Oct 18 11:07PM
styliskris@splendeur thank you soooooo much!!! I've been MIA last night and today cuz my daughter had a cheer competition today. Been up since 445 this morning! I'm the head coach of the team so now I'm trying to play catch up on here LOL
Oct 19 11:31AM
styliskris@tinated thank you so much girl!!! Playing catch up ought now cuz I was up at 445 this am getting ready for our cheer competition
Oct 19 11:32AM
styliskris@ccargo thanx for the like! Love your new bag btw!!
Oct 19 05:12PM
khkdomerHOST PICK!! 👏🎉🎉🎉 Woohoo!!!!
Oct 19 05:22PM
Oct 19 09:14PM
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Nov 04 08:35PM
noy2312@styliskris shared your closet in IG!
Nov 05 11:18AM
styliskris@noy2312 awww thanx so much!!!! I wouldn't even know how to do that LOL.. I'm so bad with technology lol
Nov 05 11:20AM
noy2312@styliskris do you have an IG account. If you don't start one. Another way to advertise your closet.
Nov 05 11:21AM
styliskris@noy2312 I do have one! Look me up so I can follow u!! Styliskris
Nov 05 11:22AM
noy2312@styliskris I requested to follow you! Lol
Nov 05 11:34AM
styliskris@noy2312 got it!!!!! Followed back!!
Nov 05 11:39AM
noy2312@styliskris if you want to share your items in IG, just click share And you will your choices there. It's easy! Try it!
Nov 05 11:43AM
styliskris@noy2312 thanx so much!
Nov 05 11:45AM
sayeste@styliskris Congratulations! I have selected your listing as one of my “Host Picks” for the “Simply Stylish” Party on 11/8/13!
Nov 08 07:28PM
janicegwCongratulations on your awesome Host Pick at tonight's Simply Stylish Party! Yeahhhhh!❤️🌹🎁
Nov 08 07:29PM
pamelam🎊🎈🎉YIPEE!!! 🎊🎈🎉CONGRATULATIONS 🎊🎈🎉ON HOST PICK!!!🎊🎈🎉👏👏👏👏👏🎊🎈🎉🎊🎈🎉
Nov 08 07:46PM
lovelm💖Congrats on Host Pick!💖
Nov 08 08:02PM
sakshi9984 Congrats on your Host Pick 
Nov 08 08:34PM
styliskris@kseniasles thanx for the like😊
Nov 08 09:22PM
styliskris@cierralindsey thanx for the like😊
Nov 09 01:29PM
styliskris@soworld thanx for the like😊
Nov 11 08:39AM
soworldYour welcome
Nov 11 08:46AM
styliskris@ametter23 thanx for the like😊
Nov 12 04:43AM
styliskris@amynalexis thanx for the like😊
Nov 12 11:53AM
styliskris@chrissypanda thanx for the like😊
Nov 13 08:35PM
styliskris@hairbowmom7 thanx for the like😊
Nov 17 08:51PM
oliviaraeann@styliskris Congratulations! I've chosen this awesome piece as a Host Pick for the Classic, Preppy, & Glam party on 11/20/13!!
Nov 20 07:17PM
getluckyvocalscongrats on HP for tonight girl! 🙌🙌💕💕🎉🎉🎉🎉
Nov 20 07:17PM
melodicmistress🎉🎉 CLASSIC, PREPPY & GLAM🎉🎉. YES, YES, YES😆😆🎉. CONGRATS 💕🎈
Nov 20 07:17PM
tammyk289✨💞✨Congratulations on your Party Host Pick tonight‼️✨💞✨
Nov 20 07:18PM
73v3n❤❤yay congrats on your super Fab"HP" =)❤❤
Nov 20 07:18PM
janicegwCongratulations on your magnificent Host Pick at tonight's Classic, Preppy & Glam Party! Yaaaahhhhh!!!!!❤️🌹🎁
Nov 20 07:18PM
styliskris@oliviaraeann thank you so much!!
Nov 20 07:18PM
kdevoneIn love with this HOST PICK! ❤️❤️
Nov 20 07:18PM
classyvintage💃💃Host Pick💃💃
Nov 20 07:19PM
Nov 20 07:19PM
sdshopper💃💃Congrats on your HP!!! Awesome!!✨💃
Nov 20 07:19PM
styliskris@kdevone thanx😘😘
Nov 20 07:19PM
nmatison⭐⭐⭐HOST PICK!⭐⭐⭐ congrats!
Nov 20 07:20PM
loveashcash!!!Congrats on Host Pick!!!
Nov 20 07:21PM
katralvinCongrats 🎉🎉💃🎉🎉
Nov 20 07:21PM
jessicacampbellCongratulations on your wonderful HP tonight!!💃💃🎉🎉👏👏💐💐
Nov 20 07:21PM
stephanyyCongrats on HP!🎉💕
Nov 20 07:22PM
Nov 20 07:24PM
ginger71Yay!!!! Congrats on a beautiful host pick!!!🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏💕💕💕💕💕
Nov 20 07:37PM
styliskris@kpfabulous thanx for the like😊
Nov 20 07:41PM
classicpatty@styliskris Congratulations on your Host Pick dear! 🎉🎈🎉🎈🎉
Nov 20 07:57PM
pamelam👍✨💥👍WHOOP👍✨💥👍WHOOP👍✨💥👍WHOOP👍✨💥👍CONGRATULATIONS on getting 🎉🎈🎊HOST PICK!!!!🎉🎈🎊
Nov 20 10:12PM
mommy2007@styliskris Congratulations on your Host Pick!
Nov 20 10:54PM
thevelvetrobynCongrats on your HP for last nights Classic, Preppy & Glam Party🎉👍🎉👍🎉👍Woohoo💝💘💕fantasic😍💖😍
Nov 21 08:02AM
styliskris@sostaycee thanx for the like😊
Nov 27 02:39PM
styliskris@jennicarp thanx for the like😊
Dec 09 12:29PM
styliskris@lilfairladyz thanx for the like😊
Dec 13 01:22PM
Dec 14 03:34PM
styliskris@dal_yeah thanx for the like😊
Dec 30 10:13PM
flygirl1011TRADE FOR ANYTHING IN MY CLOSET? 😍 OR ANYTHING U LOOKING FOR. ? I'm sure I have it 💝💝💝💝
Jan 02 01:17PM
styliskris@flygirl1011 no thank you.. I don't trade
Jan 02 02:34PM
flygirl1011Okay😊 that's ur lowest price ? 245?
Jan 02 02:35PM
styliskris@flygirl1011 the absolute lowest would be $240
Jan 02 02:38PM
styliskris@liamsmomjackson thanx for the like😊
Jan 03 11:26AM
styliskris@jaylyricprod thanx for the like😊
Jan 03 02:05PM
styliskris@jcraig_79 thanx for the like😊
Jan 03 03:30PM
styliskris@padams0210 thanx for the like😊
Jan 06 11:54AM
styliskris@alisonmsmith thanx for the like😊
Jan 09 06:05AM
styliskris@stylingrl57 thanx for the like😊
Jan 14 02:05PM
styliskris@brendaelizabeth thanx for the like😊
Jan 14 07:01PM
styliskris@olivebranch77 thanx for the like😊
Jan 15 04:52AM
styliskris@crystalfmusic thanx for the like😊
Jan 15 04:52AM
styliskris@krissycirillo thanx for the like💗
Jan 15 04:53AM
styliskris@jjindigogirl9 thanx for the like💗
Jan 15 04:58AM
brendaelizabethYou're welcome!
Jan 15 10:05AM
styliskris@_igot5iveonit thanx for the like😊
Jan 18 03:23PM
cynt520Trade? Checkout my designer items!
Jan 22 06:25AM
styliskris@cynt520 sorry I don't trade
Jan 22 06:26AM
flygirl1011What's your lowest?!
Jan 25 01:35PM
styliskris@flygirl1011 I could do $240
Jan 25 01:38PM
styliskris@melanie_nicole thanx for the like😊
Jan 28 12:26PM
styliskris@azmomto3girls thanx for the like😊
Feb 12 06:07PM
styliskris@ladyboss28 thanx for the like😊
Feb 17 11:08AM
styliskris@grettyboo thanx for the like💗
Feb 17 12:04PM
azmomto3girls🎉❤️💙 Currently stylish for every week, this item is definitely "City Chic" Congrats I've chosen your item as a Host Pick for tonight's Party! 🎉❤️💙
Feb 18 08:30PM
tara_picksCongratulations on your beautiful host pick!!❤️🎉
Feb 18 08:31PM
girl_73Congratulations ‼️😃 your listing is a HostPick 💟 CITY CHIC 🌃
Feb 18 08:32PM
cmhowaldCongrats on Host Pick! 👏👏👏 You rock it! 💥🚀🎸🎵
Feb 18 08:32PM
tayresa83🎈🎈Congratulations!! Such a 💋City Chic💁Host Pick!!👏
Feb 18 08:36PM
nikongirlrocksCongratulations on your ***City Chic Host Pick!!***
Feb 18 09:54PM
mrsdiva703WOW! This is HOT! City Chic all the way! Congrats on this FAB host pick! (Round of Applause) to you!
Feb 18 10:18PM
styliskris@azmomto3girls thank you so much for the HP!!💗💗
Feb 19 04:19AM
styliskrisThank you ladies!!😘😘
Feb 19 04:20AM
styliskris@libelula1952 thanx for the like😊
Feb 21 05:48AM
Feb 22 08:31PM
styliskris@rachelalee thanx for the like😊
Feb 22 08:31PM
ex_globetrotterBold and beautiful indeed!!! Congrats on your HP!!! 🎉💃💥💃🎉
Feb 22 08:34PM
styliskris@missbertina thanx for the HP!!
Feb 22 08:35PM
Feb 22 08:36PM
pmgr22@styliskris Congratulations on your ✨ Bold and Beautiful Host Pick! 🎉 Lovely! 🎉🎉👏👏👏👏👏👉💃💃💃👈🎉
Feb 22 08:40PM
scootersbabepretty!! congrats
Feb 22 08:43PM
cmhowald💋💎congrats on your host pick!!!💎💋
Feb 22 08:47PM
lhoude👏👏👏CONGRATS on your HOST PICK!!!👏👏👏👏I hope it sells!!🎉🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏
Feb 22 09:14PM
styliskris@sweetpsc thanx for the like😊
Feb 23 12:53PM
styliskris@dkris22 thanx for the like😊
Feb 27 06:32PM
styliskris@ayjh29 thanx for the like😊
Feb 28 08:34PM
styliskris@i_am_aya thanx for the like😊
Mar 01 06:36PM
styliskris@catherinec213 thanx for the like😊
Mar 01 06:36PM
veroycaza3$ 100??
Mar 03 12:38PM
styliskris@veroycaza3 wow.. That's just way way too low but thanx for the offer
Mar 03 12:39PM
styliskris@xsrizr thanx for the like😊
Mar 03 01:22PM
styliskris@cecflores thanx for the like💗
Mar 07 09:11PM
styliskris@chaynes2004 thanx for the like😊
Mar 14 10:04AM
styliskris@ladynyg thanx for the like😊
Mar 15 08:19AM
hawaiiangirlLove your closet!
Mar 15 04:20PM
styliskris@hawaiiangirl thank u so much!!
Mar 15 06:24PM
styliskris@swoods2009 thanx for the like😊
Mar 17 10:37AM
jimsprincessCongrats on your host pick!
Mar 21 07:49PM
little_bit_hp👏👏👏👏🎉🎉🎉🎉 congrats on your HP 🍷🍷
Mar 21 07:50PM
dmallyx✨🎀so flirty! Congrats on your HP! 🎀✨
Mar 21 08:12PM
lhoude👏👏congrats on your Host Pick!!👏👏 I hope it sells. So excited for you, let's PARTY!!👏👏
Mar 21 08:47PM
Mar 21 11:05PM
ball_mom🎀🎀🎀Every girl wants to turn heads, and this awesome host pick will help get the job done. Congrats! 🎀🎀🎀
Mar 22 06:15AM
styliskris@ccargo thanx u so much for the HP!! Love u ladies!!💗💗👏👏
Mar 22 10:42AM
ccargo@styliskris You're welcome! 💕
Mar 22 10:59AM
fashionmod😍😍love ur closet! Check mine out do u have any prom dresses? 😍
Mar 22 11:17AM
styliskris@fashionmod aww thanx so much! The only dressy dress I believe I have is a pink beaded one in my closet
Mar 22 11:19AM
fashionmod😍thanks so much
Mar 22 11:20AM
styliskris@meggieboo62 thanx for the like😊
Mar 28 09:48AM
styliskris@jguinn82 thanx for the like💗
Mar 28 11:37AM
styliskris@madilu thanx for the like😊
Apr 09 04:37AM
styliskris@cwcarly thanx for the like😊
Apr 09 04:25PM
styliskris@juarezchloe thanx for the like😊
Apr 11 02:50PM
styliskris@meredith0709 thanx for the like😊
Apr 12 07:05AM
styliskris@hmanders thanx for the like😊
Apr 13 06:31AM
styliskris@lotsoflo5 thanx so much!
Apr 17 03:37PM
styliskris@chandler_m_b thanx for the like💗
Apr 20 08:47PM
emmaogden09Lowest price you can sell?
Apr 22 12:55PM
styliskris@emmaogden09 the lowest I could go would be $240
Apr 22 05:22PM
styliskris@lisawldr thanx for the like💗
Apr 22 07:20PM
roseolCheck out my Kate spade bag, id love to trade Hun!
Apr 22 07:21PM
styliskris@roseol sorry love but I don't trade
Apr 22 07:21PM
roseolDawww I love this! I am trustworthy. I would never do bad things.
Apr 22 07:23PM
styliskris@roseol I understand that but I'm sorry I don't trade💗
Apr 22 07:30PM
styliskris@chantydelauzzz thanx for the like😊
Apr 23 07:16AM
styliskris@stina13 thanx for the like😊
Apr 27 02:00PM
ellebee206Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn Orson Welles Congrats on your girly girl host pick! xo elle🎀
Apr 27 07:32PM
vainilla Congrats on your Beautiful Girly Girl HOST PICK!  Cheers!  Shared 
Apr 27 07:33PM
trendygCongrats on your girly host pick!!!🎉🎉🎉👠👠👠🎈🎈🎈
Apr 27 07:33PM
dramaless👏👏👏Congrats on your Girly Girl HP!🍷🎉😘👍💟💃💖👯🌻
Apr 27 07:37PM
endersd@styliskris Congratulations on your Fabulous Host Pick! 💞
Apr 27 07:37PM
ginap7777Congratulations on your beautiful host pick!!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Apr 27 07:38PM
styliskris@ellebee206 thank u so much for the hp!!💗💗
Apr 27 07:38PM
splendeur🎊🎈🎉💁 CONGRATS on your HP!! 💁🎉🎈🎊
Apr 27 07:47PM
pandenguin🎉Congrats on your HP for tonight's Girly Girl party! 😄💕🎉
Apr 27 07:51PM
ex_globetrotterTruly a girly girls friend!!! Congrats on your beautiful host pick!!! 😊👭👒👗🌸💐🎉
Apr 27 08:09PM
mluvYay for your stunning host pick!
Apr 27 08:40PM
ecinelle@styliskris trade?
May 02 05:52PM
styliskris@sthorne34 thanx for the like💗
May 18 07:13AM
styliskris@drs1943 thanx for the like😊
May 23 09:42AM
May 24 09:13PM
styliskris@tmher sorry I don't trade
May 25 06:34AM
styliskris@sayeste thanx for the like😊
May 27 02:26PM
styliskris@makenzielanae thanx for the like😊
May 29 06:59AM
styliskris@cmcaucci thanx for the like😊
May 31 08:31PM
styliskris@nurse_tiff thanx for the like😘
Jun 01 05:21PM
Jun 06 05:46PM
styliskris@dreshymia17 sorry I don't trade
Jun 06 05:57PM
styliskris@hlayton39 thanx girl the like😊
Jun 07 06:20AM
styliskris@illbeglammed thanx for the like😊
Jun 12 10:28AM
styliskris@jordankerri21 thanx for the like💗
Jun 12 10:29AM
styliskris@melissalaurennn thanx for the like😊
Jun 16 11:21AM
styliskris@madisonduran thanx for the like😊
Jun 16 02:59PM
styliskris@jramo27 thanx for the like💗
Jun 17 05:22AM
styliskris@oliviaradle thanx for the like😊
Jun 17 10:25AM
styliskris@kmmartinez thanx for the like😊
Jun 17 06:46PM
styliskris@reattasmith thanx for the like😊
Jun 18 09:26AM
Jun 19 01:20PM
styliskris@sweetjaded81 the lowest I can go is $225
Jun 19 01:34PM
styliskris@cvollmers14 thanx for the like😊
Jun 20 04:51AM
styliskris@danica106 thanx for the like😊
Jun 21 01:21PM
styliskris@ashleytu0829 thanx for the like😊
Jun 24 06:28AM
marivipitatrade ?
Jun 27 04:21PM
styliskris@novayvonne thanx for the like😊
Jun 28 07:19AM
cuteboots18Please ship fast I leave for vacation Friday
Jun 30 04:10PM
styliskris@cuteboots18 OMG of course!! I will ship it in the am!!!!!!! Thanx so much and have a fantastic vacay!!
Jun 30 07:50PM
styliskris@cuteboots18 all packaged and shipped! Enjoy love💗💗 she's a great bag!
Jul 01 06:59AM
styliskris@cuteboots18 I'm so glad the bag got to you on time! Hope you enjoy your vacay and your new bag! If you could can you please accept it. I wanted to make sure you got it on time and did a fast shipment. Enjoy!
Jul 03 08:52PM
cuteboots18Hi... I can't believe I received the bag Wednesday, 2 days WOW your fabulous but I'm in disney world and will accept when I get home is that okay
Jul 05 08:10AM
styliskris@cuteboots18 I'm so glad I got it to you on time! I ran around like crazy cuz I know you said you were going away and you wanted it for vacay! Enjoy your vacay and I'm so happy you get to enjoy the bag!
Jul 05 08:16AM

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