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Dior Heart Lock bracelet

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Dior Heart Lock bracelet

Authentic adjustable Christian Dior Heart Lock bracelet. I believe it's plated in white gold but unsure. No tarnish after years of storage! Authentic CD at the end of bracelet and at clasp. Comes with box and tag.
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annscU work for pm?? I'm excited that you guys are hosting tomorrow evening as a team!
Jun 02 11:16PM
theham@annsc thanks! it's my first time hosting so i'm extra excited! hope you join the party (:
Jun 02 11:21PM
annscI'll def be sharing 😉 I'm actually gonna be hosting on 6/4! 😉
Jun 02 11:50PM
theham@annsc oh awesome!!! :D
Jun 02 11:55PM
Sep 06 11:14PM
hazeldbee@theham, could you please provide for the dimebnsions? Thanks!
Oct 20 05:23PM
theham@hazeldbee hi! from the clasp to first loop it is 7inches and there's a 2inch extension (which i just let dangle). the lcok from top to point is 3/4 inch. hope this helps :D
Oct 21 11:06AM
Oct 21 03:00PM
spindloeWould this fit a 7.25 in wrist? Thanks
Oct 21 03:01PM
theham@spindloe hi yes it would fit and i don't take paypal since it's against the rules!
Oct 21 03:18PM
Oct 21 08:30PM
hazeldbee@theham may I ask the lowest you'll take on this?
Oct 21 11:50PM
theham@hazeldbee 95 is my current lowest without bundle. it's confirmed to be plated in white gold. thank you for your interest!
Oct 22 01:21PM
hazeldbee@theham I just bought the necklace for $35. Cld you pls give me a deal on this bracelet? It will totally match it!
Oct 22 06:46PM
theham@hazeldbee since you want a set I could do $80 with no bundle
Oct 22 10:17PM
hazeldbee@theham, do you do paypal, by chance?
Oct 23 11:14AM
theham@hazeldbee unfortunately i don't do paypal since it's against the rules ):
Oct 23 11:55AM
hazeldbee@theham, yes but your header says "paypal" kinda deceiving!
Oct 23 11:56AM
theham@hazeldbee haha sorry on iphone the picture is a cross so NO paypal
Oct 23 12:18PM
hazeldbee@theham, would you take $70 by chance?
Oct 27 06:32PM
alliestahl@theham I love this! Can you go any lower??
Feb 23 10:12PM
theham@alliestahl hi! thanks for your interest. i just lowered to $80 today. i discount on bundles (:
Feb 23 10:59PM
theham@hazeldbee hi i've dropped the price to $70 if you're still interested!
May 01 09:34AM
hazeldbee@theham can I get back to u in a little but just too busy @ work month end close
May 01 09:43AM
theham@hazeldbee of course! no pressure, just letting you know (:
May 01 11:47AM
May 02 10:14PM
janiskarenAre there any stamp of numbers or letters like 925 to indicate if it's gold or silver? Thanks
Jul 29 12:55PM
forjoseyes@theham hello would you accept 50?
Aug 08 11:45AM
l8nrfan@theham Does it come with the box, too?
Aug 15 02:43PM
theham@l8nrfan yes there is the box!
Aug 15 03:02PM
l8nrfan@theham What's your best bundle price for this bracelet and the Dior earrings? Also, if added the Burberry dress in the bundle with the jewelry?
Aug 15 03:16PM
Aug 27 02:15AM
Oct 15 12:31PM
Oct 30 08:50AM
theham@diva621 hi! just letting you know this was shipped yesterday and i've let pm know as well since I didn't get a scanned success email! can you let me/pm know when it arrives please? thanks, hope you love it!
Nov 13 04:05PM

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