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Hokus Pokus Brand leather clogs 👡

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Hokus Pokus Brand leather clogs 👡

These shoes look super cute with a pair of jeans and a blazer or with a nice flowy skirt. I loved them but have no place to wear them... :-(
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candyheart424@netta1016 Thank you for sharing my post :)
Apr 29 05:42PM
netta1016@candyheart424 Sure no problem! I will share more items later. I'm cooking dinner right now Lol. We are all here to make some $$$ 😉 please return the favor.
Apr 29 05:45PM
mountaingal38@candyheart424 those r adorable wish theu were my size :)
May 27 08:23PM
candyheart424@mountaingal38 - Aww I do too😏
May 27 08:31PM
dcolemanAre they new then
May 30 10:04AM
candyheart424@dcoleman - No. They aren't new...I've worn them a bit.
May 30 12:40PM
dcolemanOk thsnks
May 30 04:21PM
candyheart424@doreen1266 - I accidentally got the wrong boxes from the post office and I wanted to make sure you got your tracking number for your purchase. It's 9405503699300446388969 I am so sorry if I had caused any confusion💕
Jun 02 11:17AM
doreen1266I'll let you know. I think it will be fine though. Thanks.
Jun 02 06:12PM
doreen1266Hi. I got the clogs today, I love them. I tried accepting the order but it still says it's processing. As soon as that changes I will accept so you can get paid. Thanks, they are perfect.
Jun 03 12:32PM
candyheart424@doreen1266 - Yeah it's because of something that I did....I made a mistake..I contacted Poshmark and as soon as I hear back from them I'll let u know what's going on. 💕 But I am so glad you like them!! 💕
Jun 03 12:39PM
candyheart424@doreen1266 - Ok I contacted Poshmark support and they need you to send them an email with your order number and that u received your item. So they can manually release the funds to me. Thanks so much!! 💕
Jun 03 01:52PM
doreen1266I just sent them the email. 😃
Jun 03 02:06PM
candyheart424@doreen1266 - Thank you so much!! 💕 I really appreciate it 😘
Jun 03 02:09PM
candyheart424@doreen1266 - Just wanted to let you know that everything is all set 👍Thank you for your help 💕
Jun 03 05:50PM
doreen1266So glad! I really love the clogs, can't wait to wear them. 😃
Jun 03 08:06PM
candyheart424@doreen1266 - Yay!! 💕 So happy👏
Jun 03 08:34PM

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