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🎉Jeffrey Campbell sandals

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🎉Jeffrey Campbell sandals

Unique and comfy! Authentic blue leather cut out sandals by Jeffrey Campbell. Worn only twice, these deserve someone who will give them some love! Laces up around the top of the foot and wedge is about 1 inch. The color in picture 3 is the most accurate. Runs true to size. 🌺PRICE IS FIRM unless bundled🌺no trades/PayPal.
Seller Discount: 10% off 2+ Bundle
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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gomezcorOmg I wish they were my size 😔
Jul 03 06:36AM
m_squared@gomezcor aww, sorry! Thanks for liking :)
Jul 04 02:07PM
tastytina_Low these what's the lowest you can go ???
Jul 20 01:01PM
m_squared@tastytina_ make me your best offer 😊
Jul 20 01:05PM
tastytina_These are your shoes doll not mine :)
Jul 20 01:06PM
m_squared@tastytina_ I don't like to post a price only to have a potential buyer back out. That's why I ask for a best offer. These are in pristine condition! 😍
Jul 20 01:08PM
tastytina_I know but 70 is to high for me I came back to see if they were still here let me know your honest price of Lowering , I don't want to insult you at all sweetie
Jul 20 01:10PM
m_squared@tastytina_ like I said in the item description, I'm not 100% sure I want to sell these, so your offer would have to be close to my original asking price. Regardless, thanks for your interest.
Jul 20 03:15PM
lmyliusI'm obsessed with these
Aug 03 02:18PM
m_squared@lmylius thanks, they are awesome! Let me know if you have any questions 😊
Aug 03 03:26PM
lmyliuscould I lower the price
Aug 03 03:38PM
m_squared@lmylius what's your offer?
Aug 03 04:02PM
Aug 03 06:47PM
lmyliusif that's too low I could go 40. I'm on a budget but I love these shoes☺😊
Aug 03 06:49PM
lmyliusI will wear them all the time every day to school these are absoulutley gorgeous!!!
Aug 03 06:52PM
m_squared@lmylius sorry but that is way too low for me. These are nearly brand new and I paid about $170.
Aug 03 07:01PM
lmyliuswhat about 50$
Aug 03 07:11PM
lmyliusno insult I'm just on a budget😊
Aug 03 07:12PM
m_squared@lmylius I understand being on a budget- but that is still too low. The best I could do is $60 if you wanted to bundle with something else from my closet.
Aug 03 07:51PM
lmyliuscould I meet with you at 55?
Aug 03 07:53PM
m_squared$65 individually, $60 if bundled is my final reduction.
Aug 03 08:09PM
lmyliusill take them for 60$
Aug 03 11:19PM
m_squared@lmylius $65 is firm if purchased individually. Let me know if this is acceptable and I will lower for you!
Aug 03 11:30PM
lmyliusare you paying for shipping?
Aug 04 12:30AM
m_squared@lmylius No, the purchaser pays for shipping. Because this item is over $25, you would pay $4.99 for posh mark's two day priority mail.
Aug 04 12:33AM
lmyliusso if I payed 65 + shipping I would pay 70 which is over my budget : ( but I really love these shoes! so it's impossible to go ANY lower?
Aug 04 12:35AM
m_squared@lmylius yeah, the price is firm. Sorry we couldn't make a deal!
Aug 04 10:35AM
lmyliusok ill take them for 65$
Aug 04 12:07PM
m_squared@lmylius ok great. If you purchase today I will ship them first thing tomorrow 👍
Aug 04 12:31PM
m_squared@lmylius hey there, just a friendly reminder that I don't hold items in my closet. No worries if you changed your mind, I just wanted to let you know 😊
Aug 05 11:28PM
lmyliusok! I still want them. l'll buy them tomorrow morning
Aug 05 11:30PM
tastytina_Can you do 60????
Aug 07 02:06AM
m_squared@tastytina_ price is firm. Thanks!
Aug 07 08:17AM
jmrivera28📚 Congratulations! 🎉 This item has been selected as a "Back to School" host pick at tonight's party!!! Yay! 👏😘
Aug 09 08:19PM
shoeicidesageI wasn't a host, but you got a Host Pick for 8/9! Congrats! 😁
Aug 09 09:28PM
m_squared@jmrivera28 thank you so much! I really appreciate it! 💕
Aug 09 09:45PM
m_squared@shoeicidesage thank you! 💙
Aug 09 09:46PM
jmrivera28Sure! Well deserved 😘
Aug 09 09:56PM
jmrivera28Sure! Well deserved 😘
Aug 09 11:17PM
camposccCONGRATS wow love these!!
Aug 10 01:40AM
m_squared@camposcc thanks so much! 😘
Aug 10 01:50AM
krisinatorLove your closet!!!😍😍😍
Aug 12 12:29AM
m_squaredThank you @krisinator! Thanks for the shares as well 💕👍
Aug 12 12:30AM
krisinatorYou're welcome!!!
Aug 12 12:31AM
daliak@m_squared hello! Usually Jeffrey Campbell runs really small like half to full size smaller. Are these truly a size 10? R u always 10 or sometimes 9.5?
Aug 14 11:43PM
m_squaredHi @daliak! I have noticed the same thing with JCs... I usually can't fit them for that exact reason. This sandal does not seem to run as small as some of his other ballet flat/heel styles, although I do typically wear a 9.5-10. I hope that helps 😊
Aug 15 12:01AM
daliak@m_squared thanks for the info!!
Aug 15 08:05AM
karovrI just fell in love with these sandals!! Too bad there are not my size :( When did you get them and do you know their name? I just want to look for them in other sites. Thanks!!
Aug 15 08:15AM
m_squared@karovr these are the Roller sandals. I bought them from Nordstrom a couple seasons ago. Hope that helps!
Aug 15 09:48AM
karovr@m_squared Great!! Thank you!!
Aug 16 07:53AM
Aug 18 01:00PM
lsonkenDo you trade?
Aug 22 09:54AM
m_squared@lsonken no, I do not trade.
Aug 22 09:55AM
badz16yay!! host pick!! congrats..
Aug 23 08:34PM
m_squared@badz16 thank you!!
Aug 23 09:39PM
shoogal82I love these! I'm a 9 and have it in an olive green color. Shared⏰
Aug 24 08:06AM
icecoffieVery cute!!!😃
Aug 25 05:23PM
elemenoAHHHH. I want. Just need to be three sizes bigger. I'm following you!
Aug 26 07:48PM
m_squared@elemeno aww, I wish these were your size, too! I really wanted to give these babies a new home for the summer! 😔 Thanks for following!
Aug 26 07:50PM
m_squared@tastytina_ if you're still interested, I've just reduced 😊
Aug 27 06:36PM
ltilleyWhy can't I be your size
Aug 29 09:55AM
besooo@m_squared I have Christina loubitouns that would fit u if your interested 😊
Aug 31 01:03PM
aintrona@m_squared what does the bottom of the shoe look like? I'm very interested in these.
Sep 02 07:12PM
m_squared@aintrona I just added a picture for you. Let me know if you have any additional questions 😊
Sep 03 10:06AM
jq8300@m_squared Congratulations on this beautiful Host Pick 🎉👏🎉👏🎉
Sep 14 07:36PM
m_squared@jq8300 thank you very much!! 🎉💕😄
Sep 14 10:03PM
ehmla@m_squared , do you know the JC style name for these sandals? Sadly, I'm not a 10 but wd love to see if I could find them online someday. Thank you!
Sep 25 08:18PM
m_squared@ehmla it's called the Roller sandal I believe. 👍
Sep 25 08:23PM
ehmlaThanks so much @m_squared !!
Sep 25 08:58PM
Oct 12 09:33AM
ohsewdizzyI'll buy if you hold till Friday. Thankies
Dec 03 11:59AM
m_squared@ohsewdizzy I can definitely do that for you. Just tag me when you're ready and I'll change the price back to $60.
Dec 03 12:02PM
ohsewdizzyThank you so much!
Dec 04 10:51AM
ohsewdizzyThanks for holding, I'm ready to go now
Dec 06 07:26AM
m_squared@ohsewdizzy here you are! :)
Dec 06 08:16AM
m_squaredHi @ohsewdizzy they're all ready for you.
Dec 06 03:42PM
m_squared@ohsewdizzy FYI, I've taken these off hold. Are you still interested?
Dec 07 01:28PM
ohsewdizzyI am so sorry I came down with the flu. Wow it put me down fast and I just slept. I'm suppose to drive to GA tomorrow. I don't think I can even do that. Let me get my head together and I will deal with this Monday. I just can't do today. My daughter is writing this for me cuz I just am way out of it right now
Dec 08 09:53AM
m_squared@ohsewdizzy I'm making a trip to the post office tomorrow, if you're still interested in these.
Dec 18 08:19AM
bisket87Do you take 40???
Feb 01 12:46PM
m_squared@bisket87 thanks for the offer, but my price is firm.
Feb 01 01:17PM
carlybergenAre these still available??
Mar 10 11:02PM
m_squared@carlybergen hi! Yes they are still available.
Mar 10 11:21PM
carlybergenI'm ready to buy but am nervous that they may be a tad small... Could you tell me the length in inches of the inside sole?
Mar 10 11:42PM
m_squared@carlybergen sure, I can measure this evening and get back to you.
Mar 11 08:35AM
carlybergenOkay great, thank you
Mar 11 11:44AM
m_squared@carlybergen hi Carly, I just realized that these are in storage and I won't be able to retrieve them until Friday. Is it ok if I get back to you with the measurements then?
Mar 11 07:03PM
carlybergenThat's fine
Mar 11 07:22PM
m_squared@carlybergen thanks. I'll get back to you ASAP!
Mar 11 08:03PM
m_squared@carlybergen I just measured them- it's approximately 10.5 inches from heel to toe. I find that they are true to size, considering JC usually runs a size small.
Mar 13 08:29PM
carlybergenI love them I just think they're going to be exactly the same size as my feet and I don't want my toes hanging over. I appreciate you checking the length though!
Mar 13 09:35PM
midnightfyI can't tell from the photo but would you say they are more blue or black?
Apr 10 12:03AM
m_squared@midnightfy hi, these are actually a cool shade of blue.
Apr 10 07:43AM
Apr 12 09:05AM
m_squaredHi @dianesmall, thanks for your purchase! I'll put these in the mail first thing tomorrow morning.
May 05 04:16PM
dianesmallThanks so much!
May 05 05:01PM

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