👡 Silver VINTAGE #Springalators Backless heels

Glamorous silver backless heels! 4" heel. Leather soles. Beautiful with current designs or vintage dresses, suits and pants. Go for the unique...the "elastic" you see in the photo actually "springs" as you walk. It provides added comfort since it moves with each step...Springalators!
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
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enza72@downeysdesserts Thanks for the shares! :)
May 10 12:44PM
downeysdesserts@kittycat10 Thank you for sharing 😉
May 10 08:43PM
kittycat10@downeysdesserts My pleasure 😘.
May 10 08:51PM
downeysdesserts@khmaimodel TY for the shares!
May 20 11:07AM
khmaimodel@downeysdesserts just returning the favor! :)
May 20 11:07AM
downeysdesserts@khmaimodel Sharing is caring!
May 20 11:12AM
vacatYes please ladies - lets see heels again!!!
May 24 10:29PM
downeysdesserts@vacat No offense to the other ladies, but what's up with a sea of platforms/wedgies? Ok I own 1 or 2 pair, but I feel like I have clubbed feet! Lol
May 24 10:31PM
vacat@downeysdesserts I own a couple as well. I just feel like I walk clumsily in them. It's like walking through mud!!! LOL
May 24 10:55PM
downeysdesserts@vacat Exactly! Mud...I saw a pair of 7 Louboutins tonight...sell sell sell. Also a pair of Gucci boots with a metal "G"at the top of the boot.
May 24 11:11PM
vacatWhere are those boots????? Off to bed, finally. It's 3am!!!🙀🐾
May 25 12:03AM
downeysdesserts@vacat I'll find them!
May 25 12:04AM
downeysdesserts@jenjones Hi! Make an offer, if you're tempted 😉
Jun 09 12:24AM
downeysdesserts@jenjones Hi! Maybe I can ship a nice vintage item to you someday. 😉
Jul 28 04:22PM
Aug 24 11:55PM
geecruxhoganAre they still available?
Nov 18 10:12AM
downeysdesserts@geecruxhogan They are! I'm surprised they didn't sell sooner. FYI I do have a narrow foot and they fit beautifully
Nov 18 01:51PM
geecruxhoganCan you post more pics please
Nov 18 03:02PM
downeysdesserts@geecruxhogan Yes, I'll tag you when they're posted
Nov 19 11:20AM
geecruxhoganOkay sounds good
Nov 19 04:41PM
geecruxhoganAny luck?
Nov 22 09:05AM
downeysdesserts@geecruxhogan I'm so sorry, we're beyond busy catering events. As I said, I'll tag you when they're posted 😊
Nov 22 11:36AM

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