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❤❤❤Flash sale-M.Kors T-Strap Jelly Sandals. White

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❤❤❤Flash sale-M.Kors T-Strap Jelly Sandals. WhiteNWT

M.Kors T- Srap design with Sig. Logo plate on strap
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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gertrude80@ longislandchic, Do you like? Lmk, if you are interested!
Jun 07 05:44PM
gertrude80@longislandchic ,@tashasmile,@dannagriffen,@care8285,@niecey74 ,@nswit,@stepmomof3 ,@missmat ,@beautymgl ,@rdoeppel ,@lovelee68,@alice1023 , New M.Kors sandal, Lmk, if you are interested. Have a great weekend Ladies!
Jun 07 06:36PM
gertrude80@kms22, I have this in a 10, also the other style Pink/black. Lmk if you are interested!
Jun 07 07:10PM
kms22@gertrude80 not this one the other one
Jun 07 08:12PM
gertrude80@kms22 Ok just showing, but I do have a black and pink size 10. Lmk if you are interested.
Jun 07 08:14PM
phizzleHey Ma! Hope all is well with you & yours! I don't remember what the deal was that you were supposed to give me @ a later time & if you don't either then don't worry about it, lol. Any whoo, I was wondering if I could get these in a size 10, & , the gold MK sandals in a size 7. My husband's Grandma saw me @ her b-day cookout today & said she wanted them in gold & she's a size 7. Hook me up sista! Lol, thanks Ma & LMK;)
Jun 08 05:47PM
gertrude80@phizzle Oh, where have you been? You never said if you liked your shoes. But since you are back, I am happy to accommodate you. The shoes are brand new to closet and I got the 10 with you in mind. Also another Posher brought all my size 10 except for 2 pairs. The 2 sandals you want total 115. I can take 15 off for you. The shipping is a little more when I bundle. I hope you understand. Lmk, if that works for you. By the way the new sandals are beautiful.
Jun 08 06:05PM
gertrude80@sheryls27, New to listing, I only have 1 size 9. They are more expensive but I could take off 5. Lmk if you are interested. Thanks for the visit.
Jun 08 06:14PM
sheryls27I actually bought these in Macy's. I was looking for the other ones. Do you have any of those available
Jun 08 06:28PM
gertrude80@sheryls27 I have the Black/Pink in size 9. Lmk if you are interested.
Jun 08 06:30PM
isabellzz215@gertrude80 $75 for these and the pink thongs size 9 both thru paypal then 1 shipping thru here??!
Jun 08 10:03PM
gertrude80@isabellzz215 Just seeing your tag let me come up with a price. I just listed new MK on Friday. I will tag you back, Thanks for the likes.
Jun 09 05:14AM
gertrude80@isabellzz215 Hi, I really can't go that low, although Posh takes fees, I would like a little profit because I am not selling at a price that I should. I only have about 12 pairs left and the supply is drying out on this style.I would do 100 there and 110 here. Sometimes people come back and I try to give bundle discount, Lmk because someone wants to buy the pink as well.Also the sandal you want, I just listed two days ago. Hope that helps, thanks for interest!
Jun 09 05:44AM
isabellzz215@gertrude80 thats $100 plus shipping or including shipping?
Jun 09 06:01AM
gertrude80@isabellzz215 shipping here! Send email address so I can send invoice if you are interested.
Jun 09 06:04AM
gertrude80@phizzle Hi, what happened? Putting up a new red MK wedge, will tag you! Lmk if you are interested in anything!
Jun 09 11:35AM
gertrude80@niecey74 Hi, yes I would bundle. The only white I have left in a 10 are new to my closet. I also have the pink and black, MK Charm Jelly Sandals in a 10. If you bundle a bag/ sandal I would take off 20 as stated in one of my listings. Lmk if this will work for you, bag and shoes are brand new, together What a great summer accessories to compliment any attire. Thanks for the likes.
Jun 11 06:42PM
niecey74I like the Mk symbol sandals and a tote closely match do u have that
Jun 11 07:47PM
gertrude80@niecey74 I have these sandals in your size. I have the new MK bags/ white and Black. I also have the other MK logo sandal in your size in Black and Pink. It's your choice. If you want a white bag then you can put with white sandal. If you like the black bag, you can put black sandals it is up to you. Lmk, what you decide!!
Jun 11 07:52PM
gertrude80@kelder23, This is the new White, MK that I have in a 10. Again in the other style I have pink and black , the last two in a size 10. In this style it would be 90, if you bundle with this new shoe it would be $15 off that total. Thank you for the likes.
Jun 12 12:25PM
sarahmirageLoving these as well ! Bundle everything ? If u have the other items I'm looking for .
Jun 12 04:06PM
gertrude80@sarahmirage Hi, would you kindly tell me what you want , size and I can offer you a bundle pkg. Thank you, I am confused at what you want. I will wait to hear from you!!
Jun 12 04:09PM
sarahmirageI want these shoes , also the white jelly thong strapped MK shoes , the cream hologram wallet and a white hologram bag if possible ! I'm also looking for a MK watch and phone cover all in white to match , if you can get a hold of any of these items I'd be happy to purchase them all from you ! And also pay extra for u finding them for me (:
Jun 12 04:12PM
gertrude80@sarahmirage Hi, I will list what I have and you let me know if you are interested. In a size 9, I have the new white MK sandals, they are 65.The cream wallet is, gone. The white bag is new to my closet and it is 240. Now if you wanted the Zinnia MK Jet Set wallet, it is 140 and I have same color Zinnia sandal in a size 9. Again if you could narrow what you absolutely want, I can come up with a price. Lmk, if you are interested!
Jun 12 04:24PM
sarahmirageOkay we'll I don't see anything that I want as of now I'm going to continue to shop around , thanks !
Jun 12 04:27PM
longca1959Are these the white ones you were talking about?
Jun 16 02:34PM
gertrude80@longca1959 Yes, new to listing, cute. You can mix and match if you want. Lmk if you are interested. Thank you!
Jun 16 02:36PM
longca1959@gertrude80 how much to bundle the 9Blk charm and the white Tstrap 9
Jun 16 02:48PM
gertrude80@longca1959 Hi, just checking my responses to be fair. If you look at one of my listing, I said 10 off for any 2 sandals.I would take 15 off for you. How does that work for you? Lmk.
Jun 16 03:01PM
longca1959@gertrude80 I might not be able to do that much . How much would you come of just the black ones?
Jun 16 04:54PM
gertrude80@longca1959 Hi, Not a lot of wiggle room for the MK Charm Jelly, price is 50. But still willing to give you both for 100. By the way, the MK charm jelly are sold on Posh for 65 a pair. Think about it, even if you buy 1 now and come back another time, I would honor the price. Thanks again for visit!!
Jun 16 05:26PM
longca1959@gertrude80 are the white one's hard plastic ? They are super cute but the cork one's are comfortable! If they are hard I will just get the black ones. Just tag me when you have them ready . But if the white one's are soft LMK ! I hope I'm not being confusing ! Lol
Jun 16 06:55PM
gertrude80@longca1959 A little but it's ok, I am going to take out of box and feel texture of both. Tag you in a few.
Jun 16 07:07PM
gertrude80@longca1959 Hi, Sorry to say Black 9 is gone, just checked inventory. I do have Zinnia ( with wallet same color, lol) it is a deep pink, very pretty for the season. I felt the newer MK it's sole feels like the straps on the sandal that you have. I hope that gives you a little better pic. Lmk if you are interested, could ship in am. Thank you for interest!
Jun 16 07:33PM
longca1959@gertrude80 I have the Zinnia color. Just wanted the black because I am wearing mine out. I like the white but can't do 65. Are you sold out of 8's in the black or 8 1/2 . I have a high instep that's why I have to wear a 9 the charm is where I have trouble . Cause my true size is a 7 but 8 feels so good I wear a 9 . Heard that in a movie! Ha ha
Jun 16 09:12PM
gertrude80@longca1959 Ok, in a size 8, in the style u want, I have white, bronze( like a rich brown with gold hardware), and yes black. Just 1 pair left of most of these colors. Lmk if you are interested.
Jun 17 02:54AM
longca1959@gertrude80 Okay how much for the black and white size 8 if you bundle?
Jun 17 03:08AM
gertrude80@longca1959 Good morning, I tagged you yesterday and gave you a bundle price of 100 for new, new, MK and MK charm Jelly. Total would be $115, I am happy to take off 15 . Think about it and Lmk. Would be happy to ship today. Thanks again!
Jun 17 03:13AM
longca1959@gertrude80 if the black size 8 are 50 I will take those
Jun 17 03:25AM
gertrude80@longca1959 Yes they are 50. Let me change pic and send to you.Thanks again, will ship this am and pls come back again. Have a great day!
Jun 17 03:29AM
lynette946I like these how much for this white pair and the black slides size 8 I didn't see these I'm going to look thru your closet
Jun 18 04:06AM
gertrude80@lynette946 I do have MK, blk and white size 8 , bundle pkg for 90. This sandal new to my closet, I could bundle for 105. ( This includes 1 of each style)As you know all the sandals are authentic, new . This is the lst pair of white/black in your size. Lmk, I can ship this am. Thanks again!
Jun 18 04:22AM
ladymojoeOk, this is the other? Only white?
Jun 19 07:56AM
gertrude80@ladymojoe Yes, in MK. I don't anticipate getting any more in the other style. A young lady brought most of my 10's a couple of weeks ago. Lmk, if you are interested, Thanks.
Jun 19 08:20AM
lynette946Can you bundle the two pair for 105 for me size 8 I'm ready to make the purchase
Jun 21 07:29AM
gertrude80@lynette946 Ok you want this style size 8 and which otherMk size 8, color? I will make a listing for you,
Jun 21 07:37AM
lynette946The black MK jelly flip flops size 8
Jun 21 07:38AM
gertrude80@lynette946 give me a minute pls.
Jun 21 07:39AM
Jun 21 07:39AM
gertrude80@ on my way home in an hour, want to make sure I have black 8 left. Will tag you soon. Thanks and will ship today.
Jun 21 07:41AM
phizzleSorry my husband is in the hospital. I would love if you could put this pair in size 10 to the side for me cause I will DEFINITELY getting them I just got a lot going on right this moment. I will be in touch but I just gotta look after my hubby right now. Thanks again & I'll talk to you soon.
Jun 22 07:59AM
gertrude80@phizzle Hi, so sorry to hear about hubby. When ever you want and he is settled tag me. No orders out Friday/Sat due to my sons wedding. I will always respond and ship the following Mon. and holiday coming up as well. No worries, family first, will keep you and family in my prayers. Take care!
Jun 22 01:09PM
pebbles1008@gertrude80 is there a 9 available
Jun 29 10:59PM
gertrude80@pebbles1008 Hi, yes 1 pair size 9. Lmk if you are interested. Thanks.
Jun 29 11:40PM
kytiaDo these come in size 8 and in other colors
Jul 03 05:28PM
gertrude80@kytia Hi, sorry my 8 is gone. I do have 8 in the other MK style, Bronze and Gold with gold initial on strap. Take a look and Lmk, if you are interested. Thank you!
Jul 03 05:32PM
kytiaOk will do!
Jul 03 06:35PM
dmw8479I need these in black and white size 7
Jul 03 07:00PM
gertrude80@dmw8479 Hi, I do not have this style in a 7. I think you asked me before. In the other MK style I have Nickle with silver initial, Black with silver initial and Gold with gold initials. Again, take a look at listing and Lmk if you are interested, thanks.
Jul 03 07:04PM
gertrude80@mizzkeke, Hi I also have a 9 in this style. Lmk if you like. Thanks again!!
Jul 05 10:35AM
gertrude80@ocelona19, I also have this MK as well in your size. Lmk if you are interested and if you bundle, it may save you more. Thanks again!
Jul 06 03:53PM
gertrude80@sbellringer Hi, 1 size 9 in this style. Lmk if you are interested. Thanks again!
Jul 21 09:30AM
sbellringerI'm not a fan of these styles. But I'm also looking at sz 10's for my mom bc we are going on a cruise next weekend & wanted to get her both a bags & matching shoes for her :). Look in my closet & u will see I'm a big fan!
Jul 21 09:37AM
rogue130@gertrude80 hi do you have these in a size 10?
Jul 21 01:46PM
gertrude80@rogue130 Yes, in box, new, authentic , only 1 pair left. Lmk, if you are interested, Thanks for visit!
Jul 21 01:48PM
tenille82This is the only color you have available?
Jul 23 12:31PM
gertrude80@tenille82 , a few of the other MK style, What size are you?
Jul 23 12:32PM
Jul 23 04:04PM
gertrude80@tenille82 I have this style in a 10 and also the other Charm Jelly MK sandal, Black with Silver initials. Lmn if you are interested, if you bundle it could save a little more. Last two pairs in flats. I do have 2 pairs size 10 in MK in a wedge style. Take a look at my closet, I will be happy to work with you, Thanks for visit!
Jul 23 04:09PM
tenille82Ok thanks I will check
Jul 23 04:20PM
gertrude80@duque11, Only white in this style, depending on your size, limited color in Charm Jelly MK. Some Coach flip/flops with reduced prices. Lmk if you are interested. Thank you!
Jul 24 09:06AM
livehowyoudreamAre you willing to go to 45
Jul 31 09:13AM
gertrude80@livehowyoudream Hi, just seeing your post, new to my closet. I can take 5 off, pair with another flip/flop could save you more. Lmk if you are interested . Thanks for visit!
Aug 01 04:51AM
gertrude80@bossyladyboyd Hi, no 9 in the style you like. 1 size 9 in this style. Lmk, if you are interested. Also, a few size 9 in the Coach flip flops, mix and match, bundle rate applies. Thank you!!
Aug 16 03:14PM
sassy_classy@gertrude80 size 10 and I would appreciate the hold until the 30th
Nov 14 01:09PM
gertrude80@diva_artist Good morning, I have this new, authentic MK plus 1 Black MK sandal from the pic you tagged. I can bundle for you, Lmk if you are interested and I can offer you a good deal. Have a great day!!
Dec 27 04:44AM
diva_artist@gertrude80 is the black pair authentic? Are they comfortable shoes? Let me know your bundle price. Hopefully I will bee able to purchase. Thx
Dec 27 04:50AM
gertrude80@diva_artist Pls look at comments, I prob sold 60 - 70 pairs, with 1 complaint. Yes they are authentic. Look at the shape of the sandal to determine your comfort zone. Also if u want a traditional flip flop in which your toes go through the rubber strap, I have several authentic boxed Coach style. I can offer you 90 for two sandals. The white MK is this years new collections. How does that sound to you? With Posh fees it's really hard. Pls let me know either way, Thanks for visit!!
Dec 27 05:04AM
diva_artist@gertrude80 :) thx for your prompt response. I understand about the fees. I'm a buyer not a seller and I have spent a lot in shipping alone because I have been buying from different sellers. For this reason I am not prepared to pay $90 right now. I will keep this in mind a for a purchase in the very near future. I understand that they may be sold to another buyer. All I can do is check back. Plz do not pack them away this time. I'm hopeful I can purchase soon enough :))) thx
Dec 27 05:19AM
gertrude80@diva_artist No prob I wish they would keep either no shipping fee or 1 shipping. I can take off 5 for shipping. 2 MK sandals for 85= Priceless. Comeback any time, I know where they are now. Take care!
Dec 27 05:23AM
diva_artist@gertrude80 do u still have the white n black MK sandals we talked about weeks ago? Let me know thx
Jan 11 01:03PM
gertrude80@diva_artist Yes, I have these can't remember your size but I have a 9 and 10.
Jan 11 01:12PM
gertrude80@diva_artist Yes, I remember Lmk , if you are still interested in 2 pairs. Thanks for coming back!
Jan 11 01:14PM
Feb 10 04:10PM
gertrude80@faithfulgirl49 Yes please look and see what 2 items u want. I am away until Sat. I will tag you then . I will try my best to offer you a great day!Have a great day!
Feb 12 06:27AM
Feb 12 07:56AM
gertrude80@faithfulgirl49 Hi, Lmk what items you are interested in and I could bundle your likes.
Feb 15 08:02PM
gertrude80@faithfulgirl49 Hi, are you still interested in sandals? Lmk and I can bundle with your other likes.
Feb 16 03:12PM
sabricarterI have good things I'm my closet ! Interested in a trade ?
Apr 03 09:53PM
gertrude80@sabricarter Hi. Sorry not trading at this time, lst pair in this style. Lmk if you are interested . Thanks!
Apr 04 06:49AM
sollieswifeStill avalable
May 31 02:03PM
gertrude80@sollieswife Hi, yes it is. Brand new, authentic. Lmk if you are interested. Thanks for visit. Today !!
May 31 03:09PM
sollieswifeWill you take 40 out the door right now
May 31 08:48PM
gertrude80@sollieswife Hi, I can reduce by $5. It has been a difficult winter with sales. Also bundle could save a little more . Thanks for understanding!
Jun 01 05:28AM
missydelapazAre all if your items authentic?
Oct 11 07:05PM
gertrude80@missydelapaz Yes they are. Most things have tags and I have never sold anything that wasn't authentic. Pls let me know if you are interested . Thanks for visit to my closet!!
Oct 11 07:08PM
missydelapazIs the price negotiable
Oct 11 07:13PM
gertrude80@missydelapaz Yes, I can take 10 off for you. Brand new, in original box and yes authentic. Lmk if you are interested. Thanks for visit!!
Oct 11 07:28PM
missydelapazOk let me show her and I will get back to you either way. It will be in a few hours. Thank you
Oct 11 07:30PM
gertrude80@missydelapaz No problem, I will look in the morning and change price for u if you are interested. Good night!!
Oct 11 07:34PM
missydelapazHi. She said she has them. I didn't realize! Thank you
Oct 11 08:10PM
Nov 18 05:39AM
wonderouswomanHi are these still avail size 9 in white.
Jul 26 06:48PM
gertrude80@wonderouswoman Hi, let me take a look. I will tag you later this afternoon . Thank you!
Jul 27 04:03AM
Aug 30 05:34PM
pbougereStill available
May 12 06:50AM
gertrude80@pbougere Hi, yes they are. 1 pair size 9. Lmk if you are interested. Thank you!!
May 12 09:34AM
pbougere@gertrude80 Is the price firm?
May 12 11:27AM
gertrude80@pbougere Hi, I can take $5.00 off. Let me know if you are interested.
May 12 11:38AM
pbougere@gertrude80 OK will let you know
May 12 11:39AM
gertrude80@rskorpio83 Hi, thank you for offer, I will get box ready to mail by 800am Monday morning. Thank you for your purchase. Have a great day!!
Jul 31 03:57AM
gertrude80@rskorpio83 Hi, I think you received your sandals if so and they meet with your expectations, would you kindly accept delivery . Thank you!!
Aug 03 03:01PM
gertrude80@rskorpio83 Hi, I believe sandals have been delivered. Would you please accept delivery so Posh will release payment. Thank you!!
Aug 04 08:57AM
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