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Large leather tote! Price negotiable !

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Large leather tote! Price negotiable !

This bag I love is great does not come with straps is practically brand new I bought last summer for a trip the only issue some careless person while in line at airport had a pen open holding in hand and brush off the bag as you can see I am showing the last pic I try to clean up but it will only discolor the leather other than that you can barely tell and it has lots of room inside
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emaleekayWhat is the brand of the bag?
Feb 04 11:52AM
fashionbubs@emaleekay is Zara love
Feb 04 11:53AM
emaleekayLove it!! Do both sides look like that with a zipper?
Feb 04 12:07PM
fashionbubs@emaleekay no the back is solid yes is a great back I am willing to drop price if you interested let me know sweets ;)
Feb 04 12:30PM
ilovegiraffes07I have Juicy Couture flip flops for sale if anyone is interested! :)
Feb 04 01:37PM
jenvaaquez14Willing to trade? :)
Feb 04 04:04PM
dfaulkWhat's the lowest you can go
Feb 04 04:40PM
emaleekayCan you do 80?
Feb 04 05:04PM
ladybug062890How negotiable is the price?
Feb 04 05:05PM
fashionbubs@emaleekay I can do $85 is my lowest Hun
Feb 04 05:11PM
fashionbubs@dfaulk @emaleekay my lowest is $85 Hun
Feb 04 05:11PM
fashionbubs@jenvaaquez14 sorry Hun not interested on trading thanks for offer ;)
Feb 04 05:14PM
fashionbubs@ladybug062890 I can do $85 Hun
Feb 04 05:18PM
girl123I like it can I. Buy it
Feb 04 06:19PM
shanlyn@fashionbubs I have nwt coach if willing to trade?
Feb 04 06:43PM
fashionbubs@shanlyn sorry I am not interested in tradin Hun
Feb 04 06:46PM
kaitlynleighWould you do 75 on PayPal.
Feb 05 09:10AM
fashionbubs@kaitlynleigh sorry love I don't take pp payments and my lowest is $80
Feb 05 09:12AM
fashionbubs@diangel thanks for liking this one is negotiable if you interested since it has little pen mark on top but is barely visible
Feb 06 05:58AM
diangelI do like it but can't spend that much, I have a closet full of expensive bags I don't use already. Thanks
Feb 06 06:00AM
fashionbubs@diangel oh np Hun you should sell then I love bags ;) and thanks again I loveeee shoes myself !
Feb 06 06:02AM
diangelI'm saving them for my daughter they will be vintage by the time she gets to use them. I may do a couple though.
Feb 06 06:14AM
fashionbubs@diangel aww that is great wish I had a girl too I have a boy hopefully will have a girl eventually :) thanks for shopping Hun
Feb 06 06:32AM
nursedesireeYou say $80 ??
Feb 06 12:52PM
fashionbubs@nursedesiree hi yes $80 is my offer
Feb 06 12:53PM
fashionbubs@emaleekay hi I have drop the bag to $80 to cover shipping if you interested :)
Feb 06 01:44PM
fabicase@fashionbubs still available?
Feb 06 04:23PM
fashionbubs@fabicase hi yes still available 😊
Feb 06 04:24PM
fabicase@fashionbubs it's beautiful! I will purchase now for $80. 😍
Feb 06 04:26PM
fashionbubs@fabicase there it is Hun 😉
Feb 06 04:29PM
fabicase@fashionbubs thank you!! Can't wait! 😍
Feb 06 04:30PM
fashionbubs@fabicase thank you ! Will shipped ASAP
Feb 06 04:32PM
fabicase@fashionbubs I never got the chance to say thank you for my bag!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! 😍😊
Feb 21 07:36AM
fashionbubs@fabicase oh hi Hun 😊😊😊😉 you welcome glad you like it is a really good leather tote and so roomy right ?😃
Feb 21 07:47AM
fabicase@fashionbubs it is!! Thank you again!! Love your closet!!! You have great taste!!! 😘
Feb 21 07:50AM
fashionbubs@fabicase thank you love !! 😊
Feb 21 08:10AM

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