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Authentic Louis Vuitton Dentelle Silver Speedy 30

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Authentic Louis Vuitton Dentelle Silver Speedy 30

Authentic Louis Vuitton Dentelle Silver Speedy 30. Limited edition. Nice and clean inside out. Comes with dust bag,and lock. More pictures are available by requested. Feel free to make me a reasonable offer. Thanks. Doll keychain does not include it.
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lucas0625@jntsnv702 trade??
May 30 09:25AM
jntsnv702@lucas0625 sorry no trade
May 30 03:35PM
nicbella79Great bag
Jun 01 04:50AM
lyn80How much?
Jun 01 07:18AM
jntsnv702@lyn80 hi there, what is your email? Will discuss through email. Thanks
Jun 01 07:25AM
Jun 01 02:08PM
cordova3Please email me about price
Jun 01 07:11PM
aclassyclosetIs this still available? If so, email me at with price. Thx!
Jun 02 05:00AM
moneymine@jntsnv702 What is the asking price?
Jun 04 06:58AM
moneymine@jntsnv702 Please mail me @. Thanks
Jun 04 06:59AM
Jun 11 08:40PM
la_boricua_finaIf we reach good terms ill buy today!
Jun 11 08:40PM
twopugsnmeLove This bag🌺🌺🌺
Jun 17 01:03PM
jntsnv702@twopugsnme thanks, love this bag too.
Jun 18 08:22AM
kimmylbc63@jntsnv702 what are you asking for this one ?
Jun 20 02:13PM
msasyaHi hun. Could you please email me your lowest price on this? thanks!!
Jun 21 10:00PM
jntsnv702@msasya hi there, just email you.
Jun 22 10:55AM
msasyaGorgeous but beyond my budget for now :-(
Jun 22 09:30PM
jntsnv702@msasya no problem. Thanks for your interested. :)
Jun 23 08:51PM
ginzposhInterested if other potential sales fall thru
Jun 27 09:17AM
splendeurLove!! Want!!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–
Jul 17 09:51PM
jntsnv702@splendeur thank you for sharing my items. :)
Jul 17 10:08PM
splendeurThank you too!!! Wish I can afford this beauty!!! πŸ’–πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–
Jul 17 10:09PM
splendeurQuick question.. How new is it?
Jul 17 11:16PM
splendeur@pamelam @lovedana - look at this beauty 😊
Jul 17 11:18PM
splendeurI'm really interested in this bag πŸ˜„. But I'm curious as to how new it is. Lmk when you can. Thank you!!!
Jul 18 04:48AM
splendeurAlso, I'm curious as to why the serial tag is a separate piece of leather instead of under the interior handle leather like the Vernis Sutten you sold or any other LVs.. And if it's relatively new, the leather could not have oxidized to this color so fast and so even.. I'm just curious.. But I love this bag and been wanting one, real or inspired. 😊 It's pretty!!!
Jul 18 04:59AM
devika08@krishosman @donna0219 hmm...
Jul 23 08:13PM
twopugsnmeThank you for the interest. I love this bag. Always have!
Aug 05 11:25AM
nicolemarie2016@jntsnv702 thanks for the shares! If you are interested, let me know and I would be happy to negotiate the price(:
Aug 08 10:44AM
Aug 30 09:07PM
Aug 31 07:58AM
suanetteI don't think this is real hun. Where did you buy? It's missing a couple things from what I know
Sep 01 06:52PM
Sep 05 06:28PM
youngcho1500 ?
Sep 13 10:15AM
Sep 13 10:31AM
youngchoI'm sorry can u do 1300?;)
Sep 13 10:36AM
youngcho$1300 or no ?
Sep 13 02:16PM
jntsnv702@youngcho sorry, can't do$1300, posh take 20% of it.
Sep 16 01:24AM
xalli😘is lovely !
Oct 02 02:27PM
jntsnv702@xalli thank you for. Your kind words.
Oct 02 08:13PM
Oct 03 10:45AM
mimikho@rubystar8 thank u, it's a beautiful one, but can't afford it, have to win a lottery first. Lol.
Oct 03 12:54PM
fancypants84Ugh this is amazing!!! I need to be rich lol😊
Oct 08 09:16AM
Oct 23 11:44AM
Oct 23 11:44AM
chaynes2004Are you open to trades?
Oct 23 09:23PM
jntsnv702Chaynes2004 hi there, looking to sell at the moment. Thanks
Oct 23 09:30PM
jntsnv702@chaynes2004 hi there, looking to sell at the moment. Thanks
Oct 23 09:31PM
hopemiranjI don't have enough close to that money but I wanted to say this bag is beautiful
Dec 30 07:59AM
jntsnv702@hopemiranj thank you
Dec 30 10:26AM
Dec 31 07:25AM
flowergirlsLove thisπŸ’•πŸ’•
Jan 13 11:30PM
daania@jntsnv702 hi, do you want to trade this bag for my fendi?
Jan 18 08:47PM
disosa83@baglover1973 This one?
Jan 31 01:59AM
baglover1973@disosa83 beautiful bag. 🌹
Jan 31 06:14AM
alldivineposhEverything in closet is 20% off! Take a peek luv!!!
Feb 07 08:25PM
ellielouI had this bag and it looks like it's in great condition!
Feb 10 03:35PM
akaplan93so gorgeous!
Feb 13 07:46AM
cuteoldblonde@ptodaro 😍😍😍
Jul 10 02:35AM
xxxeckyxxxCan you email me?
Jul 17 09:10AM
jntsnv702@xxxeckyxxx hi there, do you have any question?
Jul 17 10:19AM
xxxeckyxxxI wanted to discuss price with you :)
Jul 17 11:39AM
bmcruz01You might want to correct the spelling of dentelle in your post. It won't show up in the search engine if someone is sourcing this style.
Aug 01 10:44PM
jntsnv702@bmcruz01 hi there, thank you so much for your advice, I didn't even know I spell wrong. I correct it. Thanks agaim
Aug 02 08:40PM
bmcruz01YW! It happens to me too!
Aug 02 08:55PM
Aug 08 09:29PM
bmcruz01All purchased, thank you so much! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
Aug 08 09:40PM
jntsnv702@bmcruz01 thanks for your purchase. Will try to have it shipped out today, if not, will definitely shipped out by Monday. Please do let me know when you received it. Enjoy
Aug 08 09:40PM
gettumgirlCongrats on this sale!!!!!
Aug 09 07:57AM
jntsnv702@gettumgirl thank you so much for sharing my cloest. Xoxo.
Aug 09 08:37AM
jntsnv702@bmcruz01 hi there, I just notice that the bag is not wit me right now, it's at my parents house and they are on vacation and won't be back until 08/21, I'm sooooooo sorry about not notice it before. Would you still like to purchase the bag or refund? Please let me know. Sorry for the inconvenience again :(
Aug 09 11:24AM
bmcruz01Hi! I can wait until Aug. 21, but please try to ship that day if possible. πŸ’œπŸ’œ
Aug 09 01:10PM
jntsnv702@bmcruz01 hi there, thank you so much for understanding. Will defiantly provide you tracking number once it shipped out. Thanks again.
Aug 09 08:23PM
jntsnv702@bmcruz01 hi there, just want to let you know I will be pick it up the bag tomorrow and will try my best to have it shipped tomorrow. Will provide you the tracking number once it has shipped. Thank you so much again
Aug 20 07:22AM
bmcruz01Thank you!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Aug 20 07:30AM

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