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lovelylisa35@hotti361 r these two different paid of glasses?
Jan 24 03:25AM
hotti361@lovelylisa35 They are both indeed Coach but yes ma'am the bottom pair are regan in shields an the top are tortuous :)
Jan 24 05:58AM
lovelylisa35@hotti361 best price for the tortoise glasses
Jan 24 06:46AM
lovelylisa35@hotti361 do u trade? I have a nice pair of Kate spade glasses , and a coach Dooney bundle
Jan 24 06:48AM
hotti361@lovelylisa35 I appreciate 😊the offer but Im firm on the price an not trading at the moment but if I do in the future I will tag u....😬
Jan 24 07:29PM
lovelylisa35@hotti361 so I won't sell desperately!
Jan 24 07:38PM
lovelylisa35@hotti361 so u won't sell them seperate lay?
Jan 24 07:52PM
hotti361@lovelylisa35 yes all 6 Pairs of the Shades are sold separately an prices Vary :) I have it posted in the Original thread with all the shades these are just Xtra pics!😊sorry
Jan 24 08:00PM
ilovepink86How much for both trades for any sunglasses ??
Mar 01 12:48AM
hotti361It just depends wich u are interested In some were less expensive than others,😊 an maybe I can do a trade this morning just depends!I saw a couple things I liked I ❀VS Ikw it's pricey as well ButπŸ‘†however how long have u owned the sweaters?I have those exact ones just in diff.colors,I did like the blue New makeup bag!😁
Mar 01 06:57AM
rena_nHow much for the cheetah ones? What brand and what condition Hun?
Mar 05 10:33PM
hotti361@rena_n hey there thanks for stoping by,😊an those are Coach πŸ‘“an no visible ingraved scratches,gently used an they do come in there original case holder an 125$ lmk if your interested I do accept pp for these! k thanks again!😁
Mar 05 11:50PM
rena_nI love love love them but a bit too high for me right now. Thank u so much :)
Mar 06 12:16PM
rena_nCan we negotiate a price :) I can do 90$ today
Mar 07 06:29PM
hotti361@rena_n I will talk it over with my hubby an will get bk to u,k!πŸ˜‰
Mar 07 08:08PM
rena_nLet me know Hun πŸ˜πŸ˜„
Mar 07 10:56PM
kstormesHow much are the top one what brand and any marks?
Mar 17 10:32AM
tianalancasterHow much for the top coach glasses
Mar 27 08:56PM
ashleydv86@hotti361 how much for the pair in the top pick. Very interested!!
Mar 28 04:17PM
hotti361Hey ladies and 125$ for the top pair of coach thanks link if y'all are interested price is firm!πŸ˜‰
Mar 31 06:01PM
lesleydeniseI'm interested in the top
Apr 06 10:17PM
lesleydeniseThe top are cat eye?
Apr 06 10:19PM
lesleydenise@hotti361 - ill purchase the top $125
Apr 07 03:48AM
hotti361@lesleydenise Sorry😳 I'm just getting back at you an no the top are not Cateye an they are no longer available just the Coach shields are available the sunglasses at the bottom an my Tiffany cateyes went missing πŸ˜”they are in a different thread I need to update these posts But I've been so busy with my newborn an our new home being built I do apologize for any inconvenient 🌹🌹😊
Apr 07 08:49AM
hotti361Apologize for any inconvenient πŸ˜”πŸŒΉπŸŒΉ
Apr 07 08:52AM
lesleydenise@hotti361 - no worries! I absolutely luv them tho. What's the name of the shades? Ik you said their coach... I wanna order them online :)
Apr 07 10:37AM
jessbarkemeyerWhat were the top pair of Coach sunglasses called? I also want to order them! Thanks
Apr 07 02:58PM
hotti361@lesleydenise @jessbarkemeyer Heyy lady's I posted a pic here the Style name an stock number an color Hope this helps with your ordering:)An if I change my mind will let y'all know thanks So much for stoping by my closet!!😁😘
Apr 08 05:11PM
lesleydenise@hotti361 - did u buy them on the official coach website or sunglasses hut? For some reason I can't find them :(
Apr 08 05:48PM
hotti361Versace are Sunglass hut an Yes The Coach are from my Local Coach store at the mall they actually had them in stock 3 months back:)!!
Apr 08 06:43PM
ojdcthanks for liking one of my listings gf! are you saving the like for later or did you maybe want to start a bundle or reserve?
Apr 13 07:47PM
cassr143@hotti361 is your name Kendra?
Apr 16 06:39PM
hotti361@cassr143 No doll,Tammy😘 Any?'z Lmk ☺
Apr 16 06:41PM
violet17Trade πŸ’–
May 04 02:32PM
iamyemyeTrade with my android phone πŸ’•β“
May 23 06:54PM
bella4@hotti361 thanks for ur purchase doll. I'll have these out to u first thing in the morning.
Jun 09 01:48AM
bnations@hotti361 are the coach pair polarized?
Sep 16 07:37PM
casi711You are pretty!!
Oct 22 12:48AM
Mar 30 07:40AM
beautifulbuysCheck out my juicy sneakers doll they're on sale ! 😊
May 13 10:18AM
34volleyballlHow much for just top pair
Mar 17 10:37PM
maiya_marieYou look so much like Hilary Duff in the first picture! Cute sunglasses!! 😎
Mar 23 11:38PM
destin22Hi, brown?
May 12 01:18AM
jibbs22How much you want for the ones on top
Jul 03 08:26AM
Sep 04 08:22PM
elizavaHow much the first tort pair??
Oct 06 10:42AM
elizavaWould u do 110πŸ…ΏοΈπŸ…ΏοΈ and are these 2015 ones???
Oct 06 10:43AM
hotti361Haven't been on In a Loong While need to update my postsπŸ‘ŽπŸ˜•But I have parted with most of these an will post pictures of Sunglasses that I'm thinking about parting with soon an they are the 2015 Summer Sunnys from Sunglass Hut!So please Follow 😘if you'd like to be updated on my posts Thanks Doll
Oct 06 11:00AM
elizavaOk ty
Oct 06 11:01AM
Oct 06 11:01AM
elizavaHow much for top pair?? Would u trade or partial trade? If not what's price ty!!!
Nov 26 05:52PM
elizavaInterested in buying top pair u can text me 7168166055...I have an offer and something great that I would love "not an item of mine)
Nov 26 05:54PM

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