Michael Kors watch

Cute brown pattern band watch - never used
Seller Discount: 15% off 3+ Bundle
Price Dropped: 11%
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
Buyer Protection & Refund Policy
kiky330@tdlloyd interested?
Mar 28 04:09PM
kiky330@enjmabe interested?
Mar 31 06:52PM
Apr 09 02:02PM
kiky330@magster sorry, no trades. If you like it I can lower the price a little bit.
Apr 09 02:06PM
kiky330@fruburn interested?
Apr 27 03:58PM
kiky330@iyamlaxy thank you for sharing😊
May 02 04:52AM
kiky330@mrivera42456 interested?
May 03 11:20AM
kiky330@jluckey2519 interested?
May 16 09:42AM
kiky330@mekaco interested?😊
May 24 09:23AM
kiky330@awhhbbynikki interested?😊
May 29 10:47AM
Jun 03 10:25PM
kiky330@kendra707 the lowest I can do is $135. 😊
Jun 04 05:03AM
kiky330@daniellardz interested?😊
Jul 11 05:01AM
mica_craft@katiedidit to small
Jul 15 05:41AM
kiky330@ladyhotwing interested?😊
Jan 07 02:19PM
ladyhotwingOh, yes...however, it's a bit out of my reach in the budget dept right now, so I have to just stand back and drool for now! Lol
Jan 07 03:53PM
Jan 30 04:24PM
kiky330@dreshymia17 yes😊interested?
Jan 30 04:44PM
kiky330@veronika interested?😊
Feb 27 10:36AM
kiky330@veronika interested?😊you will get 20% off!
Feb 27 10:44AM
kiky330@port3196 interested? You will get 20% off😊
Mar 12 05:15AM
port3196Does it come with everything?
Mar 12 07:50AM
kiky330@port3196 Yes! Box, cushion, and manual as showed on the pictures😊
Mar 12 07:53AM
port3196Okay, I'm really interested and want to buy but I only have $100 right now.
Mar 12 08:21AM
kiky330@port3196 Sorry, $127 is the lowest I can do.😞
Mar 12 08:22AM
port3196It's okay, I understand. If its still available once I get the money I will definitely buy. Thanks
Mar 12 11:34AM
kiky330@port3196 no problem😊
Mar 12 11:57AM
kiky330@bfrof interested?😊
Apr 04 10:10AM
kiky330@chassy321 interested?😊
Apr 06 01:12PM
breezy1I have this exact same watch I love it it's beautiful
Apr 28 09:40AM
kiky330@camcobb interested?
May 05 04:56PM
kiky330@rinjeq interested?
May 13 10:22AM
kiky330@kianalee75 interested?😊
Jun 23 06:21AM
kiky330@epinson interested?
Aug 02 01:54PM
kiky330@cnv101 interested?
Aug 04 05:44AM
kiky330@chrissy1771 interested?
Aug 10 01:56PM
kiky330@juje14 interested?
Nov 26 04:20AM
kiky330@jonquilviolet interested?
Nov 30 06:17AM
kiky330@ariel4fly interested?
Dec 14 04:55PM
ariel4fly@kiky330 Just admiring @ the moment!!
Dec 14 05:18PM
kiky330@ariel4fly okay, no problem!
Dec 14 05:26PM
kiky330@kams1124 interested?
Jan 02 08:54AM
kams1124No not at the moment. Will keep in my likes. It's beautiful
Jan 02 08:55AM
kiky330@stephclawson interested?
Jan 17 08:39PM
stephclawsonSorry i just bought one and i broke it after wearing it once now gotta figure out how to get it fixed
Jan 17 09:06PM
kiky330@coconita1 interested?
Mar 06 05:12PM
kiky330@susie6509 interested?
Mar 16 04:08AM
susie6509Just 👀ing!!!💗💕
Mar 16 08:12AM
kiky330@candaced interested?
Apr 02 07:26PM
candacedGotta clear more out of my closet first😄
Apr 02 07:34PM
kiky330@aleshial interested?
Apr 12 12:45PM
aleshial@kiky330 hi there... It's Gorgeous!!! Not quite ready to buy yet.... But I'm keeping it in my "Likes" foe now. Thanks!!!
Apr 12 01:53PM
kiky330@melcakie interested?
May 17 12:14PM
melcakieI love it
May 17 01:39PM
kiky330@melcakie let me know if u have any questions
May 17 01:43PM
kiky330@masonlikethejar interested?
May 17 06:43PM
Jun 11 11:56AM
kiky330@hanngrace16 make me an offer
Jun 11 11:58AM
kiky330@hanngrace16 Can you use the offer feature?
Jun 11 01:33PM
kiky330@kimiannucci interested in bundle?😊
Jun 29 12:39PM
kiky330@klwhite79 interested?
Jul 21 08:16PM
klwhite79Just looking for now 😁
Jul 22 06:55PM
kiky330@pwillia interested?
Aug 08 05:27AM
kiky330@jhyl interested?
Aug 09 08:47AM
Aug 09 09:16AM
kiky330@jhyl make an offer
Aug 09 11:24AM
kiky330@vlopwz interested?
Aug 14 08:03PM
Aug 15 07:33AM
pinkymdWhat is that booklet under the watch? 😊
Aug 31 08:56PM
kiky330@sweetfuss interested?
Sep 15 08:49PM
sweetfussYes but can you give me the dimensions? Also is in working condition and can you post a picture of it on your wrist?
Sep 15 08:51PM
kiky330@sweetfuss I will get those for you tonight
Sep 16 08:36AM
kiky330@luckyinpearls interested?
Sep 25 09:30AM

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