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Michael Kors bags - 101

There seems to be much confusion when it comes to all handbags on this app. I am here to set the record straight. I personally do not have a problem with inspired bags or people wearing them. Personally I would not wear a fake bag. I think it feels much better to wear authentic. To each is own and I am not one to judge BUT I do have a problem with people selling merchandise that they say is authentic when clearly it is not. (Read below)
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chelswalshI AM NOT AN EXPERT but I AM a collector and I do know a few things about Michael Kors. I have an extremely love affair with his bags, wallets, wristlets, etc. I find myself loving anything and everything he makes. So here's some tips to help when you have a doubt about real vs authentic. 1. There will never, ever be a bag that has a leather tab behind the hanging logo charm. I see this a lot lately with the colored, leather jet set bags. The hanging charm will always be on a matching leather strap or a chain, hanging on its own. The leather circle behind it means its fake. Also, some newer bags have an attached gold color emblem on the outside top of the bag that says Michael Kors. This should never have the letters attached by a thin plastic bar behind them. The letters should be clear and separate. 2. The stitching and placement of logos on Michael Kors ANYTHING is meticulous. It will never be crooked or imperfect. The stitching will always be exact and will never be an abstract color compared to the bag. A brown leather bag will NEVER have green stitching and a white bag will never have red stitching. All colors will match perfectly against each other. A tan bag will have tan stitching ALWAYS. 3. This is a great rule of thumb for all handbags including Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Coach, etc. A logo will never be on the inside and outside of the same bag. A round monogram jet set by MK will have the words Michael Michael Kors on the inside. I personally have seen in the metallic handbags that in some places on the inside there is light stitching of the round monograms BUT a clear difference is seen between both. The outside monograms are clearly defined and the inside monograms are VERY light. This serves a purpose on this particular bag. It goes by size. This only happens on smaller items like wristlets, wallets and small handbags. The inside monograms will never be obviously stated and darkened. 4. Contrary to popular belief, Michael Kors bags DO have date codes. They are hidden very well inside the bags. Date codes are placed on all of his authentic items. To find them you will usually have to pull the bag inside out. They are along the pipping on the inside. It is a small white/clear plastic tab with the words "made in China" or "made in Vietnam" or made in wherever, followed by letters and numbers. There will always be four numbers that represent the month and year that the item was made. The letters represent the style of the bag. For example; Jet Set Totes will have the letter "B" followed by a "-" and then four numbers. Dont be afraid if your bag does not have a code but only has a tab that says "made in blah blah blah". Many of the older bags do not have the letters and numbers on them. It seems that the people who make "inspired" bags have not figured out this little trick of the tag placement or about the tag at all. 5. And lastly, like Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors DOES NOT have an outlet. Michael Kors products are only sold in his own store or department stores like Macy's, Saks, Nordstrom, etc. There is no factory outlet! Don't let the Internet fool you! There are tons of websites that say they get their products right from MK stores but it is untrue. If you buy from a site like this, you will get some cheaply made fake leather bag with some sort of plastic nonsense glued to it. Unlike Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors bags DO go on sale. I have seen sale bags in stores like Nordstrom Rack. If you have never been to Nordstrom Rack, get there immediately. It is a fantastic store to find your favorite luxury brands for a fraction of the price. I went last week and picked up a purple MK that retails for over $250 and snatched it up for $109. Coach shoes that retail for over $80 are being sold for $30! It's amazing! But you probably will not find MKs that are neutral colors. Bags only go to Nordstrom Rack when there are left overs from last season that didn't sell in their regular priced department stores and usually the weird colors like green or purple will sell last compared to black or white. I sold two replica Michael Kors bags in my closet as my first sale. I sold them because I purchased them off eBay being shown pictures of genuine Michael Kors and then being shipped fakes. I spent over $400 on them and couldn't get my money back. I felt sick to my stomach selling replica bags but the person I sold them to really loved them! She was buying them for her daughter and I was very upfront and honest about the condition and the fact that they weren't real. I've said this before and I will say it again, everyone appreciates honesty. That's all that's needed. Scamming someone out of hard earned money doesn't interest me and it shouldn't interest you. No one likes being scammed and karma is a real bitch! I genuinely hope this helps people when deciding whether or not to spend your money on a bag on Posh. Please know that there are honest sellers here. Just because they are selling something cheap DOES NOT mean it is a scam. Some people just out grow things or really need the money. Also remember to ask questions!!! Most sellers understand getting the third degree over high priced items! If someone gets mad, they usually have something to hide! And always remember that for every honest seller, there are dishonest sellers which is a shame. There's no shame in needing cash but there is a shame in lying about the product you're selling! If its an inspired bag, be upfront! Be genuine! It gets you much further then lying. Like I said, to each is own, if you don't mind wearing a designer replica then more power to you and most likely more money in your pocket too, but always, always do your homework. If you aren't sure, tag me! I will always take a look. There are times when I am not sure and I will tell you but I will always do my best! Xoxoxo Chels 💋
Jun 19 09:19PM
lexxxandraLOVE this! I am an MK lover myself and the replica's in general annoy me (not that i judge others lol) but I hate dishonest sellers! I was scammed on ebay with a $500 LV bag which I knew immediately was fake and I sent the bag back but was never refunded. its awful! Good for you for helping other sellers! I do have to say though MK does have an outlet lol it is not online but they do exist. I live in LI and we have one in the Riverhead Tanger Outlets. Those are some great deals! :)
Jun 20 01:13PM
chelswalsh@lexxxandra I live in Manorville! Where do you live??? I have to head over to the outlets today! I had no clue that he had a store there! 😊💋
Jun 20 01:19PM
lexxxandraOMG thats so weird hahah ! I live in Islip :) Yes you must go they had monogram totes for $110 last time I was in! lol its so hard not to buy everything! Deff check it out!
Jun 20 01:22PM
chelswalsh@lexxxandra Yes definitely! I just told hubs that we need to take a ride to Tanger like NOW! Lol I wonder if it is considered an "outlet" or if it is a genuine store like Calvin Klein or Armani but they do sales to accommodate the constant flow of customers? Hmm! I will look into it while I'm there! Thanks for the heads up neighbor!! Haha! 💋
Jun 20 01:28PM
lexxxandrai wonder! you're welcome doll😘 lmk if you get anything good! 😁💕
Jun 20 01:30PM
sarahjean13@chelswalsh hi love there is also an outlet in ca near palm desert great prices.
Jun 20 02:39PM
chae808707So are the date codes Julian dates?
Jun 20 05:09PM
chelswalsh@sarahjean13 @lexxxandra I went to Tanger today and talked to an associate there and I learned that they aren't necessarily an outlet because an outlet is considered to be for brands that have merchandise that hasn't been made "correctly". So basically like the stitching is off or something like that. Michael Kors has these stores to sell items that are "overflow". So the sales in these stores are for those items that they haven't sold yet! That's why we get such great prices! Also they put full price items and up to date seasonal items in these stores to so that when we go in and find such good deals we BELIEVE that the full prices are good deals as well! Sneaky sneaky MK! Lol! @chae808707 Julian dates?? Lol
Jun 20 10:06PM
lexxxandrasuper sneaky! lol that makes me feel better though ! great deals for the same full-price quality? ill take it! lol😁👍💋
Jun 21 04:44PM
chelswalsh@lexxxandra I know! Right?! I went to Nordstrom rack today at Walt Whitman mall! You have to check it out. MK tyedie canvas bags for only $98. And leather jet sets for $149. I bought a black leather, white leather and a pink tyedie!! I also went into Louis Vuitton to pick up my speedy from "the spa" (hahahah so sickening)!! You live close to that mall too! It's exit 49 off the LIE!
Jun 21 04:48PM
lexxxandraohhh my god! i must make a trip tomo! that is amazing! i have a slight obsession with Nordstrom in general🙈 Thank you for telling me & feeding my MK addiction hahah!
Jun 21 04:51PM
lindabarrandeySome authentic bags DO have a leather tab behind the charm the charm is smaller
Jun 21 07:36PM
chelswalsh@lindabarrandey You're right hun. I was in the stores yesterday and today and saw that the very new travel totes and colored jet set totes have the same color leather tab. I should have been more specific in that the older satchels and totes do not have the leather tabs. It seems like the knock offs follow the "new" styles and don't follow the actual make of each different bag. Like an original monogram signature or a jet set zip top won't have this leather piece but you see some light tan leather piece behind the knock offs anyway.
Jun 21 08:32PM
braga73@chelswalsh FYI there is a MK outlet in Sunrise, FL.
Jun 22 03:36AM
jexxixa@chelswalsh there's quite a few Michael Kors outlets in Northern CA. They do state being outlet stores I haven't bought one from an outlet but I have noticed that when I purchased my Hamilton tote from MK store they had some similar at the outlet and those weren't at their stores and Internet. But idk since m new to MK. Maybe the stores vary.
Jun 23 11:16PM
chelswalsh@jexxixa @braga73 Yeah, it seems that they do call themselves outlet stores but according to the associate I spoke with at the "outlet" by me they have these stores for the overflow of past season's items. They also sell new items in these stores as well because they know how us MK lovers and really all women work! We see sales on these "older" items and buy them cheaper than they were in the stores new and then we buy a brand new "in season" item because we feel that we're getting a deal 😊
Jun 23 11:55PM
jexxixa@chelswalsh yeah I can understand that. Now with coach outlets now a days sell items that I know were made for outlet stores and making us believe they're "coach" purses. Smh I prefer a MK purse over coach cause MK is more affordable than Coach and they have better styles.
Jun 24 12:06AM
chelswalsh@jexxixa Yeah totally! I feel like you get more for your money with MK. His merchandise is just made better! And coach is so popular!! I feel like everybody in the world has a coach bag. Even if you search handbags on here, a huge percent that comes up are coach.
Jun 24 12:09PM
sbellringerThank you so much for explaining what makes these bags fake vs real. I have bought numerous MK bags and some were on here and ebay along with other sides. Have you ever experienced the metallic bags having their color some what rub off? There was one bag I bought on here and really questioned if the bag was real or not. Anyways thanks for these tips!!! :)
Jun 24 10:08PM
chelswalsh@sbellringer Hi doll!! Yes actually I have a black metallic mono and the top seems to have some light spots where the color rubbed off. I'm not sure why that happens with these types of bags. I will absolutely try to find out! 😊
Jun 25 01:57PM
wasabigirlAwesome. I see a lot of MK bags "NWT" which a lot of the times means bought at Nordstrom Rack or TJ Maxx and people try to sell them for near retail.
Jun 25 09:57PM
chelswalsh@janell06 Yesss! Definitely! I also see people posting NWT MK's For more money than you can buy it for on the website!! My favorite is when they say that they won't lower it because Poshmark takes fees so they have to make it more than the retail price! Lol too funny!
Jun 25 10:24PM
wasabigirlMore than retail?! Wow, buyer beware, but if someone is that willing to buy it, so be it!
Jun 25 10:26PM
chelswalsh@janell06 you're right! I guess the idea is that it is easier to buy online than search for it in the store. The only time it's acceptable to charge anything close to retail is an unused, discontinued, perfect condition piece but even that is reaching. Personally I would only spend retail price at a retail store where I can touch it and try it on and find wallets and such to match! The act of shopping and then swiping your credit card! That's the exciting part!!! Hahaha!
Jun 25 10:30PM
wasabigirlHaha! The fun part about Posh is the tapping to buy and then days later, it's like Christmas! 😁📬📦
Jun 25 10:32PM
chelswalsh@janell06 The best thing is ordering a bunch of stuff in one day and then getting them all on the same day or getting packages a few days in a row! It's like Christmas combined with Chanukah! Hahaha
Jun 25 10:35PM
wasabigirlI had that when they came each day for a few days in a row... My lack of funds proves it! 😜
Jun 25 10:37PM
chelswalsh@janell06 Hahahaha too funny! Posh really is so fun but so addicting and expensive. I swear every dollar I made on here went right to buying stuff in my "likes". I barely use my iPhone for anything else! I wake up and check for new bags everyday lol. Hi my name is Chelsea and I'm a Poshaholic!
Jun 25 10:42PM
chelswalsh@janell06 What app do you use to write on your pictures? They look SO cute with writing and little details!
Jun 25 10:45PM
wasabigirlDifferent ones like Beautiful Mess for squiggles and Twitpic
Jun 25 10:49PM
bags4me@chelswalsh thx for the share and the info I love MK!!!! I feel the same way u do personally don't like fake not would I sell as authentic. Honesty is always the best policy!
Jun 26 08:27AM
kc1101@chelswalsh Thank you so much for this!😊 It's great that you took the time to do this for others that appreciate the real goods! ( I'm not judging anyone with my comment.) I just bought my first MK bag a few months ago at Macy's then followed up with a matching wallet here on Posh! I believe my wallet is authentic , she had the receipt. Is there anyway to spot a fake wallet? And thanks again!😀
Jun 26 06:49PM
chelswalsh@kc1101 Thank you for the appreciation! 😊 Wallets have basically the same rules but most of all every single authentic item will have that plastic tab. One of my wallets has the tab in zipper part and another one has it in the check book part. Just look for that tab on every item. It's kinda like Louis Vuitton with their date codes.
Jun 27 04:08AM
kc1101@chelswalsh Ok great! Thank you so much!😊
Jun 27 07:42AM
seaside89@chelswalsh thanks for helping to set things straight. Do you have any MK bags you would be willing to trade for?
Jul 03 09:39AM
garliyogirls@chelswalsh so are these all 1.00 or 100.00 a piece? I don't own an MK purse and would love to own one fake or not! Lmk pease before I purchase from another posher. 😊😊💋😍😍😍👜👜👜
Jul 06 11:54AM
garliyogirls@chelswalsh never mind. = (
Jul 06 03:31PM
chelswalsh@garliyogirls I'm not selling. These are my babies! I'm just trying to get the word out on how to tell real from fake. There are too many people on this site charging retail prices for fake bags.
Jul 06 08:53PM
parkerkHi there- Have you looked at MK's website, gone to Nordstroms.... Is Michael Kors himself selling fake Jetset bags???? I Doubt it...your first rule is WRONG "1. There will never, ever be a bag that has a leather tab behind the hanging logo charm. I see this a lot lately with the colored, leather jet set bags. The hanging charm will always be on a matching leather strap or a chain, hanging on its own. The leather circle behind it means its fake" ... I have a great appreciation for educating others on how to spot a fake bag but your #1 rule is completely incorrect -the reason youve been seeing this alot is because he did this on his jet set collection....
Jul 08 12:28PM
parkerkooops I should have read the entire thread you already caught it! My bad. I think its important to teach others about real vs fake but we have to watch blanket statements. (MYSELF included) So Sorry for jumping the gun.
Jul 08 12:32PM
amyrenea89@chelswalsh will an authentic michael kors bag have a metal label inside instead of a leather one?
Jul 08 02:43PM
whiteclover@chelswalsh thank u for sharing info!!! ;)
Jul 16 05:46PM
knclarkI'm about to trade my 100% authentic bag for another on here that says "authentic" and it looks completely real but the only thing I have a doubt on is the inside of the bag. The logo says "michael KORS" all over the inside. If I tag you in the pic will you please tell me if its real. I love the bag but I'm kinda scared to trade!
Jul 18 12:30AM
chelswalsh@knclark Yes of course! Tag me whenever you have doubts and I will do my best to help you! 😊
Jul 18 06:22AM
catjahnke64@chelswalsh -- I found your blog when I Googled How To Tell An Authentic Michael Kors. There's been a "comment war" going on between myself (along with 2 other Poshers) and a site called borntoshOp. She has dozens of MK new bags available in all styles and colors. Just tell her what you're looking for and see if she has it. Then ask to see the plastic tag that is hidden inside and see how she responds. We suspect that she is selling high quality fakes at new retail prices, but she claims they are 100% authentic!! The sad thing is that she is actually getting lots of gullible people to buy!! Nobody could own that many new MK bags!! Anyway, if you get a chance, check out her site and let me know what you think!! Thanks for your expert advice!!
Jul 23 03:30PM
chelswalsh@catjahnke64 Tag me in your post! I'd like to see! I have a real issue with people trying to sell/selling designer fakes while passing them off as real! It's a sad truth, many people do this and too many people fall for the "deal" or don't do their homework. That's why I wrote this. Thanks for the heads up!
Jul 23 11:33PM
phantasyHello Chelswalsh, Michael kors large selma satchel in pomegranate color. This handnag is fall collection 2013. I bought this bag at Forzieri.com two week ago. This handbag was shipped from Firenze Italy and they claim that this is an authentic michael kors bag. It comes with he attached tag and the dust bag. Two days ago, i went to the michael kors store and i saw the exact handbag. I looked closely at the handbag, and noticed that the hardware is silver tone. The one i have is in golden tone. I asked the saleperson is this particular color bag come in golden tone hardware or not?, and he said only come in silver tone hardware. I was so scared that i have a fake michael kors bag. I went online for authenticity and i saw your post. I don't want to spend $358.00 for a fake bag. Please help me to authenticate this bag. Thank you very much. I do take pictures of it but i dont know to post for u to look at.
Jul 30 10:25PM
phantasyHi, I forgot to give you a bag style number. It is SELMA satchel 30S3GLMS7L and is in pomegranate color.
Jul 30 11:17PM
bregayleGreat tips, but just so you know Michael Kors does have an outlet store in Camarillo California now. 😊 Thanks for sharing your tips!
Aug 08 04:39PM
mzladythi hun...love some of your tips...but some mk bags do come with a leather tab behind the logo..i have a red one...and he does have outlet stores..we have on in mississippi on the coast..i only shop my mk's at my local DILLARD'S store or i purchase them online from HIS website or DILLARD'S website....my gf buys me mk bags and wallets all the time lol it's really ridiculous..now im into his watches and jewlery..so far i have a beautiful gold and silver..my next watch i want is rose gold tone with ring...but im looking for a rose gold purse to match it
Aug 12 06:28AM
hollyjessenThis helped me sooo much!!! I really appreciate a Posher like you taking the time to help Poshers like me who don't know much about fake and real MKs but know they want a real MK!!!
Aug 17 06:43PM
michellebise67I need help on figuring out if my Michael kors is real or not! It does have the tag in the inside that says made in Vietnam with let's and numbers. But why would they have that in there? Made me think its fake! I have the large jet and go and it does have s leather tab behind the gold mk drop, which you said was not real. It came off of amazon and they claim it Is real! Please help
Aug 19 06:15PM
xkepticOMG!! This is great info!!!
Aug 23 09:38PM
shop_awayI feel the same!!! Authentic feels great!!!!!! I don't do fake!!!! Awesome post!!!!
Aug 24 09:19AM
arm87@chelswalsh I google how to tell auth mk and it landed me here. Thank you so much for the info!😊
Aug 30 12:11PM
arm87@chelswalsh now I have to check my bags lol! Thank you again!
Aug 30 12:13PM
arm87@mayra1973 hey girl 👀 what I found☝!
Aug 30 12:14PM
meghanmarie_tHey! So I just bought a large jetset tote here on posh and I'm pretty sure its authentic, but it has the made in vietnam tag with the code av1111 and the tag is brown. just wondering if thats normal! Thanks! :)
Sep 05 04:40PM
artistbmThis was very helpful. I have a friend that's selling MK bags and I'm looking to purchase my first bag. I was concerned that they may be replicas.
Sep 07 10:38AM
tina91Can anyone help me out please and let me know if this website sells authentic MK bags, I have looked up as much information as I can but I can't find anything else thanks in advance. heres the website http://www.newmichaelkorsbaghotsale.com/
Sep 08 09:13PM
hcolove29Great post on MK! I do have a question though- what about dust bags?? How do you know if they are real? Do MK's have dust bags? I've never gotten one with any of my MK bags and they are authentic from Macy's?? Thanks hun😊
Sep 17 08:08PM
maryanndelima@chelswalsh hi! I read your post and I think you're the one who could help me. You have idea about authentic mk bracelets? I've purchased online two mk gold toggle bracelets and I just wanted to know if it's really authentic. It comes with a plastic package with mk tag on it. I would really appreciate your comment on this. :)
Oct 02 08:06AM
dest98ty for sharing this with us, im looking for one to buy I want a black on with silver on it:))
Nov 01 07:01PM
missdessieis this site related to poshmoda? anyone heard of it? saw that they have great reviews.
Nov 03 09:46PM
esmareldaWe have 2 Michael kors outlet stores in Las Vegas to correct the subject of no outlet stores. Also who's to say if a bag classifies to be a "fake" or "knock off" if the MK manufacturer sells at factory price themself somewhere else for a fraction of what MK charges. Remember most are made in China for pennys to the dollar. The difference is MK is having you cough up the bucks to carry his name and make him even more money doing it. The quality you get isn't worth the price. I've seen supposed fakes made better than an original to be honest.
Nov 16 01:51PM
maggie145488Hi Chels, I need your help, I just bought a new MK Selma bag online, then I saw your post so I'm wondering whether mine is the fake or authentic MK. Could you help me please?
Nov 19 08:14AM
silver101angel@chelswalsh Hi, Chelsea! I bought a MK bag on Friday (tan with red and monogram lettering on the outside). It has the plastic tab with "Made in China AQ-1308," all the stitching of the colors and fabric match perfectly, but the lining on the inside says "Michael Kors" all over. Mine also didn't come with a hanging charm. I'm not sure if someone took it off and left my purse with out it. If I tag you, can you please let me know what you think? I'm also planning on buying a watch, so I can also tag you in it. Please... I need help in making sure I am not getting ripped off. -Kristy
Nov 21 01:46PM
Nov 27 12:31AM
loveelybee@florence79 thanks boo!
Nov 27 03:29AM
loveelybee@chelswalsh hey love i was referred here by another posher. I bought a purse on here which its still on its way to me. So i dont hve it. & it never occurred to me it can be a replica:/ . she claims it is authentic when i asked but i want to be sure & get another opinion. 🙏🙏. I need help know if it authentic. If i tag you on it can you take a look at it & help me out?
Nov 27 03:33AM
meowzkiiI bought a jet set MK pale gold tote bag but the date code starts with "AV" instead of "B" that you mentioned. So did i buy a fake MK bag? And the date code is written in semi transparent black tag
Dec 12 01:29AM
em0507If you have any used mks you arnt using any more let me know :)
Jan 13 01:34PM
menayammy@chelswalsh oh no! so the Tanger Outlets in Houston MK store are all fakes??
Jan 15 10:19PM
sunshineavaare you selling these @1 dollar??!!!
Jan 17 01:48PM
hbuddemeyerI need help with a MK, would you be able to let me know if you think its real or not?
Jan 23 01:10PM
vanity_dreamI bought both my Michael Kors bags and they both have the circle behind the mk hanging in the outside and they both have the code and made in china in the inside so I don't get how u say that it's fake if it has the leather circle in the back of the mk hanging in the front because I bought them at the Michael Kors store and I'm pretty sure they don't sell fakes
Jan 27 04:28AM
xhyrahHow to upload pics here to show you my MK if it is real or fake ?
Jan 28 07:29AM
xhyrahI bought it from a friend and not sure if it is real or fake there is no dust bag that comes with it
Jan 28 07:30AM
michelleisperfI am a sales associate in central Florida for a Michael Kors retail mall store. There are two things wrong with this post......Number one is that Michael Kors DOES have outlet stores, there are two of them to be exact in Orlando, FL in the outlet malls Premium and Prime outlets, the "online outlet" stores are indeed fake, the only online place to buy MK products is straight from the Michael Kors' website. Number two is that the leather circle cut behind the metal MK charm on the bags does NOT mean that the bag is fake, many of the newer style bags for late 2013 and early 2014 have this, it can be seen on MK bags in the actual free standing Michael Kors stores in the malls, etc. as well as Dillard's and Nordstrom. The best way to make sure your bag is not fake us to make sure that all of the "metal" hardware on the bag is actually metal and not plastic. Also every buckle (especially), charm, and any other metal hardware in the bag with have "Michael Kors" engraved into it, nothing more or less, simply the name.
Jan 29 02:14PM
chrissiepci actually work for kors. the clear tag let's you know the bag was made for our stores or retailers. a gray tag indicates the bag was made for our outlets. the outlets are not for "overflow", although they do get occasional overflow...and there are distinct differences between a retail and an outlet bag. for example, the hamilton has a working lock and key in retail stores. if you purchase at the outlet, it has a face plate. additionally, the lining for retailers carries the monogram mk, regardless of the collection. the lining of outlet bags say "michael kors" in small lettering above a larger "kors". outlet bags are by no means fake, just made with less expensive materials.
Feb 06 09:12AM
dreshymia17Where would the serial number be located.
Feb 10 06:04PM
t4bbWhy does Nordstroms have the tan jet set with the leather behind the mk then?? @chelswalsh
Feb 11 11:51AM
lyn0912Hello, I need to find out if mine is Fake....Help??
Feb 18 04:03PM
ladycapricorn09@chelswalsh can I contact you via email?
Feb 20 11:27PM
barbie0525I'm so confused by #1. On mk's official website the totes have leather behind the mk circle charm. I'm so confused. I just bought one on here and am so afraid it's fake
Mar 03 04:22PM
raerae2030@chelswalsh Read one of the posts concerning the MK metallic bags wearing off had same problem myself if you call the company they will ask for inside tag info and will give you credit for any MK store or outlet like they did for me.We have an outlet store in Limerick,PA.Hope this helps.
Mar 16 01:11PM
amand4_n1coleDo you think Dillard's would sell fake Michael Kors bags?
Mar 16 09:11PM
uniquelyloved30Can you look at a tote I am about to purchase please? I'll @ you and then u can comment back under your listing and tag me??? I'd appreciate it😁
Mar 19 08:22PM
femalemonarchThe buttons/feet of the bag (bottom) read Michael Kors. All four of them. These buttons can be rounded (Hamilton) or flat (Selma) depending on the bag but always read Michael Kors. I have several MK bags, all purchased from reputable stores (Macy's, Dillard's, MK, etc.).
Mar 21 10:09PM
lizmayThanks this information is very helpful.
Mar 25 03:11PM
nmmingaHi, would you be so kind to help me with a MK bag that i have? I purchased from a co-worker that i am no longer in contact with. I'm pretty sure its authentic, I just don't know anything about the bag, like style or name. Thanks
Mar 25 06:23PM
wifetonick09@stacy1114 tagged you here cause this can maybe help us out cause I don't believe mk has serial numbers
Mar 27 10:49PM
stacy1114Thank you!!!
Mar 27 11:03PM
stacy1114Thank you so much I just looked at my wallet I purchased last week and turn it upside out and found the authentic tag white made in China and number right after !!! Thank you I got an authentic yea! I ordered a purse on here last night to match my wallet but I was told it was fake and the seller told me it was authentic like I said I'm new at this and I don't have $ to buy expensive bags but I wanted to treat myself and took a chance I got the wallet but the purse I have no clue if it's authentic until I get it but I went ahead and cancelled it but don't know if it went through or not. Oh well....
Mar 27 11:13PM
breezy1Hi sweetie I just bought a Michael Kors handbag I would like ur info , it's a dark brown cream color Michael Kors name is myfavcloset_ and I want to know what u think it's authentic? Thank u sweetie
Mar 31 04:44PM
breezy1The little tag inside the handbag says made in China and then the number is B – 0809
Mar 31 04:46PM
hellokerrieHi I'm new here...are those bags for.sale?
Apr 06 01:05AM
ambyluvherkiddoShi chelsea just wondering if I could send u a pic of this bag im gonna buy and see if u could give me ur advice if its real??
Apr 10 09:53AM
beautography@braga73 That's the one in the Sawgrass right?
beautography@chrissiepc Hi. I stumbled on this (I'm a posher too) when I went online to see of the handbag I traded for was real. It's a Hamilton and when I didn't see the lock I asked about it and she said that it's authentic and not all were made with a lock. It has a metal plate on it. I don't have the bag just yet, but she's got a good reputation on Posh, so I guess what I'm getting is a bag made for the outlet? But, it would still be authentic? Please help...this is my first MK bag ever. I just want to know what I have. Thank you!
braga73@beautography yes 😊
beautography@brag73 Thanks!