SOLD❌Tory Burch "Dafina" Embossed Hobo

Authentic TB hobo bag, with dust bag (& shopping bag if wanted). Red leather is subtly embossed with the Tory logo. Gold hardware and tan canvas lining. Magnetic-snap with chain link (optional). Interior zip, wall and cell-phone pockets. Dimensions: 10" x 15". Paid $465 + NY sales tax. *This bag shows light wear on the outlining rubber on the shoulder straps, otherwise great condition.
Seller Discount: 10% off 3+ Bundle
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
Buyer Protection & Refund Policy
naturalstylzAre you willing to trade this bag for my Gucci bag....
Feb 13 06:06PM
randilyn@naturalstylz thank you for the offer, but I only sell items - no trading. 💋 xo
Feb 13 06:19PM
ananjWhat's the condition & size/dimensions?
Feb 17 02:44AM
randilyn@ananj condition is great, I've had it for under two years & it hasn't aged or anything. I won't be home until late tonight or possibly tomorrow, but it's a pretty standard hobo. maybe H 10" and W 15".
Feb 17 06:03AM
randilyn@ananj just measured it! I was correct, 10" x 15" with shoulder strap drop of 8". 💋
Feb 19 08:34PM
randilyn@cath_stylist thanks for the share! I still remember from when I first joined PM or so that you're a Tory lover. 😍
Feb 21 06:12PM
cath_stylistHi! Yes I am always loving the TB! Thanks for remembering me!!! This red bag is gorg!!!☀❤😊
Feb 22 12:33PM
benectarCongrats!!! Host pick, wooohoooo!!
Mar 03 08:13PM
randilyn@benectar awww, thank you! haha I actually still love this bag and not even sure about letting it goo
Mar 03 08:59PM
benectarJust keep it! Some random person will either lowball you or question its authenticity :(. Someone questioned whether my top is really from forever 21 b/c the tag looks different!!! Just when you think you have seen it all... LOL
Mar 03 09:04PM
randilyn@benectar haha omg! I was seriously shockedd when I found out last year that they made knock off Tory...then again when I got on here and saw all of the different "inspired" bags. I had no idea! crazyyy.
Mar 03 09:10PM
benectarYours truly is currently disputing a pair of Prada shoes purchased here :(((. I am 99% sure they are fake!!! Uggghhhh - can not trust anyone!!!
Mar 03 09:15PM
randilyn@benectar shoes!? like who makes/sells fake designer shoes?!? sickening.
Mar 03 09:53PM
jscloset2If you ever come down on this I promise you I'd be interested!!
Mar 11 05:41PM
sarahagagore@randilyn Do you remember what the exact name of this purse is??
Mar 16 04:28AM
randilyn@sarahagagore noo,I'm sorry. & I thought the tag was with the dust bag and shopping bag but I can't find it.
Mar 16 07:01AM
randilyn@sarahagagore I dig some searching and it's the Dafina!
Mar 16 11:50AM
sarahagagore@randilyn Thanks so much!!
Mar 16 12:13PM
May 24 12:42PM
mft915@randilyn love ur closet I wish I was asiE smaller
May 24 06:59PM
mft915@randilyn I hit wrong button last post I was trying to say I wish I was petite and size show 6 but I do know peps that are lets posh it and share listings I'm a newly paralized young chic mama lol trying to raise money for therapies to get better I'm also a cancer survivor I remission I'm here to share sell and Help whomever I can
May 24 07:01PM
gordomomThanks so much for all the shares! 💝
May 26 09:09PM
randilyn@gordomom and thank youuuu for sharing back! 💋😘
May 26 09:17PM
jinxie11I love your things! 💛
May 29 08:17AM
randilyn@jinxie11 aw, thanks so much!! 😍😘
May 29 09:38AM
all4designerKeep this!!! It's so cute! I love your boots to 😄😄😄 if I wore bags this is super cute @renarose2
Jun 03 04:18PM
randilyn@all4designer @renarose2 thank you!! 💋💋 I love the red, but I want to upgrade to a Chloe or Givenchy. I liked Tory bags before they got super popular, but now it's just the norm. & we can't have that! haha
Jun 03 04:47PM
all4designerOh no don't say that @renarose2 just bought a tb bag 😝😝😝😝 are your boots Sam Elderman? I love them!
Jun 03 04:48PM
renarose2i know what you mean!! i always liked kate spade & some coach...i wanted to upgrade & try marc jacobs & tory ehehehe @all4designer
Jun 03 04:48PM
randilyn@all4designer @renarose2 I actually realized that after I said it! but I love the bag you got & didn't mean it towards you at all haha I'm just a weirdo when it comes to stuff! and exactly, @renarose2, sometimes you just want to try something different! like the new KS I got. first one ever! && the boots are Diesel like 3 years ago! I just loveeee the cognac color for winter/fall!
Jun 03 04:51PM
fmuggenburgLove the pictures!
Jun 11 03:29PM
randilyn@ms_wang24 she's waiting for youu!😍😋
Jun 17 03:06PM
Jun 17 03:33PM
randilyn@annsc does the winky mean you likey!? hahah
Jun 17 03:49PM
annscOooh, I love me some TB! Hahaha.. But just thanking you for the shares! Hehe
Jun 17 04:07PM
randilyn@annsc awwww, shucks! haha & no problemo. 😘💋
Jun 17 05:08PM
ms_wang24@randilyn hahaha yes she's a beauty! Can't quite decide if I want a red bag or clutch :)
Jun 17 11:15PM
randilyn@ms_wang24 ummm, both!?!
Jun 18 04:08PM
nicbella79Love it
Jun 19 12:46PM
randilyn@nicbella79 thanks!! it really is a great bag. 😍
Jun 19 09:31PM
nicbella79Do you accept paypal? Any stains flaws tears??
Jun 24 12:48PM
randilyn@nicbella79 I don't accept PayPal - I know for certain there aren't any tears or stains. I'll double check when I get home if there are any flaws at all, but I strongly believe it is in new-like condition.
Jun 24 01:44PM
nicbella79Would you consider 300 and it looks great but I like to ask
Jun 24 01:59PM
randilyn@nicbella79 I just looked & the bag - the only little visible wear is on the rubber around the strap. and that of course is just from carrying. I'm not dyinggg to get ride of it, so my lowest is really $395. I have the shopping and dust bag that I'll also include.
Jun 24 03:31PM
randilyn@nicbella79 just reduced to $375! 😍
Jun 28 10:49AM
aesapperPlease check my closet to see if you'll trade for this:) if not, partial trade partial cash??
Jun 30 01:17PM
randilyn@aesapper sorry, girl - I don't trade at all.
Jun 30 01:26PM
cathy33852Would you take $350?
Jul 13 10:54PM
randilyn@cathy33852 I reallyyyy want to take away at least $300 due to the amount I paid. it's such a great bag that I'm even having a tough time parting with it haha
Jul 13 11:03PM
cathy33852I understand, it is a beautiful bag! Very tempting, I'm going to think on it!😘
Jul 13 11:33PM
randilyn@cathy33852 would you be willing to do $375 if I throw in another item from my closet with it? say the DVF case, or clothing item - depending on what size you are. 😍😍
Jul 13 11:39PM
benectarI really can't believe this is still here!
Jul 19 05:02PM
randilyn@benectar me neither! and I've reduced the price a lot! oh well. ps thanks for the shares!!
Jul 19 05:18PM
benectarDid my shares finally show up? Was it just the FP dresses or everything else? I want to solve this sharing mystery ☺
Jul 19 05:20PM
randilyn@benectar I think still just items you have shared before!
Jul 19 05:29PM
raini311@randilyn trade for my black TB hobo? It's in excellent, essentially NWOT condition ;)
Jul 24 01:55PM
randilyn@raini311 I'm sorry, cute bag & closet but I don't trade. I'm also just looking to sell as I was hoping to purchase another red designer bag. I loveeee the color, somehow, it works as a neutral! 😍
Jul 27 02:11PM
paula72I'm interested, would you consider 325?
Aug 11 05:49AM
randilyn@paula72 I'm sorry, that's too low. I told myself that $375 was my lowest - buttttt what if you met me in the middle at $350?
Aug 11 06:33AM
randilyn@cathy33852 hi, Cathy! I offered another lady $350 and realized now that this is the amount you were interested in this beauty for. let me know if you have any questions! 😍
Aug 21 09:44AM
Aug 23 12:24PM
randilyn@ellebee206 thanks so much for all the host picks tonight!! 💋💋
Aug 25 09:05PM
ellebee206you're welcome! 🙏😘
Aug 25 09:11PM
cathy33852Hey there! Sorry it's taken awhile for my answer, but thanks for letting me know about your offer. I'll have to hold off on buying, I purchased a LV bag, & need to save some $! I love this bag though!!!
Aug 26 06:03PM
Aug 30 01:19PM
randilyn@rianne_my thanks for aaaalll of the many likes recently! let me know if you have any questions or would like to bundle.
Aug 30 03:33PM
tplantanDo you have a difference in price if bought via PP?
Sep 25 10:39PM
randilyn@tplantan hi girl, I don't use PP. I only go through Posh, so $350 is my lowest on sale.
Sep 26 09:38AM
alaska1@randilyn would you take 250?
Oct 07 05:08PM
randilyn@alaska1 sorry, $350 is my absolute lowest. I've already reduced it multiple times.
Oct 07 07:02PM
Dec 09 08:59PM
vivacoutureLove the color 😃😃
Dec 10 09:06PM
randilyn@vivacouture yesyesss!! I wanted to sell and upgrade, as mentioned! but still, after all this time, no such luck. 😩
Dec 10 09:18PM
vivacoutureIt's a great bag !! Hopefully it will go to the right person !! Will share for you often hahah !! I know its fun to upgrade🎂
Dec 10 09:21PM
randilyn@vivacouture thanks!!! red bags are just so great and surprisingly neutral! & yes, it is! with the amount I spend sporadically, I could have quiteee a few times! 😂😂
Dec 10 09:44PM
reeloveHas this been sold?
Dec 18 04:30AM
randilyn@reelove no, ma'am. still available!
Dec 18 07:56AM
randilyn@reelove @alaska1 @cathy33852 @tplantan hi ladies, just wanted to let you know I added all new photos and reduced to $345! happyy holidays!
Dec 18 03:49PM
randilyn@nljorda1 I know you're a TB fan! 😊
Dec 18 05:22PM
nljorda1Ooooh! Spicy... Xo
Dec 18 05:25PM
randilyn@nljorda1 haha right?! I love red bags, surprisingly neutral (in my mind)!
Dec 18 05:31PM
nljorda1It's a great shape!!!
Dec 18 05:33PM
chaynes2004are you open to trades?
Jan 22 06:39PM
randilyn@chaynes2004 sorry, I'm not. 😔☺
Jan 22 06:49PM
randilyn@nljorda1 this onee ❤😭
Feb 01 06:13PM
nljorda1Oh yeah... It's in my likes. Xo
Feb 01 06:14PM
nljorda1Tag that girl jscloset. She said she was interested if you came down... Xo
Feb 01 06:15PM
nljorda1Or paula325. She offered $325!!!
Feb 01 06:16PM
nljorda1Sorry, Paula72. She offered $350!!!
Feb 01 06:16PM
randilyn@nljorda1 thanks girl for your great investigation skills!! 🔎🔍haha I guess I didn't let them know cause it was a while ago. such a rookie mistake! 😂😂
Feb 01 06:49PM
randilyn@jscloset2 @paula72 hi ladies! I just wanted to let you know I've reduced this purse significantly (& updated all photos) since you last commented! let me know if you have any questions. ❤😍
Feb 01 06:50PM
nljorda1Well, get on it girly
Feb 01 06:52PM
jscloset2I've been waiting for a long time for this bag and I'm still waiting till it's more affordable please keep me in mind I do really want it!!! My#612-747-9358 it's in my prayers!!
Feb 12 11:22AM
randilyn@jscloset2 hihi! what's the highest you can afford?
Feb 12 11:38AM
jscloset2On the 3rd I could pay half of original price! That's the very best I can do, I really want it!!
Feb 14 05:11PM
randilyn@jscloset2 sorry, I wish I could but it's just too low. 😔
Feb 14 06:03PM
jscloset2Are you sure it's been on here for a year! It's getting older and still sitting there, which makes it 3 yrs old now! I really would like it if we could please make a deal!!
Feb 14 07:55PM
randilyn@jscloset2 yes, but it is a classic handbag and will never go out of style. if I relisted the bag, you would never know! haha I don't mind keeping it at all, I love red bags.
Feb 14 08:12PM
nicolec0625I'm in love with this if I can sell my Marc bag I'll be back for this!
Mar 16 10:10PM
randilyn@nicolec0625 awesome!! so glad to hear that, it really is such a great bag. and red I've found can act as a neutral, goes with so much!
Mar 17 07:32AM
randilyn@benectar @nljorda1 after a year + on here, it sold on e*ay in less than a month! 🙊🙈
Mar 23 09:49AM
nljorda1Hahaha. Figures! I think I may have to list some things there.
Mar 23 09:52AM
nljorda1I think I'm going to do that w my black TB. Minds me asking what you listed it for? Xo
Mar 23 10:35AM
randilyn@nljorda1 $10 less actually because the fees are less.
Mar 23 11:17AM
benectar👏👏. You go!!! I need to do it too - but I don't have an account there 😔
Mar 23 11:48AM
randilyn@benectar I didn't either until January! I started to double up around then and it's helped a lot.
Mar 23 12:34PM
benectarI know, I should get my butt moving 😂. I am also gonna try to sell the kiddos' clothes on my I* closet, I heard they sell well there...
Mar 23 12:50PM
randilyn@benectar ya, I've only posted a few NWT clothes or bags/accessories that haven't sold yet here. I think kids clothes on IG is a good idea since you can't on here.
Mar 23 01:25PM

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