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JPK lovesac

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JPK lovesac

Cute JPK lovesac. Worn once! Great for summer..
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tmpiersonWhat are the dimensions? πŸ˜€
Feb 17 02:34PM
scotchmc@tmpierson it's 16x13x6!
Feb 17 02:44PM
ssg@scotchmc it's smoke free?
Mar 26 01:29PM
scotchmc@ssg yes, definitely !
Mar 28 02:17AM
angelina8513Do you have any pic that are with the purse open?
Apr 03 06:59PM
ssg@scotchmc 30?
Apr 12 03:12PM
scotchmc@ssg sorry, no!
Apr 12 06:13PM
scotchmc@ssg I'll do $30 plus $10 ship on PP...interested?
Aug 22 05:02AM
scotchmc@sydneylynae ill bunt this and the chloe bag for 170 on PP
Aug 26 09:43AM
scotchmcBundle @sydneylynae
Aug 26 09:44AM
scotchmc@angelina8513 still interested? Ill post more photos if you are!
Aug 28 01:28PM
chatonmisschatWould you be interested in trading this and the Barbour bag?
Dec 14 07:35PM
scotchmc@chatonmisschat I don't trade- sorry! I can bundle though!
Dec 15 11:45AM
qbanatheartIs this still avail?
Jan 04 06:50PM
qbanatheartπŸ‘†can u please advise???!!!
Jan 06 07:59PM
scotchmc@qbanatheart i believe its still available. I have to double check when I get home that I didn't bring it to consignment and I'll get back to you :)
Jan 07 09:38AM
qbanatheartOk yes let me know
Jan 07 06:52PM
scotchmc@qbanatheart it's been a crazy week- Sorry! Yes it's available!
Jan 16 08:39PM
qbanatheartI could do $25 now if you'd like to sell it.
Jan 28 11:26AM
scotchmc@qbanatheart sorry too low. I'd like to get at least $32 out of it.
Jan 28 04:20PM
scotchmc@qbanatheart can you do $32? or I can do $27 PP
Jan 30 05:28PM
qbanatheart$27 via pp incl shipping right?
Jan 30 05:37PM
scotchmc@qbanatheart shipping would be more if I used paypal. How about we do $23 on here and $2 on here so you can use poshmarks shipping
Jan 30 05:39PM
qbanatheartI'm sorry I don't understand what ur saying? I can do $25 Lmk if u decide to change the price.
Jan 30 06:45PM
scotchmc@qbanatheart let's split the different and do $29
Jan 30 08:43PM
qbanatheartOk I'm ready to purchase for $29. Can u pls change the price.
Feb 18 08:19PM
scotchmc@qbanatheart changed for you
Feb 23 07:31PM
qbanatheartWhat material is the main part of the bag?
Feb 23 08:01PM
qbanatheartWill u be shipping soon?
Feb 27 09:26PM
scotchmc@qbanatheart will ship tomorrow
Feb 28 04:27AM
scotchmc@qbanatheart sorry we've had so much snow and they haven't come to pick up your package yet. Hoping it's over tomorrow!
Mar 03 08:09AM

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