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Phillip Lim Nude Lark Small Duffel Bag

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Phillip Lim Nude Lark Small Duffel BagNWT

100% Authentic it's Brand New, Never Used, and comes with Dust Bag
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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maryhangpham@tattoosandtea interested? (:
Feb 15 04:17PM
maryhangpham@tattoosandtea price is also negotiable, let me know if you're interested (:
Feb 15 04:23PM
maryhangpham@lpaynegabriel @cat126 @x0annarae0x interested? (:
Feb 16 02:20PM
maryhangpham@puraolivida thanks for sharing ❤
Feb 16 04:20PM
maryhangpham@fashionableeme interested? pricing is negotiable (:
Feb 20 03:32PM
mskarau@maryhangpham hi! could u take more photos of the actual bag? thank u! 😍 and what's your best price?
Feb 20 10:03PM
maryhangpham@mskarau I can do $350 through PayPal shipping covered. and yes I can post up more pictures tomorrow and I'll tag you (:
Feb 20 10:06PM
mskarau@maryhangpham ok im very interested! if u can, could u pls email me pictures of the bag in natural lighting? i want to see what color it is exactly. and do u still have the receipt by any chance? 😍
Feb 21 08:27AM
maryhangpham@mskarau sorry I don't have the reciept, it was a gift.
Feb 21 10:49AM
maryhangphambut there are still tags on it
Feb 21 10:50AM
maryhangpham@mskarau email sent (:
Feb 21 10:53AM
mskarau@maryhangpham i just checked my e-mail. didnt get anything yet. ☺ again it's
Feb 21 10:57AM
maryhangpham@mskarau got it yet?
Feb 21 11:03AM
maryhangpham@princess1227 interested? (:
Feb 22 09:45AM
fbearHey love, beautiful purse! Is the price negotiable? If so, what are you willing to lower it to? Thanks! xo
Feb 22 10:53AM
maryhangpham@fbear email me at
Feb 22 11:18AM
maryhangpham@michimochi interested? 😊
Feb 23 06:00PM
franonymous@maryhangpham does this have an outside pocket?
Feb 24 12:18AM
Feb 24 10:50AM
maryhangpham@narflyrem not it doesnt have outside pockets @cjtang are you interested? (:
Feb 24 06:09PM
franonymous@maryhangpham too bad not even one pocket outside. I love this bag!
Feb 24 07:32PM
franonymous@maryhangpham are you sure? Is't there a zip pocket outside? I have seen the lark small satchel and I could gave sworn there was one. Oh well.
Feb 24 07:37PM
cjtangLove this! But just purchased another PL bag recently so will keep in my likes for now 💓
Feb 24 10:37PM
maryhangpham@narflyrem I'm positive and this is the small duffel bag. two different types. there's zippers but only as design.
Feb 24 10:51PM
franonymous@maryhangpham thank you. I probably have it confused with another. Too bad,
Feb 25 03:04AM
inanciWould u consider trading? 😊
Feb 25 06:02AM
maryhangpham@inanci sorry no trades for my designer babies
Feb 25 06:31AM
chanelblksatin@maryhangpham do you have any more photos of the bag?
Mar 02 01:15AM
maryhangpham@chanelblksatin I can email them to you since I can't post them all on poshmark
Mar 02 08:21AM
chanelblksatin@maryhangpham My email is
Mar 02 08:28AM
maryhangpham@chanelblksatin email sent 😊
Mar 02 08:52AM
chanelblksatin@maryhangpham the bag is gorgeous! Thanks again :)
Mar 09 09:49AM
maryhangpham@chanelblksatin you're welcome! I'm glad you like it 😊
Mar 09 09:50AM
bananniekins@maryhangpham - Any chance you have a Pashli for sale? :)
Mar 31 03:45PM
maryhangpham@bananniekins sorry I don't /:
Mar 31 05:06PM

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