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Cropped pin tucked front Leather jacket

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    Cropped pin tucked front Leather jacket

    Real soft veggie leather worn few times in perfect conditions cute and convenient little piece to layer over any outfit.size is large but is only because runs small to wear this jacket you will have to be XS-M so will not fit a size Large
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    maiaguslaWhat's the brand?
    Feb 06 05:07PM
    fashionbubsBought this a leather shop in soho NY don't think is any special brand but it is 100%leather that's for sure
    Feb 06 05:14PM
    fashionbubs@maiagusla comment above us for u s😉
    Feb 06 05:14PM
    southernvibeCan you do $50? If so, I will buy it now.
    Feb 06 05:50PM
    fashionbubs@southernvibe sorry that is way too low Hun this is not a fake leather jacket I can do $80 no less thanks for offer 😉
    Feb 06 06:08PM
    southernvibeThanks for the quick response. If you change your mind let me know. I could do $60.
    Feb 06 06:47PM
    fashionbubs@southernvibe $70and you can have 😉
    Feb 06 06:48PM
    rachyrachx3I will take it for 70$
    Feb 06 08:49PM
    fashionbubs@rachyrachx3 hi sorry took long to answer I am on east coast but ok you can have it for $70 let me know when you ready I can change for you 😉
    Feb 07 04:21AM
    kternesif she doesnt take it I'm interested for $70. do u do paypal?
    Feb 07 08:56AM
    fashionbubs@kternes hi you can have if you wish to purchase now but sorry don't do pp if you want it I can chane price for you to purchase now lmk 😊😉
    Feb 07 09:09AM
    pferguson920Man...for 70 I may take this too!!! Lol ;) Kinda really hope she decides not to get it! Lol!!
    Feb 08 07:03AM
    fashionbubs@pferguson920 you can buy it right now for $70 if you want is not on hold for anyone and the other interest did not respond I can change for you right now if you want it lmk thanks 😊
    Feb 08 07:05AM
    pferguson920My check won't be in the bank until like 330. Lol. Plus, the shipping will be cheaper if i bundle them. (If you're willing of course!) ill see if she takes the denim one and by then my check will be in the bank!! :)
    Feb 08 07:10AM
    fashionbubs@pferguson920 sure Hun np let me know 😉
    Feb 08 07:11AM
    pferguson920Your closet is bad bad bad news for me and my wallet!!! Lol! ;)
    Feb 08 07:14AM
    fashionbubs@pferguson920 😊😉lol
    Feb 08 07:21AM
    kternesCan I do 70 with shipping? :) I'd put in my info now :) unless u want to sell it for less I'm still interested! My dang phone didn't notify me that u had responded :)
    Feb 08 10:41AM
    fashionbubs@kternes hi here it is you can purchase thank you !
    Feb 08 11:25AM
    fashionbubs@kternes thank you ! Will shipped first thing tomorrow 😊enjoy
    Feb 08 11:38AM
    kternesThank you!!! I'm super excited to get it! :)
    Feb 08 11:42AM
    fashionbubs@kternes 😉❤
    Feb 08 12:24PM

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