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J Brand Jeans

🔹Light grey tie dye wash 🔹Holes and distressing 🔹Pencil leg fit
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steffy_fashion@kcamacho hi there! Lmk if you have any questions. And I can give you a discount on a bundle. Looking for anything special?
Jul 13 09:08AM
steffy_fashion@kenzypowell22 Hey girl! Thanks for checking out my closet and liking these jeans 👍! They are so cute on. Any interest in taking them off my hands?
Jul 26 11:52PM
steffy_fashion@aipparel @invaderzimgir @_ilovecase @heathereve20 @look12 just lowered the price! These are great for Fall and giving a 🆓 gift with purchase!
Aug 27 11:27AM
jordyl13I've never bought anything on here. Is it legit?
Sep 10 09:52AM
steffy_fashion@jordyl13 hey girl! It's totally legit. Also, if you buy an item and it doesn't match the description you can dispute it on PoshMark. I've sold many many things without complaints! Do you have any questions on these jeans?
Sep 10 09:56AM
jordyl13Yeah a 28? I'm not quite sure how big that is. I wear size 5-7
Sep 10 10:02AM
steffy_fashion@jordyl13 ya these would fit! They are 28 fits 5/7
Sep 10 10:05AM
jordyl13What size are the heels
Sep 10 11:35AM
steffy_fashion@jordyl13 they are 8.5 ! But I'm not selling those, just the tee and jeans
Sep 10 01:41PM
poelle@steffy_fashion do u have a better pic of the tshirt? And how the jeans look on? Thanks
Sep 10 08:55PM
steffy_fashion@jordyl13 do you have any other questions? I am sending some things out soon, I would love to send these to you !
Sep 12 08:22AM
sjm2010Can these be modeled?
Sep 12 12:20PM
steffy_fashion@koshevoy Hi girl! Thanks for liking the jeans. Do you have any questions? I'd love to sell these to you!
Sep 13 09:41PM
corley_katie@steffy_fashion what's the inseam on these?
Sep 20 04:29AM
caitlingioiosoThose boots!!! 😍🙊👢
Sep 22 06:29PM
steffy_fashion@fashionableeme Hey girl!!!! I wanted to tag you in these because they are awesome jeans that need to be worn by someone! Too big for me now. I would love a host pick for tomorrow's premium denim party. Thanks for considering ❌⭕
Sep 25 11:43PM
steffy_fashion@corley_katie sorry it took me awhile to get back to you! I was out of town! The inseam is 33 1/2". Does that work for you?
Sep 26 10:20AM
corley_katie@steffy_fashion aw, boo....no, I need 29 or 30 inseam for skinnies :-( thanks for your response, tho! They are super cute!
Sep 27 10:15AM
steffy_fashion@corley_katie no problem girl! But they are an easy fix.
Sep 27 10:29AM
jenangel89Love your closet!
Jan 12 09:14PM
steffy_fashion@jenangel89 thank you so much!!
Jan 14 10:45PM
steffy_fashion@siguah hey girl! Thanks for checking out this item! These are awesome pants. Let me know if you have any questions. Would love to sell these to you.
Jan 14 10:48PM