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Jcrew cross body in black

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Jcrew cross body in black

Gently used a few times, no major wear and tears.... Inside and out Clean, comes from smoke free home and mo pets. Perfect size for daily use. Strap not adjustable.
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ilovegiraffes07I have Juicy Couture flip flops for sale if anyone is interested! :)
Feb 04 01:44PM
samanthazYour closet is amazing! Love your style 😍😍😍
Feb 05 09:23PM
mstyle89πŸŽ€HelloπŸŽ€ I'm a new member! I was just looking around and tried posting in my closet! I will post more everyday~😝 You can ask anything _ so free to ask questions or so πŸ‘πŸŽ€οΌˆβ‰§βˆ‡β‰¦οΌ‰
Feb 06 08:04AM
_britbrit_Interested in a trade?
Feb 06 11:42AM
simplyxclassic@_britbrit_ sorry I dont do trades.
Feb 06 11:58AM
hillelizaLove the bow belt!
Feb 06 03:34PM
amandamariaI have this bag in nude. It's so great and classic. At that price, someone better snatch this up!
Feb 11 05:39PM
mizfabulousity@simplyxclassic : hi Miriam we met at the Posh bar tonight ; love your blog
Mar 07 09:13PM
simplyxclassic@mizfabulousity lovely to meet you !!!! ❀❀❀
Mar 07 10:39PM
shopjackieoHi! Is this still available?
Mar 23 08:22PM
simplyxclassic@shopjackieo yes still available :)
Mar 23 08:23PM
nezalicious@simplyxclassic hello! Can you post a pic of the interior of this bag? Thank you!
Apr 06 11:28AM
lydia93Would you take 25?
May 09 12:39AM
simplyxclassic@lydia93 that's too low.
May 09 10:25AM
May 09 08:17PM
mrs_errington@trichel I have this in my likes! Lol
May 09 08:19PM
trichel@mrs_errington it's similar to my pink one ☺
May 09 08:20PM
s_doloI have this in hot pink 😍
May 28 04:51PM
mursula6@simplyxclassic I love that belt!
Jun 27 07:32AM
nhongnheoI can buy $30 today. Lmk
Jun 29 05:21PM
simplyxclassic@nhongnheo no thanks.
Jun 30 12:18AM
april7313Do you still have it?
Dec 17 07:03PM
simplyxclassic@april7313 yes
Dec 17 07:17PM
comfy_all_dayCan you add this bag to my other likes- sorry I have not checked Posh in a couple of days
Dec 20 08:00AM
simplyxclassic@comfy_all_day $160.
Dec 20 08:45AM
ccimino@simplyxclassic How much for the gold ribbon belt ? 😊
Feb 04 11:25PM
c4liIs this bag still available?
Mar 23 12:05PM
simplyxclassic@c4li yes the bag is still available. =)
Mar 23 03:51PM
c4liCan you do 40?
Apr 04 11:49AM
simplyxclassic@c4li I already lowered the price, 50 is my absolute lowest. This was over $100 so even $50 is a significant cut for me.
Apr 04 12:08PM
simplyxclassic@rgjordan thank you for your purchase. I will ship tomorrow.
Apr 10 04:41PM
rgjordan@simplyxclassic just got the bag! It's beautiful! Couldn't be happier!
Apr 14 11:40AM
simplyxclassic@rgjordan good!!! So happy to give it a proper home!! It was such a waste sitting in my closet untouched :)
Apr 14 12:06PM

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