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🎉Sale $25-HP🎉Jessica Simpson Short Shorts

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🎉Sale $25-HP🎉Jessica Simpson Short Shorts

Black embellished sequin short shorts by Jessica Simpson. If they are to short, put some tights and your ready to go! New without Tags
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byconrad@smooches702 I like the gold and these. These are a small and the gold is an XS. So what size does the small fit and what size does the xs fit?
Mar 26 08:30PM
smooches702@byconrad hello, well I am a size 5 and the gold ones fit the black ones do not fit me so I would say they run as a size 3. Hope this helps 😊
Mar 26 08:34PM
byconrad@smooches702 yes, that does help. & are the black ones high waisted? And how short are they?
Mar 26 08:36PM
smooches702@byconrad they run at waist line. I would say they are a bit short but all depends how tight they are on your body.
Mar 26 08:42PM
byconrad@smooches702 okay. Hmm, I'm going to like it so I can keep it there and I will come back to you. I need to make more sales & finish paying for school first.
Mar 26 08:44PM
smooches702@byconrad absolutely, I understand! I hope to hear from you soon! ☺
Mar 26 08:47PM
byconrad@smooches702 I have decided that I do not need these. I'm just so picky about my shorts that I have to try them on. I hope you understand & good luck with your sells!
Apr 01 10:43PM
ashleigh_chooLove these shorts but I see that they fit a size 3. I'm a 0. 😂😂😂
Apr 03 09:17PM
smooches702@ashleigh_choo they are very cute but I am a size 5 and these just fit were they just don't close so I do assume they are a size 3. :/
Apr 03 09:19PM
alyssaskyDo these fit more like a 0 or a 2?
Apr 20 09:43PM
smooches702@alyssasky I would say a 2.
Apr 20 09:45PM
Sep 03 04:25PM
lydia_doughty@smooches702 trade?
Sep 11 04:01PM
smooches702@lydia_doughty Hi Hun, I don't trade but am willing to lower the price.
Sep 11 04:03PM
Sep 17 02:53PM
Sep 27 11:10AM
Sep 27 01:13PM
Sep 30 04:33PM
smooches702@cultiverre 😘-❌⭕️❌⭕️
Oct 10 07:38PM
cultiverre💕 I truly ADORE this piece... which is precisely why I've selected it as a host pick for the DATE NIGHT posh party. Thank you for spreading the love with this amazing Poshmark community. 💕
Oct 12 07:40PM
vacatCongrats on HP 💃💃💃🎉🎉🐾
Oct 12 07:40PM
letteshopYay...Congrats HP🎉🎉
Oct 12 07:40PM
bschuler🎉🎉CONGRATS on your HP!!🎉🎉
Oct 12 07:44PM
lchouserCongrats on your host pic girl!! Super HOT! 🔥
Oct 12 07:45PM
janicegwCongratulations on your Host Pick tonight!🎁💝
Oct 12 07:50PM
classicpatty@smooches702 Congratulations dear! 🎉🎈🎉🎈🎉🎈🎉. 💕💕
Oct 12 07:53PM
Oct 12 07:57PM
mrsmadariaga@smooches702 Congrats on HP 👏👏🎉🎉
Oct 12 08:52PM
thejeweladdictYay!!!congrats on host pick💕💕👏👏🎉🎉
Oct 12 10:04PM
smooches702@cultiverre @vacat @letteshop @bschuler @lchouser @janicegw @classicpatty @ex_globetrotter @mrsmadariaga @ginger71 🌺🌻🌺🌸🌷Thank you beautiful ladies😘🌹✨❤️✨👯
Oct 12 10:57PM
hydrogirl🎉🎉WOOHOO🎉🎉 Congrats on an awesome Host Pick😍
Oct 13 09:56AM
jlpraterThese are amazing 😍 Thinking of you love!! Xoxo 😘
Jan 11 07:31PM
fifig23If I could wear these, I would want to rock them everyday! So Awesome!
Apr 08 10:09AM
stefanieekwould you go any lower?
May 07 08:26AM
smooches702@stefanieek I can do $25 and ship out today..✌️👍
May 07 08:37AM
stefanieekhmm. tempting. how do they fit? I am about a 2-3 size.
May 07 08:57AM
smooches702@stefanieek they would deff fit for your size in my opinion.
May 07 09:00AM
smooches702@stefanieek I'd say they fit a size 0-3..
May 07 09:00AM
katjaa😍😍😍 wish they were my size!
May 13 08:41AM
wymerboys3Would you take 20.00?
Jun 27 08:01PM
smooches702@wymerboys3 I can do $20..LMK when you'd like me to change price.
Jun 27 08:12PM
wymerboys3Yes I will do 20.00. Are they itchy? Thanks
Jun 28 06:36AM
smooches702@wymerboys3 no they are not itchy. Price has been changed👍
Jun 28 07:55AM
wymerboys3Thanks. Bought them. Do u know when they will be shipped?
Jun 28 09:17AM
smooches702@wymerboys3 thank you, I will ship out today👍
Jun 28 12:24PM
smooches702@wymerboys3 Hi Stacey..I went to drop off your item at the post office and the drop box was full already and no one was available since it was closed. I will drop off first thing Monday morning.
Jun 28 09:07PM

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