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🍭HOST PICK🍭Dolce & Gabbana Bow Pump NWT/Box 38B

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🍭HOST PICK🍭Dolce & Gabbana Bow Pump NWT/Box 38BNWT

Dolce & Gabbana Leopard-print Satin Bow Peep Toe Platform. Fabric insole as well. Pump NWT and Box. Size 38B. Perfect Condition. 4 3/4 covered heel.
Seller Discount: 5% off 2+ Bundle
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alvictoriaLovely closet!
May 19 07:57PM
sarah_e622These are gorgeous!
May 26 08:54PM
chatonmisschatWould look amazing with my d and g dress!
Jun 22 06:09PM
sassysherWhat does "host pick " mean??
Jul 16 06:10PM
kleinlori@sassysher it just means that a host of a party choose the item for "her party" she was hosting. For example, tonight, there is a party hosted by someone. Tomorrow, next week, whenever u have time, u can check to see if any of ur items were listed. Sometimes other "poshers" will tell u. I hope that makes sense. I'm still learning 2⃣👯
Jul 16 06:21PM
sassysherOk thanks!!! I'm new on here and trying to find the best & safest ways on here
Jul 16 06:23PM
kleinlori@sassysher @alvictoria @loriwgalloway @andine @jessicarabbit13 @shoogal82 @queenmum @lrbennett12 @5diane5 @sheelagoh @highhealda11 these r just a few women I trust and can tell u they r posh angels!
Jul 16 06:39PM
shoogal82Welcome to Poshmark @sassysher 😊Thanks @kleinlori
Jul 16 06:41PM
andineThank you!!! 😘💚😘💚 that is such a lovely thing to say and truly appreciated!!
Jul 16 06:42PM
andine...and the feeling is mutual 😘😉❤
Jul 16 06:43PM
alvictoriaThank you so much! So sweet!
Jul 16 06:51PM
sassysherThank you very much!!!@kleinlori and @shoogal82
Jul 16 06:57PM
5diane5@kleinlori Thanks for including me. That's why I don't call you a are The Doll!!! How have you been. Busy selling from that GORGEOUS Closet of yours. I like your photo. Don't know why I ever thought you might be blonde LOL. Blessings, Health & Prosperity to you & yours.
Jul 16 08:07PM
lrbennett12TY! 😘😘😘😘
Jul 16 08:08PM
lrbennett12And welcome @sassysher!!!!
Jul 16 08:09PM
sassysherThank you @lrbennett12 :)
Jul 16 08:18PM
highhealda11@kleinlori That was nice! ❤U too! Thank you for the shares! 💐I see you added more fabulous things! I'm going shopping👠!
Jul 16 09:07PM
kleinlori@highhealda11 yippee!!👜🏡
Jul 16 10:09PM
sheelagohThank you so very much for such a lovely endorsement :) @kleinlori
Jul 17 02:21PM
sheelagohWelcome @sassysher It's lovely "to" meet you :) please please feel free to ask any questions of any of us xoxo
Jul 17 02:25PM
sassysherThanks @sheelagoh !!! I'm still trying to figure out the good buyers/sellers from the why are some people selling used cosmetics and under garments!??! Also....what's the deal with it safe/allowed? And how do I find/know serious far I've had really low offers or people say they will buy if I lower...and then dont. All of my items are authentic and I believe I've given them a good price, especially considering the 20% fee. I've only sold 1 cheaper item....none of my high end new this a good place to sell them or maybe you know of another? Thanks for any help!!!
Jul 17 02:54PM
sheelagohLet me reply under one of your listings :) @kleinlori
Jul 17 02:55PM
alvictoriaYou must have a whole room for poshmark! Haha
Aug 13 01:54PM
kleinlori@alvictoria try 2!!!! I thinned out my closets and now I am using rolling racks as decor! my friends don't come to see me anymore. U got it. they come over and shop in my living room. U r one step behind me in that area, but ahead of me in everything else. :) I wish u would win in all the categories!!
Aug 13 09:30PM
kleinlori@msaffliction this is what i was talking about. yours r an 8.5. the soles r different. I have never sen soles like yours. They r sick!!!!! I love all the poshers who r on this listing. I'm sure u know them all, but if u don't, u should!!
Aug 13 09:33PM
cvz15🎊Congratulations🎊! Your trendy "Fall 2013 - Must-Have" listing has been selected as a "🎉Host Pick🎉" for our "From East Coast to West Coast Style" Party! Happy Poshing, where sharing is caring! 👭😊💖
Sep 26 08:04PM
vacatCongrats on HP 💃💃💃🎉🎉🐾
Sep 26 08:05PM
janisboutique🎊🎉Yay! Host Pick🎉🎊
Sep 26 08:08PM
Sep 26 08:43PM
bagsandbaubles@cvz15 Beauuuuutiful!! Congrats on the lovely Host Pick!
Sep 26 08:55PM
Sep 28 01:33PM
hydrogirl@kleinlori Hi, Lori😍 Hope you're having a lovely week💗 I know it doesn't show up in our Notification Feed when we share each other's closets to parties for them, but I wanted you to know that I shared your first 12 listings to tonight's party💗 Happy Poshing 💋
Oct 02 08:14PM
chemyHow cute! I have Roberto Cavalli shoes that are very similar. Great closet!
Oct 10 01:17PM
sassysherLovely...too small for me but I'm sharing :)
Oct 19 01:59PM
plsosinI love these would you be up for a trade with me for one of my pairs of gorgeous designer shoes?
Oct 27 07:10AM
Oct 27 12:32PM
elisehunter🎉Congrats on your Host Pick!!🎉
Nov 07 07:19PM
gymjanice@kleinlori ❤️always Amazing, congrats on HP
Nov 07 07:25PM
janicegwCongratulations on your Poshtastic Host Pick at tonight's Girly Girl Party!❤️🌹🎁
Nov 07 07:28PM
splendeur🎉🎈🎊CONGRATS on this beautiful HP!!!!!! 🎊🎈🎉
Nov 07 07:34PM
Nov 20 10:32AM
vegasbabyyAre these thre to size? Ima 8-8.5. :/
Nov 28 08:17PM
kleinlori@vegasbabyy i wear a true size 10 and mine pair fit me perfect. I would feel more comfortable if u try on a pair of dolce & gabbana's in the same size. If u have anytime I'm the next week to try and ru in a store to try on a pair. remember my shoes get me great.these have a 4 3/4'heel. they really r stunning shoe's. i get complements all the time . I just want u to feel confident if you purchase them. thanks lori
Nov 28 08:40PM
vegasbabyyWow they run super small. Total opposite of CL. I will def try on a pair at the mall first. Thx
Nov 29 12:43AM
_fab_finds@kleinlori Hello!!! Your shoe game is fierce and your closet is exquisite!!!! 🎉Shared!! 😘
Jan 20 09:21PM
victoriavs1219Hi! love these shoes.. since they are selling on for 240 and an additional 15% off making them $204 total. would you be willing to come down on the price?
Mar 06 01:39PM
kleinlori@victoriavs1219 r u ready to buy
Mar 06 03:14PM
victoriavs1219I would definitely be for the right price :)
Mar 07 09:43AM
nikkimarie84@kleinlori Hi, trade? I have a nice high end closet 😍
Mar 09 07:27PM
sweething@kleinlori love these !!! Are they a true size 8? If so I saw in your comments that you would let them go for $204 if they are a true size 8 and you change the price I will purchase them right away . Thanks I always enjoy purchasing from your FAB. Closet
May 04 05:56AM
maemae87@kleinlori these are beautiful 😍
Aug 27 01:56PM
kleinlori@maemae87 thank u!! :)
Aug 27 05:23PM
51twentyMy size!🙆
Oct 15 10:43AM
cynthiamck@kleinlori I absolutely love your closet ♡ , I think is the first time you have shoes size 8 here , pleaseeeee tag me anytime you have any shoes this size , you have such great taste :) Ps I'm still thinking about this ones since I already have some leopard print shoes , but these are gorgeous .
Dec 21 06:06PM
gypsydd@kleinlori are these narrow?
Dec 21 09:27PM
puddinbabyface1loven them but can't afford them yet.
Jan 10 08:42PM
cynthiamck@kleinlori i'm in love and really want them but most of your shoes are size 10 , are u an 8 in D&G or this belonged to someone else ? . Please let me know , i've been stocking this for too long , hahaha. I'm a true size 8 and have narrow feet , do u think they would fit me ? Thank u :)
Feb 07 05:39PM

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