Prada black leather tote/messenger bag

Gorgeous classic Prada tote! Love the red leather lining. Soft calf leather and so, so, so roomy :). Great bag for work since it goes with everything and fits a ton. Gently used - excellent condition, there is a minor scratch mark at the back - not noticeable. please ask for additional pics b4 purchasing. Price is firm, no trade, thanks!
Seller Discount: 10% off 2+ Bundle
Price Dropped: 13%
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
Authentication: Free above $500
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benectar@michelleclaire my messenger :)
Jan 24 11:19AM
Jan 24 12:19PM
houseofmarchOh my god! LOVE!!!
Jan 25 02:44PM
benectar@houseofmarch thanks, hon :). I need to take better pics to show off this beauty!!
Jan 25 03:23PM
marigennabatwhy are you selling?
Jan 26 07:46PM
benectar@marigennabat I am thinking of getting a Chanel :)))).
Jan 26 07:48PM
17thandirvingDying over this!!!
Jan 27 11:28AM
benectar@17thandirving don't die, be giddy! I was walking on sunshine for a month after getting this! You're in the city, I can show it to you in person if you're serious about it... Then you may really fall for it :))))
Jan 27 11:36AM
17thandirving@benectar girl I better not, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to walk away, ha! I can't do it at the moment but maybe tax return time if its still around! That's when I usually make my splurge purchases :)
Jan 27 11:39AM
benectar@17thandirving totally understand! I was just admiring it to start, then I tried it on and touched the red leather lining and I was love :))). Not in a hurry to sell this whatsoever, so get back to me when you're ready.
Jan 27 11:49AM
heartkizzReally love it. How I wish I have the cash now:(
Jan 30 04:11PM
benectar@heartkizz thanks, sweetie :). It will happen soon, it took me awhile as well!
Jan 30 06:47PM
vfrappLove this bag!
Jan 31 09:23AM
ttrustHottttt Prada!!!!
Jan 31 03:05PM
benectar@vfrapp @ttrust thanks ladies :) @silverandplum has the same bag in red! I just went with a basic black for work :))). Truly awesome bag!
Jan 31 06:01PM
poshcloset101@benectar very nice
Jan 31 06:49PM
chanelv8888Hi, can you please post dimensions? Also, can you guarantee authenticity? Is 1749 your lowest selling price?
Jan 31 08:10PM
benectar@chanelv8888 yup, 100% authentic, it comes with the card & dust bag. This is my lowest price for now since I still really really love this bag.
Jan 31 08:13PM
chanelv8888Thanks for the update!
Jan 31 08:38PM
elsi76What are the dimensions of this beauty?
Feb 01 11:49AM
trichel@benectar keeper!!
Feb 01 02:09PM
benectar@trichel agreed :)))
Feb 01 02:12PM
casanova884@phoebescloset11 😍
Feb 02 10:07AM
houseofmarchIf this comes off hold do u do trades for auth Gucci? I don't have listed bc not for sale but I love this!
Feb 02 05:51PM
benectar@houseofmarch thanks for your interest! I would only consider trading this for a Chanel. It's super tough to find such a high quality bag in black & in this size! It goes with everything and fits all my stuff & more :).
Feb 02 06:02PM
pangga62Hello! Can you tell me the size of this bag ... Ty
Feb 04 04:35PM
benectar@pangga62 sorry, this is no longer for sale.
Feb 04 04:40PM
pangga62But can you do me a favor just curious if this bag comes in two diff size or just one?
Feb 04 04:42PM
benectar@pangga62 it comes in different sizes & colors. @silverandplum has this for sale in red.
Feb 04 04:51PM
pangga62Oh I see ! So what size is yours? If you don't mind. I'm just interested with your size , since you said , something u like bout the size.
Feb 04 05:43PM
irisaguileraWould never pay that much for a purse
Feb 13 04:55AM
jkcaputoShows up as $19,000????
Feb 15 05:48AM
bona81hotKeep it!!! Great diaper bag! LOL, everything for me is a diaper bag for now!
Feb 20 02:00PM
chandra0930I have a Chanel Rodeo Drive hobo. Trade?
Feb 21 06:57PM
benectar@chandra0930 are you referring to your white one? It shows as sold... A little scared about trading ATM. Where are you located? I would only trade if I can exchange the bags on the spot, otherwise I would be scared to ship this baby out... Hope you understand :)
Feb 21 07:10PM
chandra0930It was sold and the girl changed her mind. I am in NC. I have a very strong trading reputation on PM. I have had several successful trades with high dollar items.
Feb 21 07:12PM
benectar@chandra0930 do you have a non-white Chanel? I have 2 little ones, so white doesn't work for my current lifestyle :(
Feb 21 07:14PM
chandra0930No sorry I don't.
Feb 21 07:17PM
lemu96@benectar how much for this one??
Feb 25 10:37AM
nriley13Gorgeous bag!!!
Feb 28 08:22PM
agberry09What is this one called or style #? How long ago did you purchase it?
Mar 02 10:19PM
benectar@kkangpeh I recommend this one too :)
Mar 24 04:00PM
fbearWhat's the selling price IF you sell? πŸ˜‰
Mar 24 09:42PM
benectar@fbear someone is selling the smaller version of this bag in pink for $1100 on PM - I will tag you. Since this is bigger & black, I would prob want $1750... But I don't think I will sell b/c I can't buy a replacement bag for $1750, you know? :).
Mar 24 09:47PM
fbearDefinitely keep it! You'd definitely regret it if you sell. 😱
Mar 24 09:51PM
randilynlovvveeeeeeeeeeee. 😍
Mar 25 04:47PM
benectar@randilyn I know :). Hubby calls it ugly though :(. Did I marry the wrong person? Lol.
Mar 25 05:04PM
marilynnscherOops just saw that this is not for sale.
Mar 27 07:51AM
marilynnscherHi looking for gift for my mom and I think she would like this but I am not sure if this is for sale? Sorry for my confusion. I just signed up. Is this for sale and if so how much? Also what is the size? @benectar
Mar 28 02:33AM
benectar@marilynnscher aww, you are such a sweet daughter! Sorry - this isn't for sale ATM...
Mar 28 06:38AM
benectar@bananniekins this is the one the hubby keeps calling "ugly" and had me list when I first started PM 😭. Good thing I did not sell! 😊
Apr 04 05:10AM
kdmcdivittLove Love Love!!!!
Apr 11 10:40PM
astylistscloset😍😍oh sweet!
Apr 12 08:59PM
marymary83Beautiful bag! It's a classic beauty. I vote to keep it! By the way love your closet. If we were the same size, I totally would pick up some stuff'
Apr 24 04:41PM
Nov 01 05:08PM
jen1603Is this for sale again or just for show?
Nov 15 05:24PM
benectar@jen1603 it's for sale ☺
Nov 15 05:47PM
randilynI can't believe you're selling!! why the change of heart!? 😍
Nov 16 07:51PM
benectar@randilyn I haven't used it in a year πŸ˜”. Maybe someone will give it more love.
Nov 16 08:50PM
docholliday@benectar gorgeous!
Nov 27 12:08PM
17thandirvingOmg it's back!!!
Dec 05 09:22PM
benectar@17thandirving I know, I clearly have problems making up my mind πŸ˜‚
Dec 05 09:38PM
17thandirving@benectar lady why aren't you carrying this?!? It's the perfect bag.
Dec 05 09:44PM
benectar@17thandirving b/c I am so scared that the kids will ruining it 😭. We were out to dinner one nite and my boy literally threw half of his dinner into my bag - good thing it wasn't expensive, but I still almost cried πŸ˜‚. I also don't have time to keep switching bags...
Dec 05 09:51PM
17thandirvingAh that makes sense! Still, so hard to let it go! Are you going to the party tomorrow?
Dec 05 10:08PM
benectar@17thandirving no, I can't make it tmwr, I wish the event is in the city! Are you going?
Dec 05 10:12PM
17thandirving@benectar I'm going to go...I wish it was in the city too, but luckily I have a few errands I need to run in that area.
Dec 06 07:20AM
benectar@17thandirving have lots of fun!!! I am sure it will be a blast πŸ’ƒπŸ˜„
Dec 06 08:32AM
17thandirving@benectar will miss seeing you! We should grab coffee?
Dec 06 08:44AM
benectar@17thandirving sounds good!! Let's plan for 2014 ( can't believe it will be a new year soon 😱)
Dec 06 09:21AM
Dec 26 09:11PM
natasha75@benectar love it!!!!
Jan 01 07:41PM
jaaayneeyso much pretty stuff i see! love your closet definitely :) xx
Feb 05 04:56PM
finchen@benectar : Hi Sharon, I was actually planning to share this but then I was too selfish, as I have my eyes on it! It would have broke my heart if it would sell. If I ever get the money together, this is what I want!!! It's so gorgeous!
Feb 09 10:42AM
benectar@finchen haha - I go back & forth on this bag, which is why the price is so high - I am secretly hoping that it doesn't sell πŸ˜‚.
Feb 09 04:12PM
finchen@benectar : I don't blame you! It's beautiful!! and I'm always so scared to take expensive purses with me when I'm out with my daughter. Last time she spilled a glass of apple juice all over one! OMG, I screamed: no, not over the purse! and was so embarrassed because everyone was staring at me!
Feb 09 04:51PM
benectar@finchen I have been there!! My boy threw half of his lunch into my bag once & I was horrified!! My husband laughed and said no expensive bag for you anymore πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Feb 09 09:07PM
jadorevous@benectar iff its possiblecould you model a pic for us 😁 thank u
Mar 20 03:53AM
missy15Best price Hun? Do you do pp?
Apr 19 09:51AM
benectar@missy15 do you have a reasonable offer in mind?
Apr 19 10:50AM
Jul 10 09:33PM
sanamnycInterested in my prada bag?
Jul 10 10:41PM
Jul 17 04:04PM
malleriansHi! Can you please provide the dimensions of this bag, and also the drop length of the straps? Also whether there are any other compartments inside the bag. Thanks!
Aug 14 09:45PM
benectar@mallerians hi there, so this is a fairly large bag. Height is 13", length is 17" and width is 6.5". The strap isn't that long, it's meant as an alternative to the handles but isn't long enough to be cross-body. I am not really sure how to measure the drop, so I measure the strap itself, which is 30" long. Hope that helps!
Aug 14 10:22PM
benectar@mallerians oh yes, inside - one big side pocket that can be zipped on one side. Then two smaller pockets on the other side that are open - no zippers for those.
Aug 14 10:24PM
malleriansOh my goodness, that's the size of my chrome messenger bag stuffed!! That's a very unusual, beautiful purse. I thought it would be about half that size. I cant believe you're willing to sell this marvelous purse! I don't think I've seen it in stores. I'll be watching this for now, just in case I will be able to handle it!
Aug 14 10:59PM
malleriansI see that this is the Prada Saffiano & Tessuto. It doesn't look as big as I thought when I measured it, it's still a bit big for me but I'm going to watch it anyway. It's so classic!
Aug 14 11:12PM
benectar@mallerians haha, I bought this bag when I worked in a law office and needed to carry files home. I am taking a break from the law and working in a very casual environment, so this bag doesn't fit it. Actually most of my bags don't fit in πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. It is a classic, I will definitely use it if I go back to a more formal work place, which is the reason the price is so high 😁
Aug 14 11:18PM
malleriansThat's funny-- I used to carry files home too (publishing), but got a men's Gucci messenger instead. Now everything finally went electronic. This is a much much more elegant and ladylike choice for files. I completely understand the price-- it's hard to let go!
Aug 14 11:23PM
Aug 16 04:06PM
birdiebirdHi there - I read through the comments but I can't tell if this is still available... Is it for sale?
Oct 04 12:51PM
benectar@birdiebird yes - it is for sale ☺️
Oct 04 02:59PM
paulinajc622@benectari I have several bags pls check out my closet
Dec 25 07:31PM
badz16What kind of chanel are you looking for?
Apr 26 11:54PM

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