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Reduction!!!! 😱Last one!!Colorful collar bib

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    Reduction!!!! 😱Last one!!Colorful collar bibNWT

    🌟🌟🌟🌟Only one more left!!!!! Get in on this beauty ladies 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟No pp no trades
    Seller Discount: 10% off 2+ Bundle
    $5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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    alexakesSo adorbs
    Feb 12 10:20PM
    princessamyj@alexakes thanks sweetie!
    Feb 13 02:27PM
    alexakes@princessamyj welcome! Please follow me
    Feb 13 02:28PM
    msmoscatoGotta have it
    Feb 20 09:41AM
    princessamyj@msmoscato Last one love! let me know! <3
    Feb 20 09:42AM
    tkeyeahWill you take $15
    Feb 21 10:21AM
    princessamyj@tkeyeah It's $60 no sorry
    Feb 21 10:23AM
    triplyksisWant! :)
    Feb 21 03:44PM
    princessamyj@triplyksis it's pretty amazing! I hate buying cute things because I always want to keep everything lol
    Feb 21 03:46PM
    triplyksis@princessamyj I can't blame ya! Do you happen to have information about the materials used to make this necklace? That will help me make my decision of whether or not I can drop 60 bones on it. ;)
    Feb 21 04:25PM
    princessamyj@triplyksis I will look at the package and see if it says but I doubt it :( I can do $50 for you! I love you guys! 😻
    Feb 21 04:35PM
    princessamyj@triplyksis sorry love no info
    Feb 21 04:41PM
    triplyksisThanks for checking, lady! I'm still considering it! :)
    Feb 21 11:15PM
    princessamyj@triplykis No problem love! Let me know mwuah
    Feb 22 08:43AM
    hippieshayYou have THE most adorable closet love!! 😍 Soooo friggin gorgeous lol 💙✌
    Mar 01 07:57PM
    princessamyj@hippieshay thanks dear! Hope you find something you like 😍
    Mar 01 09:34PM
    hippieshayOh no worries about that, I already have found something I like...EVERYTHING! Lol If I could only win the lottery, I'd be set for life 😍
    Mar 01 09:40PM
    kiralaurenYou have the most cutest things! Luv this necklace
    Mar 02 09:53AM
    princessamyj@hippieshay haha tell me about it! I would do the same thing.. posh is so addicting! xox
    Mar 03 09:35AM
    hippieshay@princessamyj Haha oh I know!! It's so much fun!
    Mar 03 10:13AM
    princessamyj@kiralauren thanks love!
    Mar 03 10:15AM
    Mar 06 01:51PM
    closetofsydAwesome necklace! Who makes and/or where did you get it?
    Mar 17 05:59PM
    princessamyj@closetofsyd not a brand, purchased at a boutique in NYC :)
    Mar 17 06:01PM
    closetofsydOh ok, thanks. I'm thinking about it but I have one very similar just not Peter Pan collar so although I love sadly I don't really need it. I'm gonna share it though and keep thinking :)
    Mar 17 06:13PM
    princessamyj@closetofsyd sounds good thanks love and it's def one of those staples that's awesome to have as a part of your collection!
    Mar 17 06:18PM
    princessamyj@triplyksis btw! I've had the necklace for a long time! If you still want I can do it solely for you $40 :) let me know 😘
    Mar 23 11:07AM
    princessamyj@closetofsyd I lowered the price if you still want it!!!
    Mar 26 06:58PM
    kelbel2096Do you trade?!
    Mar 31 12:28PM
    princessamyj@kelbel2096 no sorry
    Mar 31 12:30PM
    benectarAnother host pick 🎉🎈🎁
    Apr 26 09:38PM
    princessamyj@benectar yey thanks!!
    Apr 26 09:40PM
    lil324Would you do $20?
    May 01 10:41PM
    princessamyj@lil324 no
    May 02 03:59AM
    lil324Would you do $35? Thanks
    May 04 12:46PM
    princessamyj@lil324 This was originally $60- Its my last one lowest is $40 and thats my bottom.
    May 04 12:47PM
    lil324I take it for $40. Thanks
    May 04 12:48PM
    lil324Please edit the price. I purchase it ASAP. Totally love this necklace! Thank you!!
    May 04 12:51PM
    princessamyj@lil324 done :)
    May 04 12:52PM
    lil324Thank you. Just purchase it=}
    May 04 12:55PM
    princessamyj@lil324 perfect Ill put it in the mailbox tonight but it will ship monday :)
    May 04 12:56PM
    lil324Thanks again!! Love ur closest!!
    May 04 12:59PM

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