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Marc by Marc Jacobs Nylon pouch clutch

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Marc by Marc Jacobs Nylon pouch clutch

New, never used! Green snake skin nylon pouch that doubles as a clutch💗
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Jul 14 04:40AM
iamlinda@duney90 sorry no trades 😓
Jul 14 06:17AM
silllllooxo9Does it open wider then the one in the picture? Would it be good to be used as a cosmetic bag? Thank you :-)
Jan 22 07:36PM
iamlinda@silllllooxo9 yes it opens pretty wide and you can fit tons of make up in it! I have the same pouch but in a different color, and I use it as a travel make up bag and clutch. Love it! But I don't need 2, gotta sell one ☺️
Jan 22 08:10PM
silllllooxo9Wonderful!! Can I ask for a picture with makeup filled inside the pouch? Either yours or this to get an approx idea of how much it stores
Jan 22 08:12PM
iamlinda@silllllooxo9 here's a pic of it filled with lotions, full size make up brushes, make up etc, it can fit so much more 👍
Jan 22 08:23PM
silllllooxo9Girlfriend I will take this! Look at how much it holds! Def perfect for traveling! Love the bright colors! Does it come with a box? By any chance will you take 40?
Jan 22 08:28PM
iamlinda@silllllooxo9 sorry no box, it came In plastic when I ordered it online, just never used it even though I removed the tags, I use my other pouch. I'll take 40, let me know when you'll buy and I'll change the price. 👍
Jan 22 08:32PM
silllllooxo9@iamlinda Awesome! Last question- can I have dimensions please
Jan 22 08:35PM
iamlinda@silllllooxo9 7 inches H, 10.5 inches wide.
Jan 22 08:38PM
silllllooxo9@iamlinda Mama doesn't let me purchase :( I'm so sorry I feel terrible for giving a price and not buying....
Jan 22 08:44PM
choogie25@iamlinda I'm interested in this. Can you do $35? Will buy tonight!
Jan 28 07:08PM
iamlinda@choogie25 hi, I can do $40 as the lowest.
Jan 28 10:08PM
samarudaSo cute!!! Beautiful photo! Love your closet, so chic! Nice to new you! & happy poshing!
Feb 23 10:47AM
biancalynnaCan you go lower?
Jun 02 05:15PM
biancalynnaDo you have a p.p. ?
Jun 02 05:20PM
iamlinda@biancalynna hi I can do $40.
Jun 02 11:06PM

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