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Zara Metallic Cap-Toe Pump

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Zara Metallic Cap-Toe Pump

beautiful cap-toe pump, brand new with box. very popular in the blogosphere.
Seller Discount: 15% off 2+ Bundle
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Jan 16 01:33PM
triplyksisIf these were my size... they'd be on their way to me right now! ;)
Jan 16 02:07PM
awgapeachNot my size either, but I love them!
Jan 16 07:32PM
lisbakeWould you be willing to drop the price? It looks like they were $90 originally.
Jan 16 07:48PM
maxray18@starfish , would you lower the price?
Jan 16 07:51PM
starfish@lisbake since poshmark takes 20% i'd like to make my money back at least since these have never been worn and are pretty rare. for now I'll leave the price as is, but if I drop it i'll let you know =)
Jan 16 08:08PM
starfish@maxray18 i just listed these today and they're pretty rare so i'm going to leave the price as is for now. i can let you know if i drop the price =)
Jan 16 08:09PM
meaganmtracyLadies check my page dope shit
Jan 16 08:13PM
lisbake@starfish totally understand, thanks!
Jan 16 08:21PM
maxray18@starfish , ok. Thanks!
Jan 16 08:38PM
africangal@starfish gaah these are so cute.. Trade for my Michael kors
Jan 17 11:47AM
lovelyassjojoTag me if price drops please. Pp?
Jan 17 11:53AM
Jan 17 11:58AM
starfish@africangal sorry no trades atm, i'm only letting these go because i need the cash! cute shoes tho =)
Jan 17 11:59AM
starfish@lovelyassjojo i sure will!
Jan 17 12:00PM
Jan 17 06:21PM
Jan 18 02:40PM
suzava@starfish trade?
Jan 18 10:09PM
stacey1971@starfish I'm in love .. Adding many items over weekend to my newbie closet .. If I do we'll be back to scoop these up πŸ‘ πŸ‘ this your bottom $$ understand if is .. Stunning
Jan 19 12:11AM
starfish@suzava sorry no trades atm, I'm only selling these bc i need cash.
Jan 19 12:31AM
meiliDo you trade? Thanks love it very nice shoes :)
Jan 19 06:17AM
rachmoonSuper cute!
Jan 19 06:49AM
starfish@meili sorry, no trades atm. thanks for looking!
Jan 19 07:09AM
starfish@maxray18 hi thanks for purchasing! the post office is closed on Monday, so I will ship these out on Tuesday.
Jan 20 09:11AM
maxray18@starfish, ok great! Looking forward to getting these beauties!
Jan 20 05:58PM
starfish@maxray18 hi I shipped your shoes today! lmk if poshmark doesn't give you a tracking number and I can send it to you.
Jan 22 06:02PM
maxray18@starfish , thanks. Yep I got the tracking info. I should have it by tomorrow. πŸ‘
Jan 23 05:18PM
maxray18@starfish , I came home and was happy to have received my shoes. The only issue is they do appear to be pretty banged up around the heels and a bit discolored. Any idea how to get them back to their natural color? It's a shame they are such nice shoes.
Jan 24 07:10PM
starfish@maxray18 oh no I'm so sorry! the only time I even put the shoes on was to try them on at home... I think maybe the discoloration came from my jeans? could you send me a picture of it so I can see what it looks like?
Jan 24 07:18PM
starfish@maxray18 oh I may have misunderstood. did you mean that the actual color of the shoe is not what you expected? I purchased these online and I found that they were pictured a bit pinker online than when I received them. so sorry!
Jan 24 07:32PM
maxray18@starfish , no I actually love the soft pink color. I'm sending the pics now of what I mentioned.
Jan 24 08:35PM
Jan 27 11:39PM
maxray18@starfish , your hubby's suggestion was awesome and worked perfectly! Please thank him for me. I'm in love 2x with these and the sparklies 😊
Feb 16 01:52PM
mrscocowyse@sarahloves13 I have these, brand new if you still want them. Let me know an I can send you pics
Apr 06 05:13PM
kathyriaaliI have a US Size 7 if anyone is interested....
Jan 18 08:23AM
msyvette_r@mrscocowyse still have these?
Mar 28 10:39AM
msyvette_r@kathyriaali still have these avail ?
Mar 28 10:40AM
msyvette_r@mrscocowyse serious buyer please let me know πŸ™ŒπŸ™ thank you
Mar 28 12:36PM
msyvette_r@kathyriaali serious buyer please let me know πŸ™πŸ™Œ thank you
Mar 28 12:36PM
kathyriaali@msyvette_r no honey those sold a long time ago sorry πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ πŸŽ
Mar 29 07:08PM
msyvette_r@kathyriaali okay thank u 😊
Mar 29 07:16PM

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