Sold---Forever 21 Black Cropped Jacket w/ Hood

Black cotton biker jacket with polyester lining. Zips up and buttons at the top. Has two zipper pockets and detachable hood. Like new.
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
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Mar 12 12:40AM
Mar 12 07:32PM
Apr 08 08:11PM
gryphon@ldailey94 Sorry, I don't trade.
Apr 08 08:16PM
raqmoj75Hi there! How much to bundle my likes? This jacket and the navy inc blouse & red inc sweater. Curious, that red sweater looks small is it just the pic?
Nov 29 09:21AM
gryphon@raqmoj75 Hi, the sweater is true to size. I can do $25 for all three items.
Nov 29 02:37PM
gryphon@raqmoj75 Hello, were you still interested in a bundle? I'm closing my closet today.
Nov 30 07:32PM
raqmoj75I'm sorry I haven't had s chance to respond. I'm going to pass this time but thank you so much.
Nov 30 09:25PM
lyriquelle1Bundle for Lyrique🐦
Dec 06 12:13AM
bch5485@mc_manda what do you think?
Dec 10 03:40AM

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