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Twist mini skirt blush pink

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Twist mini skirt blush pink

Is a soft rosΓ© pink just as is shown at least more than 12" above knee length . Wore once for a wedding two years ago exactly as i am modeling here. Fits only a size 4-6 or xs-s and a 24-26 waist also this skirt is high waisted not to sit right on waist .this skirt has no stretch in it at all.
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milashkamilaHi, is it possible for u to make a measurement of the hip area pls?
Jan 27 09:55AM
milashkamilaAnd what is the length ?
Jan 27 09:56AM
fashionbubs@milashkamila hi for this skirt you need to have a 24"-26" waist and this skirt is not to sit at waist the style is a high waist look and length is at least 18" above knee
Jan 27 10:14AM
katu@fashionbubs trade???!
Jan 30 01:19PM
fashionbubs@katu sorry hun I dont really trade. but thanks anyway
Jan 30 01:54PM
izzyb3lla13Love this!
Feb 01 08:33PM
fashionbubs@izzyb3lla13 thanks love 😘😊
Feb 01 08:37PM
fashionbubs@pdub341 I see which ones now what is your offer for all three of them Hun you can make me an offer as well ;)
Feb 02 06:26AM
pdub341Let me check my credits and i will get back to u
Feb 02 06:29AM
fashionbubs@pdub341 ok doll πŸ˜‰np
Feb 02 06:34AM
trishamercado17Love this and a few other things in your closet!
Feb 02 06:40AM
fashionbubs@trishamercado17 thanks Hun πŸ˜‰
Feb 02 06:48AM
lindseylaurenAre you selling the top too? So adorable!! Where's it from? :)
Feb 03 09:04AM
fashionbubs@lindseylauren thanks love still thinking of to sell but I got this at F21 long while ago. It is wry cute all sequins and lace on back maybe will sell never wore again πŸ˜‰
Feb 03 09:10AM
lindseylauren@fashionbubs if you decide to sell it please tag me :)) maybe we could do a bundle for both. Loving everything in your closet πŸ‘›πŸ‘—πŸ‘“
Feb 03 09:29AM
fashionbubs@lindseylauren will do Hun and thanks ;)
Feb 03 09:35AM
honeynikkimdo you bundles?
Feb 03 10:04AM
fashionbubs@honeynikkim hi Hun yes of course I do bundle
Feb 03 10:20AM
honeynikkimcan you give me a price on all the item I "liked" please...
Feb 03 10:23AM
fashionbubs@honeynikkim ok love just tell me which ones is it you like again please thanks
Feb 03 10:26AM
honeynikkimokay i will go comment on the photo :)
Feb 03 10:29AM
Feb 03 10:30AM
honeynikkimokay i went on comment "want' on them...
Feb 03 10:33AM
fashionbubs@honeynikkim ok, I will tell you price you can have each for add it up and that will be your total then I can bundle all together Hun ok. So this skirt will be $18
Feb 03 10:37AM
honeynikkimokay :)
Feb 03 10:40AM
trice86This hot I want it
Feb 04 09:16AM
fashionbubs@trice86 hi Hun thanks
Feb 04 10:07AM
lif1216Nice drea
Feb 04 11:20AM
spelman_woman@fashionbubs what is the lowest you'll go?
Feb 04 03:40PM
fashionbubs@spelman_woman hi Hun that is my lowest $22
Feb 04 03:50PM
vpsolerCheck out my closets everything I have is almost new only worn once! And cheap! Go ahead take a look
Feb 04 07:20PM
mrsestradaI love your closet too bad I don't fit in them😭
Feb 04 07:29PM
fashionbubs@mrsestrada aww sorry Hun maybe something is there u can fit I got lot more to post
Feb 04 07:33PM
cheerladerlizzy55 for shirt and skirt
Feb 04 08:04PM
achriss88Ladies this is my first day on this app and I would really like to get some followers! Thanks :-)
Feb 04 08:40PM
spelman_woman@fashionbubs I'm hippie, so is there stretch to it?
Feb 04 09:15PM
fashionbubs@spelman_woman hi no Hun no stretch for this skirt sorry
Feb 05 04:13AM
fashionbubs@cheerladerlizzy hi Hun sorry not selling the top at least not yet but thanks for offer .
Feb 05 04:17AM
cheerladerlizzy@fashionbubs please mgs when u are
Feb 05 07:42AM
bhicks13Is the top included?
Feb 05 08:02AM
fashionbubs@bhicks13 no Hun is not at least not on sale yet but will be soon
Feb 05 08:04AM
Feb 05 01:04PM
fashionbubs@ksnoriega thanks hunπŸ˜‰
Feb 05 01:11PM
cheerladerlizzy@fashionbubs this and phone case
Feb 05 02:25PM
fashionbubs@cheerladerlizzy is $52 for all three items
Feb 05 03:03PM
cheerladerlizzyOk can u bundle it
Feb 05 03:28PM
fashionbubs@cheerladerlizzy ok Hun let me know when you back I will put all together for you thanks 😊
Feb 05 04:50PM
cheerladerlizzy@fashionbubs back
Feb 05 06:37PM
shellbelle1999Super cute!
Feb 06 11:35AM
bambi17Hi, would u go for $15?
Feb 06 04:13PM
fashionbubs@bambi17 hi I can do $20 Hun :)
Feb 06 04:16PM
bambi17Top? ;) i am wiling to buy both for $40
Feb 06 04:21PM
bambi17Pretty please! ;)
Feb 06 04:22PM
fashionbubs@bambi17 aww you make me feel bad lol☺well top is not really for sale and just for the top alone I pay $35 but .. If you willing to buy right now $45 both πŸ˜‰
Feb 06 04:28PM
bambi17I'll b honest.. I am a serious buyer.. I have $40 card on hand. I see lots ask about it but won't buy it. When I ask is because i am buyingπŸ˜ƒ
Feb 06 04:36PM
fashionbubs@bambi17 uuh you got a good point there it is I change the prize for you you can have bothπŸ˜‰
Feb 06 04:38PM
fashionbubs@bambi17 point sweetly made Hun πŸ˜„πŸ˜Š
Feb 06 04:39PM
fashionbubs@bambi17 Hun I change for you if you chane your mind let me know so I can change back thanks πŸ˜‰
Feb 06 04:51PM
bambi17Ok.. Question? What size is the top?
Feb 06 05:09PM
fashionbubs@bambi17 is a Small
Feb 06 05:12PM
bambi17Ok done deal.. Please let me know when I can pay.. Thanks lots! ;)
Feb 06 06:44PM
fashionbubs@bambi17 I am changing for you right now πŸ˜‰
Feb 06 06:49PM
fashionbubs@bambi17 Hun I just Chang for you again to purchase let me know thanks
Feb 06 07:01PM
maiaguslaIf she doesn't by, I'll buy both with the jean jacket as a bundle :)
Feb 06 07:03PM
bambi17I just want to make sure is for both, correct. ?
Feb 06 07:18PM
fashionbubs@bambi17 yes is what I agreed with you ☺
Feb 06 07:36PM
bambi17Is pd πŸ‘
Feb 06 07:50PM
fashionbubs@bambi17 thank you !! Enjoy will shipped out tomorrow πŸ˜‰
Feb 06 07:52PM

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