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Chloe Edith Loaf Handbag

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Chloe Edith Loaf Handbag

Authentic off-white colored Chloe Edith Loaf handbag purchased from Neiman Marcus. Only used a handful of times and I have recently had the lining redone. Comes with original dustbag!
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Jan 26 06:24PM
judes216@loriwgalloway she is pretty cute ;)
Jan 26 06:28PM
tonieWould u trade for a Burberry nova tote?
Jan 27 04:13AM
judes216@tonie sorry no trades
Jan 27 05:41AM
ojdcYou have a great closet and cute items!! Hope you get a chance to browse my closet too!
Jan 27 07:21PM
tbshaker12what about $550
Jan 30 12:05PM
judes216@tbshaker12 that's a bit low...I'm willing to negotiate but not that much. let me know if you're still interested!
Jan 30 01:07PM
judes216@tracy thanks for the share ;)
Jan 30 01:26PM
anhnleTag me if u ever sell ur French hen sweater :)
Feb 09 01:56AM
judes216@anhnle If you call jcrew 800 number they might have some left...that's how I found it!
Feb 09 05:51AM
anhnleAh thx!!
Feb 09 09:11AM
anhnle❀ Ur closet BTW!
Feb 09 09:11AM
ksells85Are u selling ur sweater?
Feb 09 03:35PM
judes216@ksells85 sorry I'm not
Feb 09 03:36PM
salon212girl@judes216 would u consider a trade for my Givency that u liked? I need a white purse so bad
Feb 10 04:49PM
salon212girl@judes216 r we still goin to trade?
Feb 19 10:01AM
meggey22@judes216 oh my god LOVE this!!!! I would save all my money from my sales to buy this.
Feb 27 08:47AM
judes216@meggey22 I love it too! Just had a baby in the past year so I have a bunch of purses sitting around...
Feb 27 08:50AM
meggey22@judes216 my husband and I are trying to get pregnant which is why I'm selling my size 2 clothes haha. I don't think I would be able to get myself back in that size again. Ill keep some stuff in the event I do but I'm eating for two and not even pregnant yet lol
Feb 27 08:59AM
judes216@meggey22 awww how exciting! Good luck :(
Feb 27 09:05AM
judes216@meggey22 oops that was supposed to be :)
Feb 27 09:06AM
pebblergirl52What about the sweater in the pic
Feb 28 06:39PM
judes216@pebblergirl52 sorry not for sale...
Feb 28 06:43PM
Mar 08 08:59PM
randilynlove love loveeee!
Mar 21 05:38PM
Mar 24 09:24AM
benectarPlease LMK if you would consider trading for my NWT Jil Sander - it's oversized, so great that you have a baby! (I have 2 kiddos :)
Mar 24 09:35AM
judes216@benectar I saw your Jil! love it but I do not need another light colored bag haha it's dangerous with a baby ;)
Mar 24 10:37AM
benectarOkay! I get it :). I had 5 white/cream color bags pre-baby...and I still want yours! What's wrong with me?!? I am about to post a silver Rebecca Minkoff cross-body baby maybe partial trade?!
Mar 24 10:41AM
judes216@benectar I actually have an MJ nylon diaper bag so no need for another. Lemme know if you're interested in the Chloe maybe we can work out a deal :)
Mar 24 10:45AM
benectarOkay :). If I sell my Jil or RM, then I will be back! Also check my closet sometimes to see if anything catches your eye :). I am doing spring cleaning, so hoping to add 20 items or so today... If daddy helps with the kiddos!!!
Mar 24 10:50AM
judes216@benectar sounds good!! cute closet!
Mar 24 10:53AM
monicaah@judes216 can you send me more pics please. My email is
Mar 25 10:39AM
judes216@monicaah sure. what additional pictures did you want me to send?
Mar 25 11:48AM
monicaah@judes216 front, back and inside please. Also what is you're lowest price, thanks!
Mar 25 01:26PM
benectar@hoaqphan your sweater! Not for sale though :(
Mar 27 07:43AM
hoaqphan@benectar I see them on eBay. No prob. Thx for looking out!
Mar 27 07:50AM
aubreymoore@judes216 love this bag! Love your jcrew sweater. I bought one for my sister, so cute on!
Apr 02 09:25PM
judes216@aubreymoore thanks!! I'm thinking about listing the sweater. it's NWT and I've not had the chance to wear it out :)
Apr 02 09:27PM
aubreymoore@judes216 it is too cute! If you do it will def sell. I chanced upon your closet while looking at a dress I love that sold & looked to see who bought. Glad I did! Love your style!
Apr 02 09:33PM
aubreymoore@judes216 if you list it, tag me so I can share. I know several ladies who may be interested. : ). & if you ever decide to list the navy & white geometric print button up dress that I like, please tag me first. I will buy!!! : )
Apr 02 09:55PM
judes216@aubreymoore I love that dress so I doubt I'll post it but if I do you'll be the first to know ;)
Apr 03 06:31AM
aubreymoore@judes216 thanks! : ) if you ever do, I will def buy it.
Apr 03 06:48AM
randilynI just want to sell my AW to possibly buy this beaut!
Apr 03 06:30PM
elsaccOmg I love this
Apr 04 10:40AM
judes216@elsacc thanks for all the shares :)
Apr 04 10:45AM
aubreymoore@judes I have a question... you know the dress i'm pining over that you bought (navy and white) do you mind telling me the brand?? : )
Apr 05 07:13AM
judes216@aubreymoore brand is life with bird
Apr 05 09:30AM
aubreymoore@judes216 thanks!!! : )
Apr 05 09:31AM
stephypeawere you planning on selling that sweater?
Apr 10 09:52AM
judes216@stephypea still thinking about it! It's NWT so I probably wouldn't sell it for any less than I paid for it...
Apr 10 10:13AM
stephypeahow much did you have to pay for it?
Apr 10 10:18AM
judes216@stephypea it was $98+tax
Apr 10 10:42AM
stephypeaoh my! lol can you let me know if/when you list it? it's cashmere right?
Apr 10 10:45AM
judes216@stephypea it's a cashmere blend I believe. If I decide to list it I'll let you know
Apr 10 10:47AM
benectarStill love this! πŸ’
Apr 17 03:13PM
Apr 20 11:16AM
lmundo you still have this hen sweater? PLEASE let me know!
Apr 24 01:54PM
judes216@lmun I do but I'm not currently selling it. still deciding if I wanna let it go :)
Apr 24 02:05PM
lmun@judes216 please let me know :) ! would love to purchase right away! <3
Apr 24 02:05PM
judes216@lmun it's NWT so if I did list it it wouldn't be cheap. it took me a while to find it. if you really wanted it name a price and I'll let you know :)
Apr 24 02:10PM
lmun@judes216 :) OK! could you give me a price you wanted to sell for?
Apr 24 02:14PM
judes216@lmun didn't have one in mind...but you can maker an offer
Apr 24 02:40PM
lmunOkay. How about $100?
Apr 24 02:41PM
judes216@lmun sorry but I paid over $100 for this sweater (including tax) so I wouldn't be willing to part with it for less than I paid for it. I think that's part of the reason I never listed'd be pretty expensive! :)
Apr 24 03:07PM
lmun@judes216 yea you should def keep it then!
Apr 24 03:08PM
judes216@lmun yeah I'm thinking about doing that! I don't wanna put some crazy ridiculous number out there ;)
Apr 24 03:17PM
lmun@judes216 :) for sure. keep it! it's too cute to let go~
Apr 24 03:26PM
May 01 08:36AM
benectar@randilyn your bday is coming up πŸŽπŸŽˆπŸŽ‰
May 10 09:36AM
judes216haha @benectar @randilyn there is absolutely nothing better than to treat yourself to a handbag on your birthday ;)
May 10 09:47AM
randilyn@judes216 @benectar I knowwww & I still love this! I'm just so unsure about what I want and don't want to rush into it again. that's how I ended up with my AW that's too big and not selling! πŸ˜”πŸ˜₯
May 10 09:59AM
judes216@randilyn if that was a Donna hobo I'd buy it in a sec ;)
May 10 10:24AM
madison179Love this!
May 24 11:01PM
aesapperWould you please look at my closet and see if you'll trade me this for my $900 ring? It's also a great ring to resell of you want to bc it is valued at $1700:)
Jul 01 01:10PM
judes216@aesapper sorry no trades
Jul 01 02:07PM
Jul 16 04:28AM
judes216@cashmerej1 sorry no trades
Jul 16 08:56AM
anhnlePlease tag me if u ever decide to list your sweater :))
Jul 23 02:26AM
judes216@anhnle for sure! Totally forgot about it til you mentioned it! It's sitting in my closet with the tags on still...eeek
Jul 26 10:21PM
Aug 23 10:37AM
judes216@letteshop ummm that's what I think about your wholeeee closet ;)
Aug 23 10:43AM
letteshopπŸ’• Aww...that's so sweet of you to say....thank you. I love your closet too!!
Aug 23 10:49AM
moonbunnytoo@camposcc white? πŸ‘œ
Aug 23 09:16PM
missjenny2679@judes216 Adorable! I love the "Loaf"'s a rare bag!;)
Sep 07 11:14AM
judes216@missjenny2679 thanks! I'm thinking of taking it down. It'll probably worth more to keep it :)
Sep 07 11:19AM
missjenny2679@judes216 They are super rare (IMO)! I like to call them the "unicorns" of the Chloe line. You almost never see them pop up on resale venues. I adore them...I think they're adorable, and hold a ton!
Sep 07 11:46AM
judes216@anhnle I'm not sure if you're still looking but I think they have the French hen sweaters at the factory stores now!
Sep 20 10:29AM
anhnleThx for remembering! I ordered mine the first wk they were out :)
Sep 20 11:26AM
Oct 01 11:57PM
cocoenpr@judes216 keep post up, tax season is just around the corner :))))
Oct 02 04:01AM
judes216haha @cocoenpr will do ;)
Oct 02 06:39AM
Oct 06 08:27AM
livyywill u take 400
Oct 07 08:14PM
emmamadelyn@judes216 want to trade with my Gucci?
Dec 03 05:39PM
judes216@emmamadelyn thank you for the offer but I am not trading at the moment.
Dec 03 05:45PM
vivacoutureGreat closet I am a big Chloe fan🍷
Dec 09 08:13PM
vivacoutureLove CHLOE bags !!
Jan 02 07:54PM
judes216@vivacouture me tooooo! Just not a practical bag with a toddler who'd destroy the white leather ;)
Jan 02 09:42PM
vivacoutureI know !!! I have a brand new Paraty ivory tote that is sitting patiently in my closet waiting to be carried !!!
Jan 02 09:43PM
judes216ooooo I've never seen the paraty in ivory! I bet it's gorg @vivacouture !
Jan 03 06:46AM
khkdomer@vivacouture Sherrie! I was going to tag you on this and then saw that you already found it! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ @camposcc πŸ™†πŸ’œ
Jan 15 05:05AM
camposccSherrie's @vivacouture ears perk up when there's anything Chloe! hehehe great closet and thanks for bringing me here @khkdomer
Jan 15 11:12AM
c_driscollDo you trade? I have a lot of high end designer items in my closet! Just let me know :) Gorgeous bag!
Apr 04 11:51AM
judes216@c_driscoll no sorry I do not.
Apr 04 11:56AM
esmirna_tapiaStill available? What's your absolute lowest?!
Aug 17 02:08PM
judes216hi @esmirna_tapia yes this is still available! I'm open to reasonable offers :)
Aug 17 02:33PM
esmirna_tapia@judes216 Do you have original tags, receipt? When was it purchased and does it have visible signs of wear? I'd love more pics to see it better! Email me at if its easier!
Aug 17 02:44PM
judes216hi @esmirna_tapia this was purchased at Neimans years ago (maybe 5?) but I don't believe I have the receipt anymore. I can check for it but doubt it. There are no major signs of wear as I've only used it a few times and it's been sitting in the dustbag stuffed. I guarantee it's authenticity so feel free to ask as many questions as you'd like :)
Aug 17 02:48PM
judes216@esmirna_tapia I'd be happy to take more pictures if you tell me exactly what you'd like to see!
Aug 17 02:49PM
esmirna_tapia@judes216 so you don't have the tags for it either? And i'd love pics in the sunlight if possible, and any pics of tears/damage, inside, etc! And it's full on white right? 😊
Aug 17 02:55PM
judes216@esmirna_tapia the tags for sure I threw out as it's an older bag. I will try and take more pictures tomorrow to send to you. it's not a super bright white but def white! I think they purposely did a duller white do that it doesn't look "cheap"!
Aug 17 02:59PM
judes216@esmirna_tapia also it's called the Chloe Edith Loaf if you want to google some pics for now :)
Aug 17 02:59PM
esmirna_tapia@judes216 oh ok! Any tears or damage anywhere?
Aug 17 03:33PM
esmirna_tapia@judes216 oh and does it come with a shoulder strap?
Aug 17 03:57PM
judes216@esmirna_tapia no tears or damage and this style doesn't come with a strap...
Aug 17 04:31PM
Feb 14 05:57AM
notneenahWhy did you redo the lining?
Apr 06 03:41PM
judes216@notneenah it started coming off the seam on one side. Not ripped so they just sewed it back on! If that makes sense...
Apr 06 05:31PM
e_campbellHi @judes216! Just thanks for the purchase. Your bag went in the mail today! Enjoy!
Jun 29 01:53PM
judes216@e_campbell yay I'm so excited 😁
Jun 29 07:57PM
britfashion@judes216 hey! I didn't want to discuss it on my comments but I can do 150 for the glasses and create a new listing for you so you can get discounted shipping but I think that's the lowest I can go :)
Jan 07 03:57PM
99jjebnerGorgeous bag!
Jul 18 03:50PM
anephewHi is this still available? And would you ever consider lowering the price? Thanks!
Oct 12 06:23PM
judes216@anephew yes it's still available. I have a little wiggle room and always am open to reasonable offers...
Oct 12 06:25PM
anephew@judes216 thank you! :)
Oct 12 06:29PM

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