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Last med crop top/royal blue jumpsuit!

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    Last med crop top/royal blue jumpsuit!NWT

    Brand new. Available in small and medium as well. Look for the other listings! If you can't did just ask ;)
    Seller Discount: 10% off 2+ Bundle
    $5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
    Buyer Protection & Refund Policy
    mrs0710oh darns! I wish it was a small.:( very cute :)
    Feb 15 08:34PM
    princessamyj@mrs0710 I have a small!! Ill tag you in it :)
    Feb 15 08:36PM
    wet_bandittWould this look good on me??
    Feb 22 12:39PM
    msdemoreWill you possibly bundle for 3 or more things if I pay directly on PayPal so they take nothing from you
    Mar 02 06:06AM
    princessamyj@msdemore which 3 items love?
    Mar 02 07:27AM
    princessamyj@msdemore email me what u want :)
    Mar 02 07:29AM
    fashionreynaso u have a small!?
    Mar 04 04:21PM
    princessamyj@fashionreyna no sold out in small sorry
    Mar 04 04:29PM
    nckirstenIs the large true to size? I have a small waist but large breasts (36DD). I think the vintage look is super cute
    Mar 20 05:11PM
    princessamyj@nckirsten I'm not too sure but I'm worried it might be too right on your breast area
    Mar 21 04:23AM
    princessamyj@fashionreyna I have a medium, it can fit size small if you still want one! :) lmk
    Mar 28 05:31PM
    isabeaubeauxHey pretty girl! Trade? :)
    Apr 04 05:50AM
    isabeaubeauxOp! Saw you don't trade. Sorry about that 😊
    Apr 04 05:53AM
    mitzialikpalaCan you give this to me with your Small royal blue jumpsuit for 30? Do you do pp too?
    Apr 05 03:28PM
    princessamyj@mitzialikpala my price is firm On these items sorry Nd no pp
    Apr 05 03:31PM
    mitzialikpalaI've been battling about getting them or not., :( mmmm~ how soon Can you ship? And can't you really give me a discount if I buy both?
    Apr 06 11:22PM
    princessamyj@mitzialikpala unfortunately I can't discount them I don't have many left but if you bundle you will save on shipping :)
    Apr 06 11:56PM
    princessamyj@mitzialikpala and I can ship Monday morning because tomorrow's Sunday
    Apr 06 11:57PM
    mitzialikpalaI was opting to bundle both but it won't lower my price still. 😢
    Apr 07 12:25AM
    princessamyj@mitzialikpala I can't sorry :( my last medium
    Apr 07 12:31AM
    mitzialikpalaOk. Can I get a medium of this and a small of the dark blue jumpsuit then?
    Apr 07 12:36AM
    princessamyj@mitzialikpala ok dear give me a minute and ill make it for you! :)
    Apr 07 12:44AM
    princessamyj@mitzialikpala ok love all done. I made it here for you :)
    Apr 07 12:57AM
    mitzialikpalaThe royal blue jumpsuit is small right? I need a small royal blue jumpsuit :)
    Apr 07 12:57AM
    princessamyj@mitzialikpala yes dear don't worry I got you ;)
    Apr 07 12:58AM
    princessamyj@thaoxoxo the royal :)
    Apr 10 01:18PM
    princessamyj@priscake the royal can be seen here :)
    Apr 13 11:02PM

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