Yves Saint Laurent Bags - YSL 🍭Host Pick🍭Black/White Contrast Tote NWT

YSL 🍭Host Pick🍭Black/White Contrast Tote NWT

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YSL 🍭Host Pick🍭Black/White Contrast Tote NWTNWT

YSL Black/White Contrast Tote NWT & Dust Cover Host Pick Twice. Last one on 7/26🎉
Seller Discount: 5% off 2+ Bundle
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
Authentication: Free above $500
Buyer Protection & Refund Policy
yejikiimTrade???!!!! I will give you anything!! Multiple items!!!
May 26 07:28PM
marysasalasDoes the price say $1269??
May 30 06:48PM
catherinecab@marysasalas not the owner but it looks like that has an S in front of it, as in the style number
Jun 03 02:19PM
kleinlori@marysasalas what is the ? Sorry I didn't see it before
Jul 01 08:02AM
nicoleweider@kleinlori I'm just curious how do you have all the bags with tags attached, and why are you selling them for much less? I'm interested in this.
Jul 08 02:43PM
kleinlori@nicoleweider umm. Didn't use. Most bought on sale. Any more ?'s
Jul 08 02:48PM
nicoleweider@kleinlori is this like a bright white color, or more cream? Also can you lower the price at all?
Jul 08 04:41PM
kleinlori@nicoleweider offehite
Jul 09 10:54AM
cher12Lovely bag.
Jul 14 12:37PM
vivacouture@kelliecurtis oh I love @kleinlori closet !!! I love this bag too!! She has the most amazing collection ! Are you getting this one too??
Jul 20 03:28PM
kelliecurtis@vivacouture haha, this one is a little out of my league😉 the dr biz isn't what it used to be!!
Jul 20 03:36PM
finchen@kelliecurtis : wow! This is truly a gem!! We need to get together and just spent one day just looking for purses! And have a cocktail every two hours to get new energy :) hope you had a great Saturday!
Jul 20 05:48PM
kelliecurtis@finchen I'm in!!!😀😀
Jul 20 08:01PM
Jul 26 03:53PM
kleinlori@djdjdjdj79 it is a YSL, Yves Saint Laurent. They r made great.
Jul 26 04:43PM
jessefficientThis might be my favorite item on this entire site!
Jul 27 04:37AM
kleinlori@jessefficient 🌺thank u🌺 right? Truly beautiful. Have a great weekend.
Jul 27 06:18AM
irinaapopovis this authentic? would you go any lower?
Jul 28 09:42PM
kleinlori@irinaapopov yes it is absolutely authentic. Guaranteed. It is in perfect shape. I am open to any serious offers. 🌺
Jul 28 09:51PM
irinaapopovI love this bag, but I can't do 1395
Jul 28 10:25PM
koko65Wow we have kind of the same taste, I own this same bag, also! And the Stella. I love this one, it is sooo chic, black and white it's so in right now. It is a timeless bag. You have an amazing taste!😜
Jul 30 08:12PM
kleinlori@koko65 thank u! I can wait to visit ur closet too!!!🌺💜
Jul 30 09:11PM
kgarlinghouse1@kleinlori what is your lowest price? Thanks! Very interested!
Aug 07 02:19AM
zhangxixido you have any proof of authenticity ? I really like it, serious buyer
Aug 14 06:59AM
kleinlori@zhangxixi absolutely. receipt. Everything in my closet is authentic. I guarantee.
Aug 14 10:21AM
zhangxixiwhat's the lowest price you can do?
Aug 14 10:23AM
jeanie52@kleinlori , what an awesome closet you have. I enjoyed looking at everything. Love this purse. I'll show my husband and hopefully he'll buy it for me as first wedding anniversary. I'll let you know soon. How low can you go with this bag??
Aug 20 08:56AM
Aug 28 07:30AM
lynncurtisGoodness girl, you get some crazy questions/comments! Oy. 💗
Sep 29 08:45PM
aliciarosevShared to the Work Week Chic Party! So fabulous! Xo - Ali Rose 👠👗🎀💄💋
Oct 13 07:44PM
mechamplin@kleinlori what are the measurements for this YSL?
Oct 18 03:02PM
splendeur🎉🎈🎊CONGRATS on this beautiful HP!!!!!! 🎊🎈🎉
Nov 07 08:11PM
sakshi9984🎉🍻Congrats on your Host Pick 🍻🎉
Nov 08 12:43AM
pamelam🎊🎈🎉YIPEE!!! 🎊🎈🎉CONGRATULATIONS 🎊🎈🎉ON HOST PICK!!!🎊🎈🎉👏👏👏👏👏🎊🎈🎉🎊🎈🎉
Nov 08 03:54AM
lovewinter00Nice closet but I can't afford anything in hear & what I can afford I don't like. Good luck. Lovely closet. It's like looking at a magazine.
May 30 04:57PM
irinaapopovI. love. this.
Jul 26 11:24AM
irinaapopovwould you trade?
Jul 29 02:36PM
kleinlori@irinaapopov thank u!! sorry, i don't trade, have a great night
Aug 23 09:03PM
elizmulI'm in love!! Unfortunately I am left to admire, dream, wish OR steal!! (wink) hehe...
Aug 29 04:14AM
kmadeoy@nljorda1 are you following? You should be! Beautiful things ;)
Oct 11 07:34AM
nljorda1@kmadeoy oh yes!!! since day 1 xoxox
Oct 11 07:43AM
kmadeoy@nljorda1 👍😘
Oct 11 07:45AM
yunqirlin@kleinlori still available? can u possibly post pic of it being modeled?
Jan 12 10:05PM
skyerandi😍😍😍😍 where did you get this?!
Mar 07 01:14AM
bbreaux@kleinlori Honey, your closet has the ability to make me 😍😍 smile, laugh and cry all at the same time! You have exquisite taste! 👍😊
Apr 05 08:37AM
kleinlori@bbreaux thank you!
Apr 05 08:40AM
kleinlori@skyerandi neimans
Apr 05 08:40AM
bbreaux@kleinlori Hi! Could you please send me some pics of the sides and bottom and perhaps one on your arm? I am really interested and would like to submit and offer for consideration. Thanks a ton! 😊 my email is bbreaux@gmail.com
Apr 06 06:34PM
bbreaux@kleinlori sorry that email should have read: bbreaux02@gmail.com
Apr 06 06:43PM
bbreaux@kleinlori hi Lori, did you get a chance to take some pictures? If so, Could you email me ?
Apr 08 05:52PM
zoepettitHi there! I just wanted to let you know that you have a beautiful closet and that Posh is lucky to have you on their app :) Keep up the wonderful work and good luck to you with sales!! ❤
Jun 21 07:50AM
kleinlori@zoepettit zoe, what a nice comment. thank you so much. that just made my day even better. thank u!!
Jun 21 08:08AM
irinaapopovyou're definitely sure you wouldn't trade this bag? even a partial trade?
Aug 10 08:13PM
kleinlori@irinaapopov irina, thank u, but I just don't trade. I'm so sorry. 😘
Aug 11 11:47AM
irinaapopov😭 I understand
Aug 12 11:47AM
kleinlori@irinaapopov :)
Aug 12 11:52AM
irinaapopovmaybe I'll make it work. 😅 would you take $900 for it?
Aug 12 05:56PM
kleinlori@irinaapopov $950 and i will ship it out first thing tomorrow.
Aug 12 06:01PM
irinaapopovno no no put the price back up so nobody snatches it 🙈 I need to figure it out; you wouldn't take payments, would you? haha
Aug 12 06:54PM
kleinlori@irinaapopov i would live to work with u. What r u thinking as far as payments?
Aug 12 07:26PM
irinaapopovI could probably do 3- $300 ones? in 4 weeks.
Aug 12 08:06PM
kleinlori@irinaapopov you can pay it off in 5 weeks but I can't go any lower than $950. I would love to sell it to u. I hope that helps. Let me know if u want to go ahead and make a first payment toward the bag. Thank u😘
Aug 13 02:49PM
modaragazzaA beauty! ❤❤❤
Sep 14 04:39PM
kleinlori@alyssia14 thank u! U r the kindest😘😘
Sep 14 04:41PM
kristyblockerLOVE!! ❤️
Sep 23 03:02PM
aliciarosevSo chic! Shared to Best in Bags Part 10/21 👝👛👜💼 xx - alirose.com
Oct 21 01:40PM
savvyladyVery nice handbag!
May 19 02:11PM
tigersaurus007You have a fabulous closet! 💕💕💕
Jun 15 09:15PM
kleinlori@tigersaurus007 thank u so much😘😘
Oct 05 07:06AM

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