Marc Jacobs Bags - ⚡️SALE⚡️Marc Jacobs Quilted Patent Ursula Bowler

⚡️SALE⚡️Marc Jacobs Quilted Patent Ursula Bowler

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⚡️SALE⚡️Marc Jacobs Quilted Patent Ursula Bowler

Features iconic quilted patent leather, push lock details in the front, 2 exterior pockets, interior zip pocket, zipper closure, canvas lining, comfortable flat handles, and bag feet. Gently used, in excellent condition. No signs of wear on the leather, hardware, and the corners, except for a scratches on the feet of the bag. Stored in the closet stuffed in it's dust bag in a pet and smoke free home.
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trichel@emmequinn 😊
Feb 11 01:32PM
Feb 11 01:41PM
benectarShe's up & looking gorgeous!!!
Feb 11 03:53PM
trichel@ghazal21 thanks for sharing 😊
Feb 12 10:57PM
ghazal21My pleasure😊...thank you as well! ❤
Feb 12 10:57PM
trichel@burandat @taedra thank you!
Feb 21 11:14AM
taedraGorgeous bag. Wish I had room for yet another gorgeous Marc Jacobs bag! I have to get off this app!!!
Feb 21 11:19AM
trichel@taedra we always have room!
Feb 21 11:21AM
Feb 21 12:30PM
dinamumblesit is black, right?
Feb 23 08:14AM
trichel@dinamumbles yes, it is.
Feb 23 08:56AM
Mar 02 01:15PM
trichel@tiff_lauren sorry, I don't see anything.
Mar 02 03:37PM
chandra0930Trade for my MJ Stam?
Mar 11 12:21PM
phoebescloset11This is beautiful!!!!!!!!!
Apr 03 07:26AM
phoebescloset11Seriously, holy heart attack! I think I would trade hv my closet for this. GORG
Apr 03 09:24AM
trichel@phoebescloset11 thank you!
Apr 03 03:41PM
lalunagypsyThis is so gorgeous! Perfect in every way!
Apr 18 07:51PM
trichel@fashionthreads thank you!! 😘
Apr 18 08:37PM
randilynI really love this beauty! 😍 hope she gets snatched up soon.
Apr 25 08:20PM
trichel@randilyn thank you! why don't you snatch it up! 😉
Apr 25 08:21PM
randilynwelllllll, if I ever sell my Alexander Wang on here - I kinda have my eye on the Stam. but then again, I have my eye on about 9 different bags. I think it's a disease/illness/curse. 😋
Apr 25 08:28PM
trichel@randilyn the Stam is also heavy!
Apr 25 08:32PM
randilynI was thinking about just the baby Stam cause I carry about 5 things in my purse. it's not the weight but the size. I carry around my Fendi Zucca Boston and I literally put stuff around me in there so it doesn't feel empty! hahah
Apr 25 08:42PM
nancyhoangHow low can u go for this bag?
May 03 10:55PM
trichel@nancyhoang can you please make an offer?
May 03 11:14PM
nancyhoangCan u let go for 300.00?
May 04 08:47AM
trichel@nancyhoang is that a typo? That's really low.
May 04 08:48AM
nancyhoangI'm so sorry that why I ask u how low can u go so I will said yes or no.
May 04 09:17AM
trichel@nancyhoang no problem ☺ I will tag you if I go lower.
May 04 10:34PM
nancyhoangThanks let me know if u want to go lower I really like that bag
May 06 10:46AM
phoebescloset11I am currently throwing a temper tantrum over this!!!!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaa
May 26 05:03PM
trichel@phoebescloset11 haha you need this in your life! And all the things you liked!! 😝
May 26 05:05PM
Jun 16 07:40PM
trichel@eila thank you! 😊
Jun 16 07:41PM
eilaSure!!! 😉
Jun 16 07:44PM
trichel@benectar thanks for the shares!
Jun 16 07:59PM
benectar@trichel did you miss me? 👭
Jun 16 08:00PM
carmeenaOooo ... I have the green color of this bag!
Jun 20 09:46PM
trichel@wearinla thank you for the shares!
Jun 21 03:23PM
aesapperPlease look at my listing to see if you might trade. I also have a diamond accent and tanzanite ring in 10k white gold size 4 3/4, true religion jeans size 27 never worn, several coach purses and wristlets, and a small juicy couture purse.
Jun 26 03:46AM
phoebescloset11This is STILL here???? Shocked
Jul 30 02:50AM
Sep 14 10:20AM
Sep 14 07:34PM
mariamkazmiTrade for my authentic Chloe bag?
Sep 17 08:21PM
trichel@mariamkazmi It's a great bag but too heavy for me. Thanks!
Sep 17 08:24PM
andine💖💖💖💖😘 GORGEOUS!!!
Oct 02 07:19AM
Oct 02 03:52PM
cellestineCongrats on Host Picks 💕💕💕👏👏🎉🎉🎊🎊
Oct 02 07:20PM
melissa_reid@trichel trade?👀
Oct 03 05:54AM
Oct 03 07:21AM
aliciarosevShared to the Haute Handbags party! Classic Marc Jacobs. Xo
Oct 04 01:01PM
aliciarosevShared to the Marc Jacobs/All Saints Party today! Love it! Xo- Ali Rose 💋
Oct 13 09:24AM
trichel@aliciarosev Thank you! 😊
Oct 13 09:30AM
calimom"All I want for Christmas" is one of Trichels beautiful bags...
Nov 27 06:12AM
trichel@calimom I can imagine you singing! Haha this is such a steal!
Nov 27 07:18AM
calimomHahaha!!! I know it's gorgeous! @trichel
Nov 27 07:22AM
trichel@andine Should I bring this with me too? 😜
Dec 01 10:09AM
andineRe-liking to put it at the top. So beautiful!!
Dec 01 10:09AM
andineHe he...I'd love to see it!! I just bought two Stams and a Cammie so my wallet is wobbly right now. Poor thing!! 😁😁😁 love this one... Love your entire closet actually!!! Either I get it or it is a host pick 12/12. ❤️❤️❤️💖
Dec 01 10:21AM
bettebette7Absolutely to die for!!! Shared 💋
Jan 31 04:01PM
megger@barkley1103 This is a great deal! MJ, not MBMJ. You would have this bag forever. And I love this seller too, she's a sweetheart. 😊
Feb 08 11:40AM
trichel@megger awww thank you! 😘
Feb 08 12:29PM
meggerIt's the truth!
Feb 08 12:31PM
jaaayneeyCongratulations to your City Chic host pick! :) 08.01.14 xx -Posh Princess
Aug 01 09:00PM
beautybooster****What a chic pick!!!! Congratulations on your HP!!!***
Aug 01 09:19PM
berenice714Congrats on you CITY CHIC PARTY🌟 HOST PICK🎉🎉🎉🎉👏👏😊💐😀💄👗👖👠👛💕💕💃💃
Aug 02 02:45AM
alliebeth88Would you trade for a vintage Gucci?
Oct 04 06:18AM
andine@akaplan93 💖
Nov 10 06:19AM
laurenstyleslaPerfect closet Trichel! 😉✨👌
Nov 13 07:10AM
kdhoward8@timeout your bag
Nov 19 12:56PM
marifunSimplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication....Leonardo Da Vinci, that is why I chose this as a 😊👗👠👛💍Host pick!
Dec 22 08:56PM
tallisonCongrats!! 👏👏🎉🎉👯💞✨
Dec 22 08:56PM
elevenrosesCongratulations On Your Fantastic 'Most-Loved Style' Party Host Pick !!
Dec 22 08:56PM
read247“Celebrate true friends. They are a part of you that always sparkles.” ~Amy Leigh Mercree 👭👭💞 Congratulations on your Most-Loved Style Host Pick! 💞👭👭
Dec 22 09:33PM
antiqueali💛💙💜 Congratulations on your Host Pick! ❤️💚💕
Dec 22 10:04PM
onyxandorchid🙋🎉Congrats on your Most-Loved Style host pick!! Love it!!🎉🙋
Dec 22 10:21PM
smcareyCongrats on your 🎉most-loved style🎉host pick! 💥❤️👍👗👄 I will share with my followers. Cheers!
Dec 22 10:27PM
larakotysOh my! What great style you have!😍Congrats on this fab host pick!👏👏👏
Dec 22 10:27PM
spicebeige22Congrats! Host Pick!💋❤️💔💋💌💄🌂💄💋💋❤️❤️
Dec 23 01:40AM
sjeischenCongratulations, fabulous host! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you🎅🎅🎄🎄
Dec 23 04:56AM
leliluvCongrats on your fab HP last night! (So sorry for the late note, I am trying to catch up!)
Dec 23 10:15AM
meggerI might be breaking down and buying this from you soon......
Jan 10 08:34PM
Jan 10 09:02PM
epicstormThis is nice @megger 💛
Jan 10 09:15PM
66annieWhat is ur trade value on bag
Sep 14 10:18PM
aliciarosevSo chic! Shared to Best in Bags Part 10/21 👝👛👜💼 xx -
Oct 21 01:40PM
jilld731Congrats on your hp!!!! Lovely bag. Sharing........
Nov 09 02:03PM
jblacineWould you consider trading for an LV speedy 40?
Jan 25 06:58AM
trichel@jblacine really just want to sell
Jan 25 07:10AM
jblacine@trichel of ciurse, I under. Just realized thus is patent leather. Still quite beautiful. Thanx anyway :)
Jan 25 07:12AM
jblacine***of course, I understand
Jan 25 07:13AM
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