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Alexander Wang rocco in red limited edition

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Alexander Wang rocco in red limited edition

Gently used only twice, including photos above. Still in brand new condition. Price is not negotiable so please do not ask. All comments regarding price decrease will be ignored. This was a limited edition color that's no longer available. I purchased from Nordstrom. Guaranteed authentic Alexander Wang Beautiful color red with silver hardware. Shoulder strap can be removed. Lamb skin leather. Retails for $895 with tax. selling for $900. I'm in no rush to sell this bag.
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fashionableemeSTOP IT.
Feb 13 09:49AM
migleIs this authentic? Can you please post a close up photo of the bad instead of photos of it in a dust bag That does no good. Thanks
Feb 13 09:55AM
Feb 13 09:57AM
simplyxclassic@migle as mentioned in the description box, yes this is authentic. Please refer to my first photo for close up.
Feb 13 10:04AM
Feb 13 10:04AM
classycass84This bag is gorgeous and looks great on you!!! Why sell it?! Lol
Feb 13 02:14PM
Feb 13 02:47PM
chaseteeI have the knock off of this & I love it! thinking of selling it.
Feb 13 09:35PM
mina03@ Chasetee please sell it so I can buy it from you .. Thanks
Feb 14 09:51AM
ashannlizIn love!!
Feb 14 11:06PM
tyraTrade with my lv ?
Feb 18 03:37PM
simplyxclassic@tyra sorry I don't trade.
Feb 18 03:41PM
troaA bag that barely fits in the duster? Hmmmm
Feb 18 06:44PM
simplyxclassic@troa Bc the bag is stuffed with tissue paper to uphold the shape of the bag. I take very good care of my bags.
Feb 18 10:01PM
ohmelisapHi, I think your handbag is lovely and will consider purchasing once I receive my income tax refund, thanks for listing. Also, I'm new in Poshmark and have noticed some of the ladies on here are not so friendly & supportive as a newbie can make you feel unpleasant but there are also some really sweet and genuine individuals on here as well so my word of advice stay strong girlie and keep doing what your doing. Peace, love & happiness always MP
Feb 19 09:54PM
simplyxclassic@ohmelisap thank u for the sweet words :)
Feb 19 09:56PM
jenyang61My fav color!!! This is gorgeous, and totally worth the price!! πŸ˜‰
Feb 20 08:41PM
mariemota562I love love love it!! Are you flexible at all with your price? I know its worth it...its just how much I can spend without getting caught by the hubby! Kidding of course! have great taste and style!
Feb 21 01:07PM
feistgal@simplyxclassic - I love your mod pics - had this same bag and color but a Rockie instead of a Rocco πŸ˜‹btw I spy a lulufrost for jcrew Art Deco cuff - I have the blue one and thinking about getting the one you have too!! I think your pic has convinced me!! Thanks!
Feb 23 07:58AM
emmequinnThis bag is amazing! If I had $900.. I'd be pressing the buy now button. Hubby needs a computer and says that comes first since its how we make money!! :) hoping your no rush will last and I can get it once he gets his!! It's a shame that people have to make rude comments.. For no reason! I've actually had a run in with her before on here... For someone that has no high end bags posted... I think she just goes around trashing others out of jealousy maybe! Geez.. I get jealous plenty on here but would compliment people not attempt to insult! Anyway.. It's a shame and wanted you to know that there are plenty of nice people on here as well!! You have a gorgeous closet! I hope to be back for this!! As a mom of three little ones I struggle w justifying anymore bags but this is too gorgeous... This and the Alexander Wang Kristen bag!! :)
Mar 05 03:07PM
simplyxclassic@emmequinn thanks for the sweet words. Some ppl are just so silly and foolish.
Mar 05 06:29PM
anhnle@benectar maybe one day ❀
Mar 05 08:22PM
anhnleI am in love with your closet!
Mar 05 08:27PM
benectar@anhnle if you don't shop at Anthro or jcrew for 2 months - then you have enough $ to buy this bag :)
Mar 05 08:31PM
anhnle@benectar LOL do u think I shop that much??
Mar 05 08:41PM
jadorechanelOh love this
Mar 05 10:41PM
cyn024@migle chill. No one wants to sell to someone w an attitude asking for pictures like a normal person wouldn't kill u
Mar 07 07:05PM
cyn024@simplyxclassic I'm very interested, would you consider paypal?
Mar 07 07:08PM
migle@cyn024 did I ask you for something? I didn't ask a anything out of like when it comes to this listing.... Next time if it doesn't involve you keep it to your self thanks xoxo
Mar 07 07:08PM
Mar 07 07:09PM
cyn024@migle didn't ask you. Just simply stating you should learn to talk to someone w class especially if your trying to purchasing an item from them. Just a tip doll! @simplyxclassic are u still considering selling this item or it is it for sale now.
Mar 07 07:11PM
moolahYou have beautiful closet!! This bag is gorgeous, wish I have the $900 :)
Mar 07 07:12PM
cyn024Some people are so nasty on here I can't even deal
Mar 07 07:13PM
shopwithmeGorgeous handbag 😍😍 don't sell, just keep it. Lol. @simplyxclassic
Mar 07 07:40PM
dluxglamcouture@simplyxclassic hi, nice meeting you @ PM LA party
Mar 07 09:12PM
simplyxclassic@dluxglamcouture thank u so much for coming out! Lovely meeting u!! ❀❀❀
Mar 07 10:40PM
dluxglamcouture@simplyxclassic It was so nice to talk to youπŸ˜πŸ’—. I will definitely look for your fashion blogπŸ‘. I hope to see againπŸ˜‰
Mar 07 10:53PM
enigmaIt was so lovely to meet you last night, at the Posh Party! Please, stay in touch!🌸
Mar 08 08:52AM
simplyxclassic@enigma u too! ❀❀
Mar 08 01:55PM
fashionbubs@simplyxclassic I keep coming back to this bag , is so so lovely !! The red is just so much more beautiful than the other colors it comes! I see you gotten some negative reaction on this post is so sad that some of us ladies can be so jealous in a negative way!! Like I always say even if you can't have it don't hate on the one that does!!! I been so tempted to buy this bag believe me! 😊😊😊😊😊
Mar 10 08:15AM
karenmelbyLove the texture of the bag and the color makes it really pop!
Mar 15 01:42PM
Mar 19 01:15AM
terrirhame@simplyxclassic purchasing.
Mar 23 10:13AM
terrirhame@simplyxclassic I assure you, your Handbag will be taken care of... Thank you for selling this beautiful Handbag.
Mar 23 11:12AM
betsy227Booooo! So sad to see this bag sold :( good for you. I was hoping it would still be here when I could splurge on it. Someone got a great bag! Congrats😘
Mar 23 03:04PM
simplyxclassic@terrirhame hello Terri. I will ship on Monday!
Mar 23 03:57PM
terrirhame@simplyxclassic hello, that will be great. Thank You bunches.
Mar 23 04:07PM
terrirhame@betsy227 thank you Ma'am. I adore this color! It's fabulous
Mar 24 08:47PM
jgolds16amazing bag
Mar 25 03:15AM
simplyxclassic@terrirhame hi there. I just dropped off at USPS. PLEASE let me know ASAP when you receive. Want to make sure it gets to you safely.
Mar 25 10:02AM
terrirhame@simplyxclassic yes Ma'am. Thank you for advising
Mar 25 10:05AM
ashleedawnSuch a beautiful bag! Congrats on the sale! :)
Mar 26 12:08PM
pamelabolnick@chasetee let me know if you decide to sell your bag :)
Mar 28 06:56AM
chasetee@mina03 @emmequinn @pamelabolnick ladies, thanks for commenting to me in her listing! contact me on one of my listings and we can talk further! I think I want to sell mine :)
Mar 28 07:00AM
terrirhame@simplyxclassic I have received the Rocco and it is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for selling it to me.
Mar 29 11:52AM
simplyxclassic@terrirhame so happy u rcvd it safely!!! Thank u for purchasing it! I know you will love it and take good care of it! ;)
Mar 29 11:53AM
terrirhame@simplyxclassic yes ma'am. Absolutely.
Mar 29 11:59AM
jlbrass@mina03 @emmequinn @pamelabolnick hey ladies, just saw you were interested in a replica of this beautiful bag and a fellow posher (who I've purchased from several times, INCLUDING a beautiful πŸ’™blue version of this bag) sells multiple colors of this bag for under $100. Even if she has none listed in the color you like, she may be able to pick one up for you and even a matching wallet! Anyway, hate to write so much on someone else's listing, but only because its sold already. Her name is @mskeeks and I absolutely LOVE my bag so you wouldn't be disappointed. πŸ˜ƒ
May 27 08:07AM
simplyxclassic@jlbrass please don't advertise your's or other's poshmark listings on my photo/listing. That's a really rude thing to do.
May 27 08:20AM
jlbrassMy apologies...I just thought that since you had sold the bag already and I wasn't trying to steal away any customers or anything, that I would let them know where they could get what they were looking for. I really meant no disrespect.
May 27 08:26AM
simplyxclassic@jlbrass it's not about stealing customers, it's about proper etiquette.
May 27 08:33AM
jlbrassOkay, I get it and I apologized and told you that was not my intention. It won't happen again...
May 27 08:34AM

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